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Sex Encounter In Cyber Cafe

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi guys my name is rahul iam from kalyan bombay iam 19 years old 6 feet in height and fair with a athletic muscles, this is the story which happened in a cyber cafe yesm friends its true it all began this way. we have a cyber cafe in the place we live , i was a regular customer of that cafe one day i saw a girl her name was chandini, my god what a girl stunning features perfect curves and mounds, there could nothing go wrong , she had the features which would give a man a instant hard on .and to my surprise she was staying to the building next to me .

Slowly and slowly we became friend. one day she called me with her to the same cyber cafe . we have a 100% privacy in that cafe because even the doors of the cafe have locks which can be locked from inside. we both sat in the same cabin. she started checking her mails and suddenly she saw a mail which said fantasies for free. she opened it and saw the pronographic materials the pictures of guy sucking nipples and cunt and a gal doing a blowjob. my god i was ashamed i went to close that but she said to not to do so, i was shocked she asked me rahul did u ever have sex, i said no she asked me whether i know anything about it i said i have seen movies and i know exactly what to do.

She was warm shivering i could see her delicious tasty red sweet lips shivering i put my hands on her shoulder and asked her whats wrong she said nothing i held her close she turned her faces towards me and i placed my lips on her lips . slowly and slowly a normal kis turned into a passionate french kiss we were kissing hard sucking her tounge and entangling it with each other . slowly my hands went towards her titts (she was still in her clothes), and moved my hands over it and was still kissing her i unhooked her kameez and removed it and i removed the clasp of the bra too her white milky breasts just came out my god they were so firm and big with brown nipples on it i just wanted to go on licking them, i was bitting her nips and was moving my tongue over it and her hand was in my hair she was shouting oh rahul doo it doo it i cannot wait any longer i removed the salwar and there she was in front of me with only panties i grabed her panties and tore them off. oh my god she had a hairy crotch with juices oozing out which were making me mad i didnt think of anything else directly went to her snatch and started moving my tongue in it. when i did it she was moaning and making erotic noises this moaning became more loud when i thrusted my tonuge deep into her cunt , i placed my hand over her mouth and was putting my tongue deeper and deeper she couldnt hold on to it any more and throwed her cum right into my mouth i drank all of it it tasted so good . and then she sat on my lap nad again started kissing me slowly and slowly she moved her mouth from my lips to chest and then to my rod which was full tight and ready to ramm.

She took my rod full 8 inches into her mouth and started rolling her tongue over it moving her mouth up and down over it biting the sking over the testicles and sucking it my god she was making me mad . and i too couldnt hold it longer and i splashed my cum over her face , which she drank we took a paper cleaned ourselves and we decided to move from there and we we went from there .and we continued to have sex from that day. any women or gals interested in haveing sex with me plzzz ,ail me on

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