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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello my friends. I am one in those who loves to fuck auntie. I want to share you one true story with all of you. I hope you will like it. I am a 26 years old guy and have a good health and fair complexion. I have just finished my education and was trying to get an attractive job. those interested can mail me at (SEX_AT_JAIPUR@YAHOO.COM) .  Once I was alone in my home and my all family have gone to hill station for enjoyment their holidays and I didn’t joined them due to an interview call for me. It was nearly 3 o clock of the noon that a door bell rang. I went to out that who rang the bell.

There was an woman stood out side the door. I identify her she was my relative named Nidhi . I received her warmly, and asked her to come in. she had some luggage which I picked with her . she came in the home and asked about my family. I told her that they all are out of station and will be here after 3 / 4 days. She became very upset to listen this and said that what should she do now as she has come here for a long stay from other city. I said her that what is the problem? Members of the family has gone not the house, and although I am here. She doesn’t take an anxiety. She became little relax to listen me like this. She seemed very tired and I asked her to take a shower and a cup of tea. I showed her guest room and she went to take bath, I went to kitchen and prepare tea for her. She came back to lounge after taking a bath. She sat and I served her the tea. She asked me that who prepared the ? I told her I myself. She thanked me and we took the tea. After the tea she went to guest room to take rest. At the evening she came out of her room. I was sat there and was watching the TV. She came there and sat with me.

We were watching the TV and were talking about all. She asked me that what is about dinner and I told her that every thing is ready only needed to hot it. She was now became little frank with me. She said oh thanks I worried about it, as I have not taken the lunch and I am hungry. Anyhow at 9.30 she asked me that we should the dinner. She said that I will prepare the dinner but I should help her to show the kitchen. I replied her that no I will do it and that she should not need to work as she is guest. But she said that she wants it because this is not right as she is an woman and this is the woman job. I said her as you wish. We went to the kitchen and I showed her all kitchen and foods. She asked me to go the lounge, and said that she will bring the dinner, but I said that no I would be here with you for your help. She agreed and started preparing the dinner. I was now stood there and was looking her. She has in her mid thirty and has very alluring personality. She was quite tall – 5’7″ and had a divine figures. Her breasts were large but well shaped. Her hips had just wide and her waist was somewhat smaller so that she had that very shapely figure. Her legs had long, and her complexion was wheaten not black or too much white. She was looking too sexy in dark blue qamiz and shalwar. She had very low neckline, and as she was busy to preparing the dinner. She was not known that her boob cleavages were too visible to me when ever she bent. Sight of her breast cleavages made me little aroused and I was thinking of fuck her hard. She prepared the dinner and served it in the dinning. We took the dinner, and she replaced the utensils. We were now in the lounge and were watching the TV and talking. I was now taking interest in her. I asked her about her age and she laughs and said that from woman never ask her age. She told me that she has three children one daughter and two sons.

She told me that her daughter has 14 years old and that she is her first child. She also told me that her husband has been in Middle East from last three years and she is living with her parents. She asked me about a cup of tea and said that she has habit to take tea at the night. She went to the kitchen and made the tea. She came back with two cup of tea. She this time sat with me on the same sofa where I was seated. She gave me cup of tea and we taking the tea while talking. She asked me about my activates and education. She asked me that did I have any girl friend, and I told her that no I have all male friends. As ii noted she was taking keen in me. She was seated very close to me and she was trying to show me her tits as her duppata was slipped from her shoulders but she didn’t care it and as she had very low cut neckline therefore her breast cleavage were clear visible. They were made me excited very much. I was thinking to touch these charming tits, but I have no courage to act like this. After some time I moved my hand to her shoulders and put my hand on the back of sofa. There was a romantic English move on the TV, and hot scenes were on the screen. I was too hot by now and I deiced to touch her in any cast. So I moved my hand slowly to her shoulder and touched her shoulder very gentle. She didn’t show any type of response but was watching the TV. I was now rubbing her shoulders and she glared at me strange, but was still calm and busy to watch the move. Now I under stood that there is not any dangerous and the signal has green. So I moved my hand little down to her neck and rubbed it. Now she looks me again and said what are you doing? Are you right? I became a nervous, but didn’t lose my confidence as I became well aware that this routine.

I suddenly took her in my arms and put my lips on her lips. She tried resisting and asked me what was I up to. I said that I need you as much as you need a man. She got rid of my clutch and said how dare you I am your relative and thus I am your aunt. I was now much bold and said her that I admit that you are my aunt, but you are first a woman and then my aunt. And all over that you are too sexy. She was now showing me that she doesn’t like it but she was not trying to escape her self from me. She was still in my arms and I was kissing her. She was become arouse and she finished her resistance. I saw love in her eyes as I was looking in her eyes. Now she was responding me little and was kissing me. She asked me that you all men have the same thoughts about the woman and whenever you see her alone you don’t spare her. I sad her who can spare a beautiful woman like you? Have you ever seen you in the mirror? I was kissing her passionately and she was responding me. I pulled her more closed towards me and moved hand in her neckline and caught her breast. I began to gently caress her breast and seeing no protest from her then unzip her qamiz from her back which became lose. I slide her qamiz up and saw there her tits in her bra, which was too tight and was looking that there are two caged birds and they are restless to fly. I was looking astonishingly to her tits and she asked me with smiling that what are you seeing so curiously? You have not seen woman breast before this. I replied her that I will not tell lie to her, I have seen a lot but I swear that I have not seen so nice like hers. My this comments about her breasts inebriated her and she slide her bra up to show me her tits she pull her breast out of her bra. And now her nice tits were in front of me.

