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Sex Experience By Venkat

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  • August 16, 2015

Fans! How are you, here i am enjoying my sex life very well, here i am sending my another experience which took place in the last month, please place this experience in Hot Erotic section The Name of the Experience is Experience in Araku Vally Hai desi fans, and welcome to the hot erotic section i am purely visit this site to read the experiences/fantasies of a different guys/girls/aunties i wrote my previous two experiences, and i got well response from the erotic people ok here i am going to explain my experience with sita and her friend jyothsna at Araku vally near to Visakhapatnam after completion of the exams, both sita and parvathi went to their native places, visakhapatnam, vijayawada respectively.

Because of the march end, one of the exporting company called me for some upgradations in the software as per their submissions (proformas has changed) to the customes. incometax like etc… he is one of our best customer. i left to visakhapatnam with one of my team member, as i reached visakhapatnam (here in ap visakhapatnam has been called as vizag) the company people welcomed us and took us to their guest house as i fresh, i rang phone to sita’s house, her mother lifts the phone and told that she left to club to play shuttle then i thinked to give her a surprise visit, i know where she will be in the evening, this incident happend in the last month first i went to the exports office and they told some reports, i explained to my team member, i left the whole job to him and i left the office, my uncle and my brotherinlaw were staying in vizag, i went to their house, and i spent with them till evening 6, i went to guest house, my team member has not yet came, i took bath and dressed well and i reached the place where i can find sita, really its stunning, she is there with one of her friend, sita is in saree, first time i saw sita in saree, in blue colour shiffon, and with a matching blouse she looks very sexy in that dress, i took some rose flowers of different colors from near flowers shop, and i followed her, she and her friend were walking on the footpath of the great vizag rkbeach, her friend saw me, but she doesnt know me, after some time i called very slowly like sitaaaaaaa from two feet distance, she turned back, and she surprised and jumped, i greeted her with flowers, her friend was watching both and she didnot get anything, then after sometime he introduced her to me as jyothsna and me as venkat, sita told something in her ear, then she smiled and looked very sexy, she is also the same structure like sita, same height and slim, but her breast little bit larger than sita, after that sita told me that the events between us in Hyderabad are known to jyothsna, she is the best friend of her, i told sita that i am staying here for a week, then she made a call from my mobile to parwathi, we both wants to invite parwathi to make this trip very much erotic.

But parwathi went to her grandmaa place to see her. we were some what unhappy, we three of them went to daspalla hotel for the dinner, and ordered the dishes, in the mean time we are planning how to spend the one week, we want to celebrate the happy and sexy mood in Araku Vally, its a hill station and its very romantic, and cool one, we planned in the weekened, when we are taking the dinner, she played some jokes on jyothsna, i am playing with sita legs, i am careesing her legs with mine i am exploring her thies from inside her saree, i told her that you are so sexy in this saree, she looks towards jyothsna, she downed her face with shyness, i said to jyothsna, you are so sexy when you smiles, then immediately she wants to leave that plcae, but i hold her hand and make her sit on her chair, i had not commented more on her. we completed the dinner and i dropped both at sita house. we planned to meet tomorrow at the same point. as i met tomorrow both of them at t he same point, sita said that jyothsna want to come araku along with us, i am so happy for that, i am a lucky guy that i came for one thing i am getting a new one, ok i asked my brotherinlaw’s zen for the weekened and we three of us went to araku, as my brotherinlaw is a customes officer, he booked a beautiful cottage for us (i told him that i and my team member wants to go araku) as we reached the araku its afternoon 12:30, we took our lunch and we went to see the caves near by, and the lake its so fantastic one and so kool and romantic Dont get bore, i want to explain the whole thing how it was happened. my self and sita were walking and jyothsna was following us, i placed my hand on sitas shoulder, she bit closed to me and i am careesing her shoulder and walking around the lake, i moved my hand from shoulders to he middle part, she was getting tickles, instantly i am pressing her curves, i saw back what jyothsna was doing, she was watching the whole thing and when i saw her she moved her eyes, i called her, but with shyness she was not came, sita called her, she came near and sita told her be feel free. after some time we moved to our cottage, as a hill station sun falls very early and by the 6 its like 8 in the city, jyothsna was preparing dinner for us, myself and sita were watching tv, in HBO some erotic scence were came, i saw sita and she laughed sexily, i moved towards her and i sat on the floor while she was on the cane chair, i placed my hands on her foot, and i massaged her foot very slowly and rythemically.

