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Sex In 5 Star Hotel

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I am a great fan of this club I have been reading almost all the stories. Well I found them interesting erotic and some were very funny too. Well friends today what I wanna share with u is my experience at the job. I am working in an 5 star hotel in mumbai I started on in the club as an bartender well then due to some internal reasons the club closed down I was given a transfer to a another department. Room service being my new department was very dull at the start till I found out it was the most happening department in the hotel.

Well lets forget all the crap and come to the story. There was this 28 yrs old guest Ms jasmine who had checked in our hotel a lovely female her figure was 36/26/36. I was doing my night shift when she had checked in the hotel so I wasnt familiar that an beautiful blond has come to stay in the hotel premises. Well normally in the night after three the room service in the hotel is always slag so we normally chill out by hanging out in the other departments. We take turns and hang out. So today it was my turn to stay in the dept. well the phone rang in the dept saying that an guest wanted her food warmed up cause it was out cold in the ac.

Well I went up the room this lovely babe comes ahead and opens the door I am surprised when I look at her she is just wearing an florescent colour swimming costume and an thin scarf on her hips from which I could clearly view the golden triangle that was waiting for me, I just kept staring at her for an min an thought in my wow what a babe well if she was an Indian I would properly quote her as an bhabi so u can understand how blond and full she was. Well i had come up her room to take her food back to the kitchen to warm it well I was so fast in doing that that I was back in her room in the next 5 min hey she was there again but this time the door was open probably she understood that I would be back fast enough. Hey I was beginning to get excited now as I entered the room she was laying down on the bed watching the TV hey I just entered the room without ringing it I knew that I had gatecrashed well I then apologized to her saying that I am sorry to come in without ringing the bell. She paused a while and looked at me astonished and said its ok. Hey this was encouraging me now I thought this was the time I stood aside the table and pretended to look down making her think that I had nothing negative in my mind about her. She asked me why was I standing and asked me to take a seat. I told her that I could not do that cause we were not allowed to sit in the guests room, she laughed out loud and asked me not to be so formal with her.

Hey this is it I successfully got my entry in approaching her I started talking to her sitting down on the carpet. She too joined me we introduce our selves to each other and within half an hour we were chatting very free with each other, the night was young for both of us it was 5 am in the morning and my break was over. I had to return back to my department by this time she too had to get ready to go for work she wasnt in an mood to go: cause she was very tired so she called back my department asking me by my name hey hear I go again I went up to her room as an very obedient waiter well she was waiting for me keeping the door open I just came in as if I was staying in that room she came up to me and told me that she wasnt in an mood to go to work and wanted to go out for shopping in the evening but with me ok hear I go again I told her I would help her in shopping she asked me if I was going to go home and return back hey I told her I stay very far so I had no other option but to sleep in the bunkers of my staff room in the hotel. She felt very bad that I was waiting for her and because of her I had to sleep in the bunkers she told me there was no problem if I took an nap with her in her room hey hear goes up the devils horns again I immediately accepted the offer and told her I would be back at say around 8 am cause my duty finished at that time. I was desperately waiting for the clock to strike 8 am the time wasnt moving at all. At last the clock struck 8 am hey I now began making an excuse that I have an headache and had an soda in my dept. well the dept was quite busy cause it was the breakfast secession. My manager looked at my poor face which was pale hey told me that I could take an off for the next day. Hey my face was pale cause I was horny and not sick ok but he asked me to drop an last order on the very same floor so I accepted the deal I went to her room after leaving the order I entered her room with ease without knocking it cause I had her access card to the room. Well this time things were different cause the scarf from her hips were off hey what a chute I said looking at her golden triangle she now had taken an nap of 2 hrs and was feeling fresh so I came in and asked her if I was disturbing her she said not at all my eyes were continuously on that round and stiff boobs of hers, she woke off her sleep now she asked me why did I not change my uniform , I told her that I could not roam on the floors in my civil dress for security reasons. That was ok with her I then took my coat off and hanged it the wardrobe I then thought whats next can I sit on her bed along with her? Well she invited me herself I lay my self down on the bed and was watching the TV while she was getting fresh in the bathroom well she came out in her bathrobe this time it was looking excellent on her cause all of her boobs and a vision to he golden triangle was very clear she came and began grooming her hairs in the mirror I pretended to be asleep well but she did not come off with her dress so my idea of falling asleep was flop. I woke up and started talking to her well we had plans to take rest but I could just not sleep when an appealing lady like her lay in front of me. She was sitting down on the carpet she had none other habits except smoking we both lit an cigarette after finishing it she began asking me about my gf well the most certain answer “I dont have any.

