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Sex Happened In Late Night With Aunty

  • desipapa
  • November 10, 2015

Hai all friends..
I am a regular reader to this site for years. And it was my source from which I studied what is sex. I am Joel, 25 years old from Kerala. I request you to give me your feedbacks. And if any ladies are interested to contact me mail me

This incident with my aunty was happened one year back when I was doing my post-graduation. Then I was 24 years.. I don’t have more attractive body or muscles. But I have good and average body. About my aunty.. She is my mother’s younger sister, 40 years old. Her name is Suja. She is a teacher having two kids. She is fair and pretty as well as sexy.. I don’t know her body measures but she has got heavy boobs and buttocks. She has got some family problems and living separately from husband for 6, 7 years. I used to visit her regularly and take her for shopping and for buying things as she was living with kids only.. I respected her as my aunty and I had no bad intention on her. We used to share many things and travel together. She liked me very much and me too. She used to wear nighty at home and sari while going outside. She was so sexy in her sarees. Coming to the incident. I used to go her house every Saturday directly from my hostel to her home as it was near easy for me to wash my cloths and do my stuffs. Usually I reach there by 4pm in the afternoon. But on this special day I was late due to sudden bus strike in the locality.. Somehow I reached her home by 11pm. I thought she already slept and I knocked the door calling her name. But there was no response from inside. And I again knocked the door… I had to stand there 5, 6 minutes and she came and opened the door.

I saw her totally different from other days on her face.. She was totally sweet and partially wet on her legs. She was wearing nighty without bra. I noticed her pointing nipples through the nighty.. I asked her “what happened? Why you are so sweat and looking tired?” she just smiled at me and said “nothing da”. Then I asked her why she was late to open doors, and she answered me that she was in toilet. And gave me a naughty smile. She served me food and told me to get fresh and change the dress. I quickly went to the bathroom and found her panty is hanging there. I took it in my hand and I felt it was well wet and had sticky liquid. I smiled it and got erection on my penis. I quickly bathed and went for dinner. I was observing her while eating and she was not facing me and enquired about college exams and classes. After food I was sitting on sofa and she came and sit opposite to me and asked me whether I drink or not? I was surprised to her question coz she never asked me such questions and I nodded ma head as my answer was yes. And she suddenly went o kitchen and came back with a bottle and glasses. I got up and got cold water from fridge. She sat opposite to me and opened bottle and served in the glasses and we had two rounds of drinking.. She was talking to me about various things.. She came and sat nearby me and caught ma hand and started crying. I consoled her.. She asked me. “Did u you know what I why I was late to open door? “I nodded ma head… And he told me that she was masturbating… I was so wondered to hear this from my aunt. Then evil mind in me got up.. I told her that I can understand her and her loneliness..

I kissed her forehead and hugged her and told, don’t worry aunty am with you.. She suddenly hugged me and told me be with me forever.. Then slowly I kissed her lips and cared her back.. Kissed her neck. I felt her breath going high. She suddenly separated from hug and told me. “You know I am sex starved for 4, 5 years. I want you badly. I need a cock” I was stunned to hear that before I could do anything she removed my dhothy. Oh god ma tool was already hard and trying to jump out. It is not much bigger but 6.5 inch. She caught on it.. ahh.. It was so good.. And she told “you are grown up, and you have good penis” She asked me “are you virgin?” I told” yes”. She smiled at me and told “let us go to upstairs” We went to the room it was a big room with a big bed. I sat on the bed. She came near to me. She spread a naughty smile. I caught her shoulder and hugged her. Kissed her lips. She moaned slightly. Ahh.. And opened her lips ma lips went inside she bite on my lips and scratched my back I cared her tongue with mine we shared our saliva. Ahh.. She took my hand and placed it over nighty. I felt her hard nipples.. I touched it.. She moan.. ahha.. Monu.. I am yours.. Take me… I removed her nighty. And laid her on bed.. I came on her and pressed her boobs with one hand and other boob with my mouth.. She was struggling on bed. Ought my hair…. She told me to remove my boxer.. I was so happy.. She sat on bed and I stood before her.. She looked at my tool and suddenly took it in had.. Massaged it.. She took it in her mouth.. I played with her boobs.. I was pressing it madly. She was a good sucker.. I laid her on bed and caught her buttocks. I saw a clean shaved pussy. It was fully wet. I kept my finger on her mountain.. Slowly cared.. She was moaning in high voice.. I put ma middle finger inside aahh… it was so wet and hot pool… she was struggling.. I fucked her with finger. I kept my tong on that.. Slowly licked pussy lips. She pressed ma head against it.. Slowly put tong inside…licked her clitoris.. She had her orgasm.. She told me to come over her.. We were in missionary position. She took my tool with her hands and placed it over her love hole.. It was well wet. Slowly I pushed it into her hole.. She gasped. Ahha.. Baby. Slowly.. Slowly.. It was very tight. I pushed it hard and it went inside.. ahh.. I was in heaven. She was moaning in high volume.. I put my lips on her..

She hugged me.. Scratched my back…. Pushed me toward her.. I was fucking her madly.. She was moaning. Ahh ahha hh.. Unni .. Increase the speed.. Speed. Am all yours.. Take me.. ahaha.. Fuck me.. I fucked her.. Her boobs were bouncing. We increased the pace.. ahah.. it was going on a rhythm.. She put her legs hugging my back. We were fucking like if there is no tomorrow.. After 15, 20 minutes she was moaning highly.. I was fucking with my full energy… she told me that she id about to cum.. She raised her buttocks…I pushed with more power.. She caught my hair. And with high voice she had her 3rd orgasm.. Me too came in same time.. I fall upon her after exhausting inside.. She hugged me and told.. “I love you, I am yours.”

We had many sessions later.. I will disclose it in the next stories.. Sorry if I made any mistake.. Its ma lounging here. Expect your feedback. Ladies and girls if u r interested don’t forget to contact me on
Thank you for reading.

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