She had really beautiful tits, large, well shaped and had dark brown nipples on light brown areola. After a while, I cupped both of her tits and gently caress and squeeze them. This continued for a few more minutes. I then put my mouth on her one breast and kissed, licked and then sucked it vigorously. She was moaning and her fingers were titillating my hairs. I sucked her both tits one by one and she was pressing me to her chest. Now my hand was moving on her belly and novel and from there went to her pussy and when I tried to open her shalwar string, she whispered in my ear to move the room. I took her in my arms half-naked although she has heavy body but I couldn’t felt any trouble and I went to her room. I laid her on the bed. I managed to get ride my cloths and I removed all my cloths and climbed to the bed with her. I bent on her and once again put my mouth on her breasts this was really fantastic. She was now breathing heavily .By her heavy breathing I realized that she was enjoying it very much. I placed my lips on her eager nipples to slowly suck on them. I was enjoying my mouth on her breast, slowly and gently sucking on her nipple. This continued for a few more minutes and then with my hand gently moved on her belly and nave then to knot of her shalwar string and with one stroke I opened her shalwar and she her self slide it down to her legs. Her pussy was now nude. My hand was on her thighs caressing it gently while my mouth on her tits. My hand was on her thighs and begins to caress them and then beginning to knead and squeeze them. I tried to open her legs ,aunty voluntarily slowly spread open her legs for me and I pushed my hand in between her thighs. I sensuously started caressing her inner thighs and moved my hand to rub on her pussy.

She changed her position a little so that I could touch her pussy better. She was already really very aroused. I then got hold of her hand and placed it on my erect cock and she placed her hand right on it. My cock was really rock hard hot and throbbing in her palm and I loved the feel of it softness, warmness, and aunty began to caress it slowly and move her hand up and down, enjoying its size and hardness. My head was on her bosom and I was now strongly sucking on her breasts and rolling my tongue over her nipples. I spread her legs more open and I began to rub her vagina directly and inserted a finger in to feel her moistness and with my thumb slowly rub on her clitoris too. She was already extremely turned on by then with my mouth on her breast, my hand fingering and caressing her cunt and she holding my cock .I was now aggressively sucking on her breasts and nibbling, biting her nipples, kissing her neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders etc. My cock was out too much erected now. At this time she was giving a low moan and animal grunt. I was now sucking her sexy lips and roaming my tongue inside her and she pushed her tongue inside me and this proved that she was also burning. At that time she whispered in my ears that never before has she felt so aroused and she really loved what I doing to her. She gave out a deep moan and pressed my head more towards her. Then I moved my head between her thighs and placed my lips on her cunt lips and started kissing and sucking her pussy lips. Slowly I entered my tongue inside her and teased her clit that was erect and waiting to be touched. All this time aunty was moaning ” Suck me harder and make me come. At this I took her clitoris with my mouth and sucked on it wildly and she started shuddering.

Now she and I can not stayed more she was now requesting me to fuck her hard. I sat by now between her legs and caught hold of my dick with my hand and guided towards her cunt lips and rub it for a while. Then I inserted my dick in her pussy, as it was too wet so my dick went in her pussy hole very easily. I was inserting my cock in and out slowly as I have a big cock and she had requested me not to hurt her. After some time I increased my speed and thrusting into her with more passion and force. At this she held me tightly and started moving her hips up to have feel more of my cock in her pussy. She kept saying ” Yeah! Yeah! ooh ,oooh Aha Ahha fuck me harder, make me cum ahhh… oohh. I am coming, tear my hole my darling…aaahh…ayyy, uufff oufff it feels so good . Then she said she couldn’t stand any longer, so I started pushing her hard, fast and I speeded up and pushed in and out in her pussy more vigorously. I started sucking on her nipples and she moved her hand to hold my waist moved her hips to meet my forceful thrust. My orgasm was building up and I started kissing her face, and told her to wet her finger and insert it into my ass hole. As she did that I asked her to raise her arms to let me suck her armpit. She raised her arm and I put my mouth on her armpit and licked it this made her made. She was now moving her ass up and down to accommodate my stroke very hungrily. I was sucking her armpit while stroking her strong with my large thick cock violently. As I poured my cum all inside her, she also came with me for unknown time. I fell on her and kissed her lovingly and softly still my cock in her pussy. After some time I slowly took my cock out of her cunt and got up and she cleaned my cock and her pussy by her shalwar, as there was not any thing except her shalwar. After that we laid for a long time as we had too tired. We fucked that night four times and after that we fucked three days regularly from that first night every time day and night. We were fucking at the morning, noon evening and at last the night till sleeping. We fucked every where in the house, in all bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dinning, and even in the satire. I fucked her ass so many times once in kitchen when she was busy too cooking. my most favourite is that i like scratching my cock in her foldings in her hips. wow!!!!!u got to xxxperience it ladies, the way she moaned, still i can hear it.

And we even twice fucked when my family came back. When she left to her home she gave me her phone number and after that I went behind her to her home so many time and we made love there. Any aunty or girl  or lady who want to have fun in jaipur

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