I asked her about her love life I learnt that she was divorced and was very happy about it. Hey some good luck for me I now some how asked her if she would allow me to kiss her she looked at me for a while paused and answered me not now. Hey I began to get confused about her, will she agree to have sex with me hope so things go well cause I had my job on the line ( optional if she complained) well but I set an go for this chance she then got up from the carpet and laid cross on the bed but not besides me hey now it was my turn to do something I hold her head in my hands and kept it on my lap I then began to give her an sensual massage on her back and also began fondling with her hair. My hands were feeling her all over back and forth till her hips she was now feeling better hey lovely boobs were touching me on my hairy thies, I immediately stretched my legs and entrapped those beautiful boobs between my thies. Now my cock had begun to harden it woke up from its sleep and touched those beautiful boobs. She turned arround all of a sudden I feared this move of hers again feeling that she was negative to have sex with me but when she turned around, my hands that were massaging her back were on her boobs I started fondling with them but after 5 min she woke up of the bed throwing my hand at the side she went to the window and started staring at the beautiful scenery of the sea. I now again began thinking negative about my having sex with her may be she was feeling guilty conscious about having sex with a waiter but till now she had never called me by the name waiter she always addressed me by my name Raj. She then made an call canceling all her appointments for the day, she opened her purse and removed two mint balls from it she first ate one and then gave me one too hey now I began thinking positive that I am going to have that beautiful blond female for my lunch. She could not wait till that mint melted in her mouth cause she was already feeling horny about me she then came and sat besides me and gave me that one look I could see the despiracy in her eyes. I still wasnt looking on her directly cause I was annoyed by her previous moves. She came up to me bold enough and caught me by my head she placed those soft and rosy lips on mine and began kissing me we french kissing me hey now I had began too feel like in heaven. Cause I have had sex with many Indian girls but this Malaysian was too hot to handle for me so I gave my self unto her. She was kissing and sucking my lips drying all that saliva. She then stopped kissing and again looked at me with that wonderful look of hers. She then went for my shirt she undressed me first. The best part was when she began to undress her self well she hadnt much to do cause she had just worn a bathrobe. She was sitting all nudes on me she asked me if I had done this before I lied that I was a virgin she told me thats ok and I should do as she directs, I agreed. She started kissing me & then she came down to my hairy chest and began sucking my nipples she stopped and asked me to do the same to her I laid her down and began to suck her nipples she had good hard tits but those soft juicy nipples of Herrs were irresistible. Her silky thies were rubbing me hard against my cock. My cock was now ready to do some good job for her I asked her for an condom but she refused it she then came down to my thies. We then done the 69 style her clean shaved pussy was on my mouth I was licking her juices as I had not drank anything 4 three days. She now began to feel very hot she was so hot by now that I my self had an doubt about my self the more juice on her pussy I licked the more she would suck my cock and my balls till now our throats were out dry. We then changed our positions she laid her legs wide on the edge of the bed and I knelt as in the doggie style her pussy was so much lubricated till now that I could enter in with ease she gave me an moan when I touched my 7 cock on the lip of her pussy her shouts were driving me crazy. I pumped her for at least 10 min she now pushed me down gently on the carpet and started riding on my cock, believe me friends this was the best experience of my sex life I had ever had.

She rode on my cock till I had to push her behind, she had an excellent stamina but my balls had began to pain cause I had never had so much of excess sex in my life. We lay besides each other on the carpet and were kissing each other. She looked at my balls down and asked me if she was hurting me I laughed till now it was afternoon so she ordered some chilled beer with some biryani she was an fan of spicy Indian food. We taken some nap for half an hour when I woke I seen that she had my cock in her hand and was massaging it. I could see that she was again getting ready for an another session. She asked me for a shower we entered the spacious bathroom I lifted her and placed he hips on the platform of the bathtub. I fondled with her balls till they were red enough to cool in the shower water. I gently placed in her tub. We entered in the tub she was feeling me all over she cleaned me thoroughly cause she was a person who wanted gentle and clean sex. I tried to be a bit harsh with her she would begin to feel bad. I got her out of the tub we dried our selves and went on nude on to the bed again she had canceled her programme of shopping for the evening. We had literally three secessions till late in the evening I then skipped out of the hotel by the staff entrance and met her out side of the hotel we then went to a club in the evening we danced and enjoyed our selves for the evening. She I really an true girlfriend she supported me in all ways till to date from the past three years she visits India every six months on the contrary that I meet her. Hope u guys enjoyed my experience I will be back with my experience in the CLUB
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