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  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

This is Ashok again. Thanks for the mails that you all sent me for the story published earlier. I do hope that you all enjoyed it. In fact I was a bit apprehensive as to how you would receive it, but after the response that I got, I have decided to share another experience of mine.

I stay in Bangalore and I had been invited for a party by a friend and had gone there to attend it. I had known most of them because it was organized in our flat only. It was in that party that I met Krupa. Well I must describe her looks. She is 5 feet 6 inch, around 26 years of age, good structure, lovely ass and of course heavenly tits. I could spend my whole day starting at those heavenly bodies. I knew that she stayed in our apartments, but did not get a chance to meet her. Whenever I used to see her, I used to fantasize her lying naked on my bed and teasing me to come and fuck her and satisfy her. When I saw her in the party, I thanked my stars and decided that I had to make a start and convert my dream to a reality. Krupa was wearing a low neck and low back blouse in light pink color. Her black bra was a see-thro! I could hardly take my eyes off her. There I saw a full view of her back, with only a three-inch blouse covering it. She saw me staring at her! . She moved close to me and, with one arm on her hip and the other running through her hair. Boy, that really made me very horny and I could feel the bulge of my member.

When she came near me and started a conversation, I could sense that she had already gulped down a few drinks from the bar and her wordings were a bit slanty. I offered to get a drink to her and then it went on for a couple of drinks. Then intentionally I brought the subject of sex. I told her ” You look very sexy in the saree”. She blushed for a moment and tried avoiding the subject. I said, ” Your husband must be lucky to enjoy your beautiful body everyday”. For that she replied ” It has been nearly 6 months on that exercise and I am tired of waiting”. She asked me as to whether I was free tomorrow evening and asked me to come to her house. I could sense something and agreed.

I was on her door the next evening. She was all alone at home with me. She heated up some delicious food she had made just that morning. Both of us ate well. She sat next to me and kept touching me and gave me enough opportunity to smell her and feel her warmth. While having dinner, she asked me “Ashok, What part of my body do you find the most attractive?” She was thrusting her 36-C bosom in front. Her round black eyes were rolling and the mischievous smile was playing on her lips. Being a suave guy that I am, I replied, “Of course, your eyes, Krupa!” She gave a look of slight disappointment and said, “Oh, I thought you were going to say … my breasts!” and laughed. I laughed too and said, “I can only comment about the things I have seen.” Pat came her response, “If you have not seen something, you need to ask.”

When we were done eating, she glanced at me furtively and said, ” How about some dessert with me?” How could I refuse? My heart was pounding. She started disrobing. Off went her saree. Then came off her blouse hooks. She lifted her arms and adjusted the flowers on her head. I couldn’t control myself looking at her silky armpits. I have a thing for women’s armpits. I jumped at Krupa and started smelling and licking her body. She was moaning. I undid her bra hooks and helped her get out of her petticoat and panties. We went to her bedroom. I got naked and started licking her ear lobes, neck, armpits, under her voluptuous breasts, and the navel. She was asking for more. Her pussy was getting wet. I tickled her a bit on her hips and puckered at her nipples. She was hot and ready. Both of loved a long foreplay.

I lay on my back and she lay there trying to catch her breath. She reached her hand and caressed my cock! It immediately responded by growing in her hand! She bent down and started kissing my cock and licking it up and down! