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Sex In A School Bus

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

It is a true story It an incident that took just a year back. One fine afternoon we all friends were watching porno movie at one of our friend house .It was late for me for home since there was some work to do I asked my friends to leave but they were not willing for leaving so I leaved from there. It was a hot day I reached Bus Park and waited for bus to arrive after some time a packed bus arrived .I was hurry so I went inside the bus. As soon I entered the bus I found a sexy gal with yellow silk kurtha-surwal (salwer-keemeez). 

It was a very light dress. I can she her boobs covered with a white bra clearly. I was so attracted that I went near her side and reached for the handle (which is put at the top of the bus for support). I was watching her face and ass. I remembered the movie that I had just seen. I image that she is one of the girl of that movie. I image that she is sucking my cock as in that movie. I found that she was with two of her friends chatting. Watching her face and her sexy ass my cock stood up just then conductor told me to go further inside to put more passengers in. Just then when I was passing my bulge cock incidentally touched her ass cheek in a sudden she looked to me then she was back again. I was just a side of her then she was also pussed by the conductor now she was with me we were touching each other then she moved her body towards her friends opposite to me. Then her ass came to touch to my bulge on my pants. She looked to me again and knowing or unknowing she pressed her ass to my cock with more pressure. I was stunned. I can feel her sexy ass through my pants. At first I was afraid but being a male why should I be afraid so I also pressed.

Our pressing continued for some time. During the brake and speed of bus it was more. Then I put my hand inside the pocket and made my cock face towards me then I pressed between her ass cheeks She looked to me and smiled.  I move one of my hands towards her ass and touched it.  It was very soft of flesh. Then I massaged it softly around the cheeks of her ass. It was so packed that no one can see us what we were doing. I continued to massage and try to find the stripes of her panty but I couldn’t. I move my hand towards her ass hole at last I found a small panty which just can only manage to cover ass and pussy hole. Then I passed my hands towards her pussy from outside her cloth through the cut between her salwer .In a sudden she caught my hand and looked towards me but I forced and my hand so she gave it up and approached on her pussy. I was wet from outside. In return she put her hand between my bulge on my pant and her ass i.e she touched my cock from outside my pant.

It was so packed bus that no one can’t see us below what we were doing. Her hand then reached at the top of my zip and opened it. At that time I moved up my hand further up and reached the top of surwal. There I found elastic on the surwal so I moved my hand further inside to her pussy through the top of surwal. Now I can see her face was red as rose of emotion. One of her friend asked her “why is your face so red today?” I was stunned when I heard this so I took my hand back. Immediately she too took her hand back and caught my hand hard and didn’t let it to move further back .She then replied “its may be of the hotness of the bus”. Then I felled cool in my mind .My hands was still inside her surwal .I can feel hairs of pussy at my hands .It was wet .My hands were wet by now .I then move the panty aside and touched her hairy wet pussy. She again looked to me. She then again moved one of her hand back and caught my hard cock through my undergarment coz she had already opened my zip before. I then dipped my middle finger inside her pussy hole. I move it inside to measure her whole length. My whole length of finger moved inside it. Then again out then again in. This process continued. Here she moved her hand further in to my cock through a hole of underwear from where a guy pee. I feel her soft hands at my cock. It was the first time that any girl ever touched my cock. I was feeling great. She played with my balls. I can’t explain what I was feeling. She played with my cock in a lovely style. She then started to masturbate my cock .I was feeling great but I know that I was about to come so I bring back my other hand not the action hand, and stopped her. Then I put my cock inside the pant .my mind wasn’t willing to do but it can’t be done it this kind of place so killing my mind I put my cock inside. But the game was continuing at her pussy.

After some time she pulled my hand back I was not willing but I do it Now one of her friend talked “how get out of this bus in this pack?’ Then I got the feeling that they are about to leave. She then told her friend to phone her at the evening at 4#####. In reply the other friend told that she knows her phone no before too and there is no need to tell her about that. Then I knew that she is giving her phone # to me. At New baneswor they leave the bus .at the time she looked to me in a sexy smile. In reply I smiled too. Then I saw my hands it was wet of sticky substance that came out of her pussy. So I put that hand inside my pocket.

Then as soon as I reached home I took that hand and smelled it .It was smelling great .It is my first hand that have touch a pussy .I then masturbate remembering the event at the bus.
After 2 days of the incident one morning I suddenly come to remember the event of the bus. My cock woke up. the I dialed the no which she gave me .The a small baby received the receiver. I thought that I dialed the wrong no. After 5 mins or so I again dialed then I can hear girl voice. there what could I say so  I just say “Enjoy at bus”. there no one replied for few moments. Then she asked me “Is he u?”. I replied yeh. The she began to speak in frankly with me. She told me that she enjoyed a lot at he bus and wants to complete it. Men she was hot. I replied “I will “There I asked her for the place to meet. She told me that there will be no one at the house that day so I can have her at her house freely .Then she gave me the direction of her house and the full description of her house and asked me to come at 11 Am.

At 10 :30 I began to change my clothes to get ready for her. I wore T-Shirt and trouser for that it is easy to take off.
At 11ami reached at her house. I then rang the bell. There she opened the door .She was looking too sexy in her tight white kurtha-surwal .I can measure her figure 36-26-34.Her hairs were free which made her look more sexy. She is about 26 but today she looks like  20 due to her sexy look. I can see small flower painted in her white bra. Today her bra completely covers her 36 boobs. My hands are willing t catch the boobs as soon I saw them. She welcomed me with a smile. I went inside her house .She locked the door. She took me to her drawing room. I then kissed her on her lips she responded me well. She moves her hand inside my trouser and played with my cock. I too began to massage her bulging booooobs. It continued for sometime. Then she requested me to take tea and went into the kitchen. On the way I can see her ass movement I can see her ass movement. Now I can’t wait for how anymore so I took my trouser off and went to the kitchen. When I approached to the kitchen she saw me and my bulging cock from my kattu. My cock was too much for my kattu to hold so it wasn’t completely inside it. She can see my cocks head clearly .She smiled and again continued to prepare tea. I reached near her and her from her back and place my cock between her ass cheeks. I caught her at strongly at her stomach and slowly move my hands upwards to her boobs to massage it from her kurtha .I then lit the fire off and take her to her drawing room. There I started to give her French kiss. She caught  at my head and responded me well. I let my hands downward. At the hip From the cut between the kurtha  I inserted my hands inward to the stomach .I began to massage the stomach. I massage it for sometime.

Then I move my  hands downward on the pussy. Now the liquid is flowing from her pussy so it has come out to make her surwal wet on her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure.  Then again I move my hands upward to the top of her surwal I found elastic which made me easy to insert my hand inside her surwal .There I found panty which was bigger then of the bus. I move my hands all over it. I explore my hands and then I move my hands inside it from the top of the panty. Now the most valuable thing is on my hand. I can feel too wet there. I then inserted my middle  finger to the lovely hole .She was moaning with pleasure. With other hand I then removed her surwal .She too then removed my underwear. Now I was naked downward. She caught my stick, get hold of it. I then sit on the sofa and she on the carpet. She began to play with my balls .I put my both hands on her boobs and began to massage it .I then removed her kurtha. I can see her nipples from her bra. I then remove my t-shirt  and put my hands between her boobs and bra .What an incredible boobs she has!!!. I continue to massage it and massage it. I was now naked and she was in her black panty and white bra. I then lay her down on the carpet and began to insert my cock into her mouth. I was in a heaven. She began to lick it as an ice cream, suck it .I can feel her hot lips on the head of my cock.

I then remove her bra and again start to massage her boobs. I began to pinch her nipples. Her nipples was hard .She was licking, sucking my cock and  playing with my balls. My one hand was exploring her body and move inside her panty again towards her ass. there I found asshole .I tried to  insert my finger in the hole but it was very tight .I suddenly got a feeling to fuck her ass so I told her that I will now fuck her ass so I took my cock off from her mouth and remove her panty with one hand. I lay on her back .Now I can see her great ass. I caught her with one hand at her stomach and with other hand  I got hold of my cock and insert it to her ass. My cock was penetrating her ass .She  was shouting “slowly!!! Slowly!!’ Oh at last I had now inserted my whole cock. My hands moved to her boobs and sometime to her pussy. I am now inserting my cock in and out of her ass hole .For 10-11 mins this game continue on and then I was about to come I told her about this, then she told me to took off my cock from her ass hole and insert it to her mouth she wants to suck it again. I did as she told me. At mouth also I fuck for sometime and when I cum I cummed it all inside her mouth .She swallowed it all .She drank it all. She then took me to her bedroom. There she laid me on her bed .At the bed I start to suck her nipple. She was now again playing with my cock and masturbates. Sometimes her hands moved to my nipple .This game continued on . After sometime I was on again. I laid her and tried to insert my cock inside her pussy hole .She caught it in a rapid action. She refused for it then she took condom from her drawer and began to put it on my cock. After putting condom on my cock she put it on her pussy and ordered me to push it inside. I did as she told. It was a tight hole for my cock but wasn’t as tight as I had expected. She was more active than me. She did all the work . 

My cock was in and out in and out of her pussy. At that time I was down and she was on me. She continues to do all the work and I let her  to do. She was moaning with pleasure. Now I was on her I was doing the work but she was also helping me. Her hands were moving at my body when it approached at my ass she held me at there tightly. My mouth was sucking her nipple  and with one hand was playing with her boobs. The time came on when I cum off. I cummed in the condom .Then she held my cock and took my condom slowly and dank all the cum from the mouth of the condom. Then I start to lick he r pussy .We were now at 69 position she was sucking my cock and trying to wake me up and I was inserting my tongue inside her pussy as much as I could. Again I wake up .I told her that I want to fuck her on doggy style and she agreed too. And again she put another condom on my cock . She then poisoned in doggy style  and I began to insert my cock . The game continued .She helped me a lot . I had not imagined to be a sex partner of her type she was really great. After 15-16 mins I came out again and she again drank all the juice from my condom.

Then we went to the toilet there she cleaned my dick and I her boobs and her pussy. After returning back she informed me that her two friends(of the bus) had seen us and thought “let them enjoy” and after the bus they told her all about the bus and also told that they also want to be fucked by me. I was surprised and happy when  I heard this. I can’t believe this. I told her that I would like to do so in next time because it was late then.
I  asked about the child who receives the telephone first .She told me that that was her son of 5yrs and he has gone to school. I was stunned when I heard this, I have fucked a married woman .I asked her about her husband she replied that her husband is on army so she hadn’t sex for 8 months or so and thanked me for the incredible sex she had with me. I leaved her home saying that I will fuck her and her friend soon. Please mail me and let me know that if u like it or not at girls/ladies want to have sex with me can also contact.I will be there for evryone and remeber my experienece wid u wil be a secret.

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