She was so exited, i placed another hand on her thies, she was in white salwar suit, i pressed her both thies with both hands, she moned with passion, i sat onmy knees and i placed my right hand on her left boob, and i pressed her titt, she was moaning like anything, and whispering that jyothsna may come, i told nothing will happen, she bend her head and kissed on my lips, she was out of control, she kissed me for a while, we both were enjoying, i hugged her very tightly and i am exploring her back, she was kissing me very hard, and at the same time she bite my lower lip, a blood drop came into my mouth, i tasted my blood, then she released her moth from me and breathing very heavily, i had not seen sita like before, she came near and with her tounge she took the drop of my blood drop, its very small one one or two drops had came, as we hugged again jyothsna came to the hall, she saw us and came near and asked sita what are you doing, i told her that we are playing, if you are interested in this session you can participate, she told that i am having work in kitchen, as she left to kitchen, we both went to bedroom, and i removed her dress, and she helped me and she removed my dress, she was playing with my erect dick and i am playing with her erect nipples, i kissed her cheeks, and i placed on her lips we kissed passionately for sometime and i sucked her boobs and i am circuling her erect nipples with my toung, for this action she was crying, i placed my hand on her pussy, its allready wet, i fingured her little hairy cunt, juices were coming out from her pussy, i placed my toungue on her pussy lips, i licked her pussy lips, she was maoning heavily, she was crying that fuck me, fuck me venkat, dont waste time, at the same time she reache dher orgasm, i tasted her fluids, she was little bit relaxed, i reached her face and she took my lips and kissed me and she tasted her fluids, and we are exchanings our liquids.

I am playing with her boobs, my cock was fully erect like a steel rod, i came down and i parted her cunt lips, and placed my prick on the entrance of her cunt, and pushed very hardly, for this action she was moaned with full passion, i kept my prick inside and i am not giving any action, she was little bit hesitent, she was moving from down, i am teasing her i am not giving any motion, she was crying like anything, at last after some time, i started jerking her, she told me that jyothsna was watching the action, i surprised that, i had not closed the bedroom door as usual, she came to near door and watching the action, she was very shy, when i saw her she went from that place, after some time again she came, and watching the action, sita called her, she came near, and was watching us from near, she sat on the round chair, and observing our action, i am jerking in and out of sitas cunt, mean time i am kissing her breast and playing with her nipple, jyothsna was arosed and she was playing herself, sita observed it and she pulled her and she falled on the bed, i want to change the position, and we positioned like doggie style, i stand on the floor, and she bent in doggie style, and i pushed my thick prik in the pink cunt, she was giving the response rythamically, i layed over her back, and placed my hands on her boobs, and fucking from back, this action continues fro some time, after a large jerks ia m going to cum, at this movement i am giving very hard and heavy jerks to her cunt she was moaning with loudly, she was also going to cum, i jerked my final one and i filled her hot cunt with my hot sperm, both fluids of her and mine were falling from her cunt through her thies, this site were very nice, i had not seen this before.

We went to bathroom anf freshed up and get back to the bedroom, jyothsna was not there she was on the sofa, and she was playing herself, she placed her hand on her pussy over her chudidar, and pressing it, she was moaning like ssssssssssssssssssssssssccccccccccccc ssssccccccccccccccccc, i liked it very much, sita went to her and kissed on her lips, and placed her hand on her boobs, both were playing, they forgotted me and they were playing as there were nobody watching them, i coughed little and i placed one of my hand on her shoulder, she smiled for this action, i took that signal, and i came to front of her and i am trying to remove her chudidar, sita helped me to remove her dress, as sita and me were only with undies, sita told me that in the college days these both will took bath at atime in a singl ebathroom, this exoited me little, and i removed her bra hook and finally her breasts came out to play eith us, jyothsna removed sitas bra, and i am pressing jyothsnas boobs they were firm and looking good, her nipple were small and its getting erect, while i am pressing, she was moaning the same sssssssssscccccccccccccccccc, sita and jyothsna were kissing and playing with her breasts, i removed her panty, she closed her legs, she doesnt want to show me, because she was not cleaned her hair, its like a small forest, then i got an idea to clean the jungke withreaser, it gives very pleasure to the girls, but she told me that if anything happends to my cunt lips, she just rejectes, i convinced her without pain, with pleasure i cleaned the hais, we went to the bedroom, and i removed my shaving kit, and i took new raser of gillette ready shaver, and sita laid her on bed, i placed some foam on her cunt and spread to the total cunt, and i started to remove her hair, while i am removing she was shaking her body with plessure, sita also helped me in removing her hair, while sita was removing her hair, i kissed her passionatrly and we played with our toungues for some took 20 minutes to remove the complete hair, she went to bathroom and cleaned her, jyothsna and sita were layed on the bed i want to suck the fresh pussy of jyothsna.

I told the same to sita she told me enjoy, first i kissed on her cunt lips, it was pink in color, so fleshy and very nicely shaped, first i placed my toungue on her cunt lips, this is the first time a man was sucking her cunt, she was maoning with passion like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ccccccsssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, like above she was moaning, sita also came to suck her juices, i inserted my toungue inside her vagina and i am circuling inside her, she was not in control, she was pressing my head with her right thie, i am not getting breath, i parted her legs and i took the long breath and again inserted in the cunt, the fresh cunt was tasting very sweet, and the smell was mixing with the foam and the cunt fluids, its amazing and the taste of it were superb, she released the first orgasm into sitas mouth we baoth kissed her cunt and aswell as ourselves, she was in full mood, she want a hard prick in to her lovely fresh pink pusy, my hard prick was erected to its extent, sita placed my prick on the top of jyothsnas cunt, and inserted my head, the pussy is filled with the fluids, so i pushed her with some force, it went inside little little, the hole was tight, she was enjoying the pressure i am applying on her cunt lips, i am wrapping her lips with my prick, its the nice action against the fleshy lips of jyothsna, the fleshy lips were giving a cushion effect to my prick , this enjoyment was not get previously anywhere, i am enjoying the session very well, jyothsna was enjoying and moaning very loudly, sita was kissing her lips and playing with her erected titts.

As this is my second round, i am giving the jerks so hard, jyothsna get orgasm and the pussy was free now, i am moving in and out rythemically, according to that the boobs of her also moving from front and back, she closed her eyes, and i am pumping my full strength of the prick, sita watching us and kissed me with passion, i am playing with the breasts of sita and pumping my prick into the cunt of jyothsna, she came again, and i am also in a position to cum, i am pumping my last strokes with very hard, i jerked my prick sexily six times and filled my sperm in side her hot fresh pussy, she closed her eyes, and i kissed her lips for her participation, she responded and we both kissed for sometime, we all went to the bathroom, and took shower, after shower we took our dinner, and we fucked again in the same way but the positions were different this time i fucked sita on the dining table and jyothsna helped me from the top of the dinig table by licking sitas nipples and sucking her lips. any girls from hyderabad or from south india mail me, i wil be waiting for your comments and if anybody or interested to share with sita and parvathi (my and sitas old friend) you can directly mail to their ids,, any girl want to mail me please mail to my id Thankyou desipapa BY Venkat

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