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  • August 19, 2015

Hello all of you . Let me describe my profile to you . I am an engineer and working for a multi national firm in Karachi. The incident which I wanna share here took place some 3 months back but it refreshes whenever I close my eyes it comes back to me . Well I am a young man aged 28 and stands 5’11” tall with a pretty reasonable built . Not wasting much time let me share my golden moment with all you folks.

One day I was at home and my wife was away to her parents I decided to go to the near by club where I am a permanent member for the last four years. I occasionally go there to refresh myself and usually accompanied with my wife. I parked my car in the parking and went to the swimming pool for a swim. After an hour or so I went out and while I was strucking my name from the register there felt some strange eyes staring at me . The person on duty was busy in some job so I followed the eyes and found a young lady of some 24 years waiting to stuck her name from the register after me. I could make out that she might had came of the pool as well as her brown hairs are also wet. I offered her the pen so that she could stuck her name. With a glance of the eye I found that she is Mrs Maria . For the next few days I made a routine to reach the club at the same time and always found her there. After a week or so when I was familiar with her routine for coming to the pool, I asked her about her husband. She told me that he was also in the club but he don’t come to the pool and spend his time in playing lawn tennis. I then tried to introduce myself and she felt happy about that. While we were coming out of the pool, her husband was coming toward the pool. She then introduced her to me and I shaked hand with him. We become family friends then as my wife also met them while she was with me afterward.

Mrs Maria was very beautiful and attractive lady as I always wished to touch her ass which is D shape and very beautiful. Once we invited them to our house on tea ,she was looking very gorgeous and chicks of her ass are giving good looks. While we were sitting in the lawn , she was sitting right in front of me and I could easily glanced through her . Some plan came into my mind and I intentionally dropped the cup from my hand. This caused mess there as some tea has also stinks on her. I excused her and told her the way to the wash room to wipe her. She then went to the wash room and I too harried after her to show her the way to the wash room. My wife and her husband sat there and I went in to the house with Maria. She entered in to the wash room and the door was not shut . She was bending herself at the sink and I could see the chicks of her ass . I went after her in to the wash room and deliberately touched her ass with my hand. She did not noticed so I feel that she didn’t mind. I again touched her ass and tried to squeeze her . She immediately turned over and gave me a sharp look that what I was doing . I was greeted by a very warm smile and she to go away as some one may discover this . I then came out and we all again sat for some time in the lawn.

Next day when I went to the pool I felt a change in her behavior as she was trying to arose my attention. I had never actually seen this gorgeous lady from a sexual point of view. I could not help not noticing that and felt an immediate movement in my shorts and at the same time felt rotten about all this cause she was after all my friend’s wife . she then told me that she want to go to the club library as she wanted to have some books from there . I agreed and we then went to the club library upstairs. The Library was almost vacant as only a few members were busy poking their heads in the books. I went to the last shelf to fickle around some book , she came near to me and again bend down in front of me. I with out wasting the opportunity and time put my hand in her ass and she did not resisted for this act of mine. She kept on in that position and I started to squeeze her ass . She then turned over and with a sexy smile and glitter in her eyes I noticed that she liked this hand work of mine. I then grabbed her from the behind and started to press her boobs. She warned me that any one can discover that but I told her that if we will do this in silence nobody will came to know. I guess she was deprived of it. I had to do something so I went and hugged her , and she hugged me back and I whispered everything was going to be ok and i stood in that position. At that time something so terrible happened which I guess shouldn’t have happened or was it right….guess you guys should decide !!! As I stood there hugging her , it was not long before I realized that the grip had tightened , unknowingly and her firm breasts were pressing on my chest as she lay her head on my shoulder.

