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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

We are living Capital town of Bihar, India. This town is having less job opportunities that is people struggling for their survival, if they are maintaining good life style. Middle class families managing their monthly expenses somehow. Myself PERWEZ running a big business. Money is not a problem in our life. We are having two flats apart from our own house in this town. Both the flats runs on rent. 2 years back one new renter KALPANA with her family shifted in our own flat. KALPANA, a divorcee, 5.5 feer, 36 years, 36/28/38, white complexion, very talkative in nature. One beautiful daughter, TANIYA of around 16-18 years, plus two student and one son, RAHUL, of 4-5 years old were family members of KALPANA. At the time of taking flat on rent myself & ZEBA furnished all the norms of rent. At the time of taking rent KALPANA told us that she is looking for some good job. After 15 days of shifting, one day KALPANA came our house and told us due to lack of money she is unable to enroll her daughter TANIYA in plus two school so please help me. We asked her how much money she required? She told six thousand. Anyway, we gave that amount to KALPANA on saying, as per her convenient she can return. First month, Second month, Third month passed there was no rent from KALPANA. One day me and ZEBA made a surprised visit to our renter KALPANA. She welcomed us very warmly and after a while she started narrating her problems. Due to NO job she is facing problems and running the family somehow. She told us to help her to come out from the present problem and for that help she is ready for anything. Anyway, that evening me and ZEBA return back our home. After dinner and all, while me and ZEBA sitting in our drawing hall, I talked to ZEBA – what to do with KALPANA? ZEBA straightway told me that she is in such a condition that she can not give rent in coming months SO better you enjoy sex with KALPANA & her beautiful daughter TANIYA till they left our flat. This is the only rent we can collect from KALPANA. I told ZEBA is it possible? ZEBA told me confidently YES darling you keep away I (ZEBA) will talk to KALPANA next day. Next day while I was away from home related to my business, ZEBA called KALPANA to our house and asked her what she has thought about rent? KALPANA requested ZEBA that do something for her so that she TANIYA education gets completed within 2 years. ZEBA told KALPANA that you and your family can live in our flat free of cost till completion of TANIYA’s education BUT for that you and your daughter will have to give sex service to my husband PERWEZ. KALPANA kept quite for few minutes then she told ok. I am ready and will make ready to my daughter too. First sex date was fixed on coming SUNDAY. ZEBA told KALPANA, on Sunday come after breakfast to our house. Your son will play with our children and in our bed room we all will play sex game till evening and in day time we will have lunch altogether. After fixing the program KALPANA moved away.

