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Sex Escapade With My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Trust everyone’s doing good…This is Bignar, (my preferred name in chat ) from hyd. Describing myself, I am 6.2 tall and weigh about 75 kgs. All my gals/ladies concur in that I am really attractive to females and turn ‘em on. Anyways to go with my experiences……

This happened 5 years ago when I was 20 yrs old. One of our close cousins was getting married and as my parents couldn’t make it I was chosen as their representative and had to go attend the marriage. The marriage was in a place which took 12 hrs by bus. On my way there I had to go to my uncle’s (My mom’s brother) place and pick up their family and my grandparents, who also were attending the marriage. From their place it was a 5 hr. journey by bus. My aunt was around 36 at that time, was not a stunning beauty by any means but was a sexy looking lady with fat in all the right places…her daughter was about 10 yrs old. My aunt and I shared a good decent relationship…until then that is…. I was meeting her after about 4 years and was pleasantly surprised and a little embarrassed when she gave me a tight hug as soon as she saw me. My uncle, who works in a top position for an all India brandleader…was to go on a tour on some urgent work and would be out for 7 days…some official work and so he couldn’t come with us….

So the five of us…me, my grandparents, my aunt and her daughter decided to go. We reserved seats for a bus which left their place at 11.30 in the night. It was a typical inter-district bus which had 2 and 3 seaters. My grandparents took the 2 seater leaving the 3 seater to me, my aunt and her daughter. The kid was bent upon sitting near the window, and was followed by my aunt and then me. My shoulders were touching my aunt’s….felt really nice…. After about 30 min into the journey, the lights were put off, and everybody had dozed off….or so I thought. I felt my aunt’s soft warm thighs touching mine and my dick immediately rose in salute. I dismissed this act of my aunt, as I thought she too was sleeping. But after a couple of minutes I felt her soft breasts touch my shoulder….i was now very erect but was dilly dallying as I did not want any problems. I ignored her and appeared as if I was asleep. The pressure on my shoulder from her breasts started to build up….after 5 min or so….i could feel my aunt’s hand brush against me thigh and rest there.

She waited for some moments and then started rubbing the inside of my thigh, I gathered some courage and kept my hand on hers. Immediately she took my hand into hers and started rubbing circles over it. I was now really hard and was thinking on how to proceed further, when she picked my hand up and placed it over her left breast. I let it stay there quietly for a moment and then started running my hand over her breast, she murmured sssssss……into my ear….and I knew I was about to lose my virginity to her (Earlier, I’ve had a lot of girls with whom I regularly got physical but not for the ultimate act of sex…it was limited to smooching and fondling) I quickly put both my hands on her breasts and started kneading them……she was murmuring all sorts of erotic stuff like sss….mmmm….aaahhh……into my ear…. She then put her hand on my dick and started rubbing it. I tried getting my hands to her pussy, but because of the position could only reach till her thighs….i was caressing her breasts with one hand and her thighs with the other…..she noticed my vain attempts to reach her pussy …to help me she put her legs on the seat in a padmasana position pulled her saree waist high and covered herself with a shawl so that my hands could not be seen…..i reached under her ass and found her panty… was already wet and oozing juices…..i reached inside and found her pussy and started finger fucking her. After about 5 min. she came with a sigh on my hands…..all the juices from her cunt were flowing on my hand…..

She concentrated on rubbing my dick and fondled it expertly and I came within another 5 min…..she took my hanky and wiped my dick and cunt….(I still have that hank with me as a memory…) We continued like this for the whole journey till we reached our destination….During the next couple of days I went thru hell trying to concentrate on the marriage….we wanted to take a room in a hotel, but did not as it would be a bit difficult to explain our absence from the marriage hall. I had to be content with fondling her and getting fondled whenever we had the chance… After two days it was time for us to come back (My aunt was working and did not have leave…) My grandparents decided to stay back as they had some work related to a piece of land they owned…so me my aunt and the kid again took a bus which started late in the night…. We continued our sexcapades during this journey also. This time she gave me the first blow job of my life…what an experience it was…I felt as if I was in heaven…I finger fucked, smooched, and fondled her all night but was dying to do the actual thing…..and she brought me off as many as five times. We reached their place the next morning and I immediately called up my parents and told them I would not be coming for another 3 days….

We reached my uncles place and my aunt immediately got busy with her household work, the kid also had to go to school so she was busy with that too…I asked her if she really had to go to work and she replied in the negative saying that was her only chance of getting away from there….i was thrilled to bits and was waiting expectantly…. I dropped the kid at school and came back. She was just about to go for a bath and asked me to close the front door and join her….i stripped till my underwear and ran into the bathroom ….she was only in her bra and panty….she had some weight around her stomach and butt but I was not about to mind that…..we started kissing passionately and I removed her bra and panty and started fondling her breasts….she was moaning like mad and that made me even hotter….she knelt down and gave me a blow job…after she finished I made her stand and put her leg over my shoulder and started licking her pussy …she was moaning…AHHHHHHH….SSSSSSSSSSS and lots of other stuff…..she came within five minutes…..i wanted to enter then and there but she stopped me saying the bed would be a better place to do it… we finished bathing and went to the bedroom…I made her lay on the bed and started kissing her all over her body giving particular care to her breast and cunt….she was hot all over again…and asked me to enter her…..i climbed on top of her and tried guiding my dick into her pussy… it was my first time I was not very successful, she took my dick into her hand and guided me to the mouth of her cunt…and asked me to push inside….in one stroke I was inside her and she moaned in pain(Even at that age she was pretty tight) I apologized to her and started fondling and smooching her breasts….she asked me to carry on as the pain had subsided….

I started thrusting like a man possessed…with all my vigour..and came inside her in 5 min….i asked her if she had an orgasm and she replied in the negative saying it will take me time to learn to fuck her off to an orgasm…. I moved from atop her and laid down next to hwer…..we continued smooching and fondling and I was up in about another 5 min…..this time she taught me how tio hold back my cumming and I fucked her till she came…as her feeling were changing I recognized this to be her orgasm and thrust away hard and deep…she started moaning louder and louder…UMMMMMM….AHHH…AHHHHHHAAAAAAA…..AAAAAAAIIIIYYYYOOOO……SSSSSSSSSAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA…and she came…. I made her cum once again before I came…

She remarked that I was a fast learner…and I told her she was the teacher who taught me that….she rewarded me with a blow job and another fuck session….She then told me she had never experienced such sex and asked me to cum to her whenever I was able to….i promised…. We continued like this till my uncle came back…then I started from there and came back home…..before that I kissed her goodbye, took the hanky I mentioned earlier as a memory and told her I will always love her….. This incident really changed my life and in my next stories I’ll tell you of all the other sexcapades I’ve had after this incident….. Any comments etc are welcome, but I would really prefer mails to my account only from girls/ladies ….I am NOT sex starved, I already have my quota of ladies/girls , so I can be content with the pleasure of chat /Friendship….. Mail away ladies……I’d luv hearing from you….

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