This was too much to take and I got and immediate erection when I felt those fleshy soft cups against my chest and I couldn’t help myself . I was stuck in position from which I could not escape . It would be only by some miracle that she wouldn’t notice for I thought she would throw me out and it would end up being a big scene and would jeopardize my entire life….well that’s what I thought at that moment ….all of this with my erect DICK… She did notice the budge in my pants coz I could tell by her sticking to me more especially at the groin. As she broke the hug , she whispered into my ear ” Don’t hold back if you want it ” . I pulled her towards me and kissed her red pouting lips which were burning with passion, I don’t know what made me do that , guess natural instincts coz I had never kissed a some one else wife before.My tongue touched hers and we were deeply engrossed in that very hot moment that I never realized when we had hit the bed and i was all over her . Our breaths got heavier as we kissed more passionately and we broke apart and she pulled my vest out . She got rid of her track suit in no time . Her Breasts were pouting out of her wonderful designed bra . Her breasts were milk fair , they seemed fair soft and heavy and would easily measure 35 and my guess was that the cup size was C . I could not move my eyes off her lovely assets and my hand slid over her black panty caressing her over which she seemed to enjoy as she lift a slight moan .I moved forward and kissed her over her breasts and pulled her bra apart using my teeth .

Her boobs stared at me in the eye with those lovely shaped light pink tits . They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life . Though her breasts being heavy , seemed great in shape and also they were firm .I moved my palms all over them occasionally kissing them and getting a could feel of them .I sucked on to her pink tits which were erect by now . This feeling was heavenly and I wished I would lay like this for ever. This went on for 5 min and then she just said with a stern voice ” Enough, I want it in me now ” . I knew she meant business and it would be my pleasure to carry out her instruction .She pulled down her panties and spread her legs. To loose her up I slid my finger in her cunt that was wet with the fluids that were flowing and was burning hot. I slid my fingers in and out and she let out soft moans, her eyes were closed and her expressions showed that she was caressed to the fullest and she was enjoying the moment .I slowly pulled my fingers out and smelled them . That smell was intoxicating and it almost made me cum I positioned my dick and slowly inserted it into her cunt and she guided it with her hand . With a slight push it went straight in and again she let out a moan which killed me then and there itself .She wrapped her legs around me and I started the motion slowly.With every push her face seemed to lighten more . Soon enough the pace increased and I saw myself pushing faster and faster .

Her groans got louder and louder and my hand went on her mouth to lower her voice , her ecstatic scream of pleasure would surely wake up someone attention toward us. The other hand was on her breast feeling them and pressing them . It was getting impossible now and i was humping her with great pressure and speed . We were both ecstatic with pleasure and were not bothered what was happening . her moans got louder and louder and that in turn increased my speed. Sweat tricked down our bodies and the smell was intoxicating . She was dynamite with sexy figure. I then sucked her tits for few min and bit her nipples make her scream ohhhh god i love being rough to her ooouch I then hold her hair and kissed her hard pushing my tongue into her mouth and forced her down on my hard cock. she said mmmmmm how much i love this hard cock licking it hard and taking two inches into her mouth and she was eager and taken in all the cock and began to give the blow job. I was squeezing her ass and fingered into her asshole. I then spread her legs wide and began to lick her pussy and tonguing her cunt up to down and tasting it like honey .She told me that, my love oh my god you are the best pussy eater in the whole world, you should teach my husband”. i am all yours, oh yes I will fuck u like u have never been fucked u will beg for my cock all your life I told her that I always wanted to fuck u from the very first time i saw you in the pool . I said then i m going to fuck your ass this time you have big ass and I love to eat and fuck that . oh no I cant take your big cock in my asshole . I will do it slowly honey and kissing her lips and she passionately responding me and told me that I didn’t even let my husband fuck my ass. I then opened the chicks of her ass and slowly and slowly inserted my big cock in side her ass. She moaned with pain as I put my hand in front of her mouth so that she would not scream.

I then increased the pace and began to fuck harder and harder in to her ass. The after some time she began to feel batter and started enjoying this. I fucked her in different position and fucked her ass very hard. . Soon we were sweating from the ecstatic experience. I then shooted my cum in her ass and she also came at the same time. She thanked me for the wonderful experienced and told said “I Love you ” and she gave me a peck on my cheek and continued “…you were amazing, which really boosted my confidence of ass fuck, that it had come from someone who was much experienced in that field. Well from the day then we started to fuck more and more in the vacinity of the club, some times in the dressing room and some time in the library. Once at night we got the chance to fuck in the squash court as there was no one there in the court. We wasted no time and fucked hard there. we have done it many many more times than that ,whenever we would get a chance . If any women or girl want to have sex with us can talk to me on the pool side at the creek club around 4:00 PM on weekend . Others can write me at

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