On SUNDAY by 9am KALPANA reached our house with TANIYA and son RAHUL. TANIYA was looking very hesitant. We shifted RAHUL in another room with our children. First we all together enjoyed coffee in our lawn and shifted to our bed room. Our bed room is very big. Very big bed, nice cushion’s sofa, mirror fittings in all side of walls, attached big bath room, big TV with all CD player facility, big music system and etc. We all sat on sofa. ZEBA played some xxx movie. TANIYA was looking very nervous but some time she gets smile on some hardcore actions. I called TANIYA to sit beside me and KALPANA to another side of me. Slowly I kept hand on thigh of TANIYA. She got tense but without caring her, started moving my hand on her thigh & between her legs. I also took my hand to squeez her breast. Her breast was very small. I said KALPANA to unzip my paint and suck my hungry dick. She did it within minute. After seeing my thick dick KALPANA whispered PERWEZ your dick is very thick how TANIYA will tolerate this? I told TANIYA is very luckly because in her life first time she is going to enjoy such a thick and hungry dick. She is very lucky infact. I undressed TANIYA afterwards. She was really superb teen. Small white complexion, small breast, small pubic hairs around her cute small pussy, small hip and thin legs. She is was looking really very good. I told TANIYA to come and suck my dick and told KALPANA to undress herself quickly. TANIYA started to suck my hard thick dick after some hesitation. KALPANA’s boob was really big, brown nipple and great figure. I asked KALPANA to come nearer to me and to sit down on my legs on taking my hip between her legs so that I can squeez her breast and suck her nipple. She did so and really I was feeling great while squeezing KALPANA’s big & soft boob and afterwards I started sucking her nipple. ZEBA was sitting and watching all this and enjoying too much. After some time I asked KALPANA to stand up on sofa on standing and take my mouth between her legs so that I can lick her pussy, which was since last many years i.e. after death of her husband. She did and I started to lick her pussy on piercing my tongue inside her pussy. KALPANA started moaning and TANIYA was already moaning and sucking my dick hard and hard. Slowly I started feeling tense then I asked KALPANA to come side and I stood up, make TANIYA to stood up on her knee and caught the head of TANIYA from back and started fuking her mouth vigorously. She was moaning and trying to take out my hard thick dick from her mouth for some rest but I kept fucking her mouth vigourously on increasing my speed. Randomly I started saying “Oooooh yyyyyyyyess, O0000hhhhhhhh yyyyyyessssss, come on honey, come on honey I’m going to cumm, I’m going to come, I’M GOING TO COME!!!, OOOOOH, OOOOOH YES, YES, I’M COMMMINGGG UNGGGHH, YES!!!, AAAhhhhaaa, YESSS, I’M CUMING!!!” TANIYA and I exploded my cum inside deep of TANIYA mouth. TANIYA’s mouth was filled with my warm cum. I kept her head pressed on my dick so that she can swallow my cum without taking my dick out of her mouth. I told ooooohhhh TANIYA eat the cum, this is a good protein and good for your health too. And she did. Being a teen girl TANIYA cooperated me in great way for experincing her first sex in her mouth.

We all three me, TANIYA, KALPANA relaxed on sofa. ZEBA brought few glass of warm milk mixed with lots of honey to energise us for next round. We all sipped slowly. KALPANA’s figure was great and TANIYA figure was cute. Afterwards I called KALPANA and TANIYA on our bed. I first took 69 position with KALPANA on bed and we both started enjoying dick and pussy on sucking and licking. After enjoying few minutes I made the position and nailed my hungry thick dick in KALPANA’s pussy and started shaking slowly slowly. KALPANA started moaning. Aaaahhhhh ooooohhhhhh fuck me hard dear PERWEZ, I am thirsty since last many years, oooohhhhh aaaaahhhhh fuck me hard, fuck me hard and calm me, calm me. TANIYA was lying beside our action and seeing all this. After few minutes I got up and started licking cute pussy of TANIYA on spreading her legs wider and wider.I kept on squeezing TANIYA’s small breast slowly slowly and I kept on licking her small and cute pussy till she started moaning and juicy liquid started to come out from her small opening of cute pussy. She started telling ooooeeee mmmmaaaaa ooooeee mmmaaaa do it do it, do it hard PERWEZ, you are a great fucker on earth, do it do it. When I saw TANIYA is warmed up then I widened her legs more and KEPT my hungry thick dick on her pussy opening and I pressed. Her pussy crack was so small and my dick was so thick that hardly getting inside of her pussy BUT I gave some another hard jerk and my cock ger inserted some and TANIYA screamed oooeee mmmmaaaaaaaa save me from this pain but without caring that I gave another great stroke and I nailed whole thick dick in her small virgin pussy. TANIYA started crying with tears and started to pray to live her. KALPANA came nearer to her and trying to get calm her. Blood started to ozing out from inside of her pussy and surrounded around my nailed dick. Slowly I started shaking on giving small jerk first. I was feeling great on fucking a beautiful virgin teen girl. Her pussy was really very tight. Blood was making my dick slippery inside her pussy. Slowly I increased my jerking speed. She was kept on crying oooooeeeee mmmmaaaaaa oohhhhhhhh nnnnnnnoooooooo ooooooeeeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa feelinmg great pain in stomack oooooeeeeee mmmmmaaaaaa PERWEZ is killing meeeeee oooooooeeeeeeee. I was enjoying and feeling great and feeling proud of me on fucking a cute virgin teen TANIYA. I also started trying to CALM TANIYA on sayin oooohhhh deeeaaaar YOU are lucky to have enjoying with great sexy man. Enjoy it DO not wasted time in crying.. oooohhhhh dear feel my dick inside of you and enjoy it. But she was feeling great pain and kept on crying. I increased my jerk speed. KALPANA was helpless and just was trying to calm her daughter. Slowly I started getting tense and I called KALPANA I’M GOING TO COME!!!, OOOOOH, OOOOOH YES, YES, I’M COMMMINGGG UNGGGHH, YES!!!, AAAhhhhaaa, YESSS, I’M CUMING!!!” KALPANA come nearer to me and sat down to take my load in your mouth. And just before explosion I took out my dick and pierced in KALPANA’s mouth and in no minute I exploded in KALPANA’s mouth. Her mouth was filled with my warm cum. She swallow all me cum and licked all my cum which was on my balls and dick’s shaft. TANIYA was getting relax and told KALPANA “mom PERWEZ is a great pleasure loving man on this earth. He has given best feeling in her life”.

In our play ZEBA was a spectator. She again prepared some fruit juices, mixed with glucose and brought some dry fruits alongwith. We all four enjoyed and took rest for some time and afterwards had lunch all together. After taking few rest and all we sat down on sofa and called KALPANA to suck my dick. She did and few moments my dick was ready for action once again. I asked KALPANA to stood and band towards sofa and I positioned and nailed my thick dick in her ASS hole. She whispered oooooeeeeeee PERWEZ. After nailing slowly I started shaking and from back I caught KALPANA’s big boob and started squeezing. KALPANA started moaning oooeeeeee aaaahhhhhh ooooooeeeee aaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooeeeeeeee oooooohhhhhhh and KALPANA started whispering PERWEZ you are great, where were you, for this great pleasure we daughter and me can stay with you for whole life, ooohhhhhhhh PERWEZ you are great etc. I kept on shaking slowly slowly and kept enjoying great ass of KALPANA. After 12-15 minutes I called TANIYA on sofa. Firstly she denied “Uncle please I am feeling great pain, please live me” but I ordered her and asked her sat down on sofa and then I raised her leg and bended them towards her head so that her great pussy raised up with great view and again I nailed my hungry thick dick in her pussy. She started screaming oooooeeeeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaa ooooooooeeeeeeeeeee and started crying with tears but without caring her scream I started shaking slowly. After few minutes TANIYA started moaning aaaahhhhh ooooooohhh aaaaahhhhhh greaaaattttt aaaahhhhhhh greaaaaaaaat uncle ooooooeeeeeeee. I felt her pain converted into pleasure which happens with every girl while going for first fucking session. Slowly I increased my speed and started fucking a small girl vigourosly. TANIYA kept moaning and I kept fucking her. Slowly I again feeling tense then I asked KALPANA to lie on bed and then I moved on KALPANA and started fucking bertween her big boob. Pressing my dick by both the boobs I kept on fucking her breast. KALPANA kept telling greaaattttt dear great dear and lastly I exploded between KALPANA’s big boob. KALPANA was feeling my warm cum between and on her big boob. I asked TANIYA to lick and swallow all my cum. She licked up her mother’s boob and swallow every drop of my cum. There was evening already by the end of this act. We all got relaxed for 10-15 minutes. KALPANA told me thanks PERWEZ you have calmed me and my daughter. You are great fucker and I promise to give this sex service to enjoy great pleasure. ZEBA brought tea for all of us. We all had it and took bath. At the time of departure ZEBA told KALPANA, dear you my sister like and hopefully you and your daughter will continue this after gap of 20-25 days. KALPANA told OK dear we will love to fuck by PERWEZ, the great fucker on earth. ZEBA gave KALPANA a some of Rupees thirty thousand on saying this is a gift from a sister to meet your present challenges and whenever you need more then without any hesitation asked from me. And this way life kept on going.

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