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Sex Exam In Chennai

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am Aryan,22 from Chennai, India. Before anything I would like to convey a message to a gal called RASHMI ,17. ” Rashmi,if u r reading this plz mail me soon.U have become one of my lucky coin “. I did my computer science and engineering in chennai.It was my semester exam that was goin on.I reached my college an hour earlier and soon came to know that I had come to atttend an exam that was to be held on some other day.I mistakenly noted a wrong date in my computer.I cursed myself having done a blunder mistake.

I went to computer department staff room notice board and noted the right date.I didn’t want to return to home as my dad might be there.He always bugs me saying i don’t study well after my i decided to go the 3rd floor of the main building as nobody comes there until 12 and it is such a nice place from where one can see all over my college.That is the best place to ‘site’ all gals of my college since it was exam time and irrespective of all departments all gals used to roam around at the ground floor. I was climbing the steps and was surprised to see a room being half-opened .usually this room remains locked untill 12.I xpected that the lab-assistants might be there and slowly peeked in and was surprised to see a gal sitting in a seat and was adjusting her bra by inserting her left hand inside her chudi.suddenly she too lifted her head , saw me and hurriedly drew her hand back.I hurriedly came out and went to the attic but could not wipe out the scene . She was fair,little plumpy.She must be around 36″,31″,38”, wearing a red color chudidhar.

I was all thinking about the scene , i saw.After 5 mins or so I came out of the room and found her sitting in the steps very near to the room and was reading something.I was puzzled why she came out of the room.(Even though I have done sex with my cousin and my gal friend before , I was little afraid as she is a complete stranger to me.I had been friendly to them so i found no problem in appraoching them but this gal is in my college.I may get my name spoiled).I straight away went into the room , sat on a seat , took one of my book name computer architecture and started pretending to read that book. I didn’t know how to proceed further .After 10 mins or so , i decided to make a move . I stood up and went upto the door and found her reading a book . I asked her name . She said “abhinaya”.I asked her which department.she said “1st EEE”.I asked her what she was doin. She said “i am preparing for the class test”.Then She enquired me and I said that I am doin final year CSE and said to her that she can get in that room if she wants to prepare.sayin this i came in and sat in my seat.After sometime she slowly came and sat in the adjacent seat leaving some gap between us.

I couldn’t distinguish this is a +ve sign or is it just normal. So i decided to xtend a loop so i started conversing with her . slowly she too started talking to me freely .Soon I came to know that she is having some problem with the digital part.I went near her and sat next to her and started xplaining that .while xplaining i put my left hand across the backseat. My hand touched her neck but she stood as if she didn’t recognise it.I stopped xplaining and leaned forward and placed my lips in her back-neck.She didn’t oppose me.She even didn’t move at all.I held her face in my palm and kissed her cheeks.she put her hands on my hands and pressed it against my cheeks .I french kissed her driving my tongue in her mouth , held her tongue between my lips .While doin this,i caught her right boob with my right hand and slowly pressed it.she put her left hand on my right hand.I stood up went upto the door , locked it from inside and came to her again. She was all looking at me. I grabbed her by her waist hugged her tightly , while my hands were pressing and caressing her ass cheeks .Her ass cheeks were really so massive.I lifted her chudi-tops. she was wearing a black bra and her 36″ boobs were giggling inside. I showered my kisses all over her neck , chest , shoulders.I made her lie down on the floor.I french kissed her once again.I then wrapped my hands round her back ,reached her bra hook and undid them.

She caught her bra tightly and had to struggle and pull it aside.She crossed her arms and covered her boobs.i held her hands,and pullled them aside.I then dug my face in her breast,slowly encircled her boobs kissing all over. i kissed her breast making a heartin shape.I decided to xperiment my fantasies as i had more than enough time to work on her. I caught her right nipple inbetween my lips,then took as much of it inside my mouth and sucked it hardly while fondling , pinching , caressing , pressing it all.occasionally i put my hands inbetween her thighs from abouve chudi-pants fingering her lovely hole region.I also did the same thing to her left boob and i could feel blood welling to my scalph slowly raising the temperature inside my head.I guess i was xperienceing heavy pleasure from what i was doin. She was all fondling my head and pressing it against her breast forcing me to take in more of it . I lost counting how many time i was doing this to her breast . both her boobs were increased in size , her nipple stood erect and i became mad observing it so close . I began to handle it so hardly that she started moaning heavily and i was afraid if someone comes to know about it.Meanwhile she hurriedly started removing my shirt,banian,undid my belt,pulled my pant down and started hugrily kissing my chest.I was still wearing my shoes and pants upto my knees. By that time , she was still wearing her chudi-pant.I started my journey down her naval,all the way kissing and biting.I pulled down her her pant after undid its knot slowly.She was wearing a black panty inside which was a transparent one.I started kissing her there on her panty.She was all fondling my hairs and was simultaneously moving her hips rhythmically to my kisses.I pulled her chudi-pant to her knees and further pulled her panty down and revealed her lovely hole.There was not much hairs. I shook my head and looked at her .

She had kept her eyes closed and her lips were tasting her own tongue and was enjoying what she was gettting.I placed a dry kiss on her cunt lips.She jerked suddenly and sumultaneously raised her head and saw me.I then parted her cunt lips , xtended my tongue and slowly licked all around her cunt lips,wetting that lips.The smell of her wet cunt was driving me crazy and i was bringing her to the peak of sheer ecstacy.I started licking her there driving my tongue deep in her cunt while inserting my middle finger of my right hand in her lovely hole.My left hand was comfortable round her waist and was trying to massage her ass cheeks.for about 20mins or so i kept on licking her pussy and shook my head after she loaded her cum for the second time on my face.My mouth was wet coz of her cum.I stood up and asked her to sit on the desk spreading her legs wide. she did as i said and I guided my cock to her lovely hole.It was quite tight since she was virgin.My cock was in desperate need for a hole.I caught her by her waist while she caught me by my shoulders.

I started pressing my penis against her lovely hole.I cursed myself for not having a vaseline at that time, but what to do no one can xpect this thing.I took out my penis,applied my saliva for lubrication and then once again thrusted it.she caught me by my butts and was pulling me towards her.for about 13mins or so I continued ramming my cock in her hole and then I loaded my cum inside her.In that position I fell on her and we remained there for a long time.I don’t know how long ,i lost count.After that we dressed ourselfs and I opened the door and she found her classmates were engaged in writing the exams.I suggested her to cut the class and go to our residence,she accepted and asked me to drop her at her home.I took my bike and dropped her at her Bus-stop.we xchange our telephone numbers,mail-ids etc., She told me once that on her very first day of her college, she saw me and was having a crush for me.I was surprised to hear this from her.After that day we have fucked so many times.Once we went to beach and occupied a lonely place.we stood there for a long time and I was fingering her cunt by inserting my hand into her chudidhar.I felt so happy to have this fleshy,36,31,38 sized gal.very soon she became my close friend and i have contacts with her still now.My mail id is

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