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Sex In Kerala With Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Before getting into the story i would like to tell you that it is not a fabricated story, but a real life experience. My name is ajith (normally addressed as aji) my family consists of father mother, my elder brother and me. we hail from allepey, also known as ‘venice of the east’, a beautiful coastal district of kerala, ‘the gods own country’. father is a retired teacher and mother is a housewife. brother works for a construction company in dubai. and i was doing my degree final year. the story starts with my brother’s marriage. brother as i said was working in a construction company. since there were some doshas in my brother’s horoscope, his marriage has to happen before the age of 26. so our parents found a suitable girl for him.

He couldn’t come to see the girl, but we sent the photo of the girl. also as he was new in the job it was pretty difficult for getting leave from the company. and finally he came for a leave of just 10 days and the marriage happened on the 8th day.  he left the next day itself soon after the marriage. since he had no family visa, bhabhi (brothers wife or we call chettathi) was left behind. my bhabhi was very cute and almost my age, one year younger than me. but still i gave her due respect. time passed and i think after around 3 months from the marriage, my father had to be hospitalized for bad health for some days. he was in i.c.u for a couple of days and later has to be in the hospital for a fortnight. in the morning bhabhi or mother used to be in the hospital and at night, i used to stay at the hospital. i was in charge of transporting things mother and bhabhi to and from hospital.

One day, after i came back from the hospital after night sitting, i felt like my head was paining like anything. in the morning hours, it was mothers turn to be at the hospital and as i was not feeling well she told she will go by bus. bhabhi prepared breakfast and packed it for taking it to the hospital and mother left with it. i lay down on the bed in my room. bhabhi had to go for a marriage function of one of her old friend and she was in that haste of getting ready. she didn’t think that my condition was that serious. but actually i had fever also. after dressing up, she saw my breakfast was still on the table. so she came to my room and found me very tired and lying on the bed with my eyes closed. she came close to me and i could feel the nice smell of her perfume. “what happened aji ? are you not well?” i slowly opened my eyes and i suddenly felt that some goddess have come down to earth. my bhabhi was standing besides my bed all well dressed up for her friends marriage in shining red silk saree and blouse with some gold ornaments. the room filled with the smell of her perfume. she was gorgeous. she leaned forward and kept her hands on my forehead and neck. “oh god! you are having nice fever.” suddenly i felt pain in the head due to headache and pressed it with my hand. she saw it and asked “you have headache also? may be because you are not getting good sleep in the night. right?” i will apply some balm. i suddenly said. “no bhabhi, you can go to the marriage. i will be ok.”. but she didn’t listen to me and went to get the pain balm. after sometime, she came back with the balm and sat besides me on the bed. again the beautiful perfume penetrated my nose. “i will do it, bhabhi” but she denied the request and started applying the balm. it was a nice feeling. it is first time ever a girl is coming so close to me. she was sitting on the bed so close to me. i slowly opened the eyes and i could see her cleavage and side view of the silk blouse clad breasts. “oh my god ! what a shape. she didn’t notice me watching her cute belly and breasts and was busy applying the balm. “i am not going for the marriage” suddenly she told. “i think you cannot manage it alone”. “no bhabhi, you may go, i am alright” i said. “what alright. shut your mouth and be there.

I will get you the medicine”. after sometime she came with the medicines for fever and headache and a glass of water. she was still in the same costume. this time when she came in my eyes were surveying her gorgeous body and the nicely worn saree. it was for the first time i am experiencing such a thing for my bhabhi and in between i felt guilty. but i couldn’t resist, as she was looking so sexy today. she gave me the pills and the glass of water. after having the pill, i told. you go bhabhi; i will take rest for sometime and will be alright.” are you sure?” she said. “yes sure”, i said. “ok then, i will go and come back in a flash. ok. you take rest. i will lock the front door and take one set of keys so that i don’t have to disturb you when i came back. ok. i will be back in 3 hours.” saying that she left. after she left still bhabhi’s sexy figure was afresh in my memories and the smell of the perfume was still there in the room. with the sedation of the medicines, i don’t know when i slept. after sometime i heard someone opening the door. it was bhabhi and i woke up from the sleep. now there was no headache and the temperature came down considerably. bhabhi directly came to my room placed her soft hands on my forearm and said. “oh! your fever is ok. how is your headache? “ “ your medicine worked i am perfectly alright. while saying that all my attention was on her beautiful angelic body. now the smell of the perfume was mixed with her perspiration and even more appealing. when she was about to turn , i couldn’t resist and suddenly i got hold of her soft hands. she suddenly turned her head and looked at me. suddenly i felt sorry for what i have done and left her hand. i couldn’t gather courage to look at her face. but to my surprise, she turned to my bed and sit by my side and was looking sharply at my eyes. “why did you leave my hand?” her question shocked me. and he forcefully took my hand. i was wondering whether i was seeing some dream. now i got some courage and told. “bhabhi you looking so sexy in this dress”. i could see that she blushed by my comment and turned her head from me and holding my hand with her two hands placed it on her upper chest. now i got the signal. i slowly rose from the bed and made her lie in the bed. oh! my god. in the red silk saree and blouse she was looking too sexy. she lay like a slave. i surveyed her body for about 5 minutes. then gathering some courage, i kneeled on the bed besides her and kissed her forehead. then my lips kissed each and every part of her face and behind the ears. she has closed her eyes tightly and was enjoying it. and then our lips me. we sucked each others lips for long time and our tongues played inside each others mouth. my stud had aroused and it was so filled inside the briefs. suddenly she took control; she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it.

Then she rubbed her hands over the zip of my pants. it was a heavenly feeling. then she pulled down the zip and put her hands inside and started caressing the erect penis over my briefs. i was moaning with pleasure. she then removed my pant and it was left only in my briefs. she them embraced me and held me tight. i can fell her breasts crushing on my chest and her smell of perfume was turning me on and on. then i lost control, i told “i want to see you naked” she just said nothing and her laid on the bed and her gestures told that “i am at your slave, master”. i slowly removed the palloo of her silk saree. wow, what a shape, cute boobs. and it is stitched to perfection that it reflects the cute little boobs of bhabhi. i kissed and caressed her boobs with my lips and face. it was a wonderful feeling to my senses. then i caressed it with my hands over the silk blouse. then my hand came down to her sweet navel area followed by my tongue. i removed her saree fully. she was wearing a silk skirt beneath. the blouse had hooks behind and i started unhooking the blouse and she at the same time removed the silk skirt too. but i was surprised to find that she was wearing matching red silk bra and panty beneath. when i saw her in undergarments, she looked like a marble statue. i again kissed each and every inch of her body. the bra was translucent and i can feel her breast becoming firm and erect nipples. her panties had been wetted a little by her pussy juice. now we were both in undergarments only. then she kneeled down and got hold of my briefs. she played with my penis over the briefs for sometime before finally removing it. my penis shot out and she held it with her hand and started stroking. i was in the seventh heaven.

Then i removed her bra. oh my god! what a cute crafted cute boobs. i sucked the nipples for about 5 minutes. she was enjoying. then i removed her panties. her pussy was oozing with love juices. i caressed the pussy area and she was trembling with pleasure. i started playing with her clitoris. then i slowly put the head of my penis in her pussy mouth. i slowly started to insert, but she groaned with pain and said no. but i didn’t listen to her and slowly pushed it in. but there was some block inside. i pushed a little harder. she shouted with pain and finally my cock got in. then i started stroking. she was moaning with pain. i saw some blood was oozing and some on my cock. i suddenly pulled out. but she moaned. come on fuck me. oh god! she was a virgin. it gave me an extra joy and i again inserted my cock and started stroking.. her painful moans slowly paved way to pleasure full moans and finally my cock exploded inside her. she was moaning with pleasure. i too enjoyed the act. later i learned that my brother was not able to penetrate her in first night since she was having her periods then and i got the opportunity to break her virginity. till my father came from hospital, we used to have sex every day. and after that also, we used to create situations for having sex. everyday some time or other i used to caress her boobs and she used to play with my penis over the pants whenever we get some private moments. i never made her feel the gap of my brother’s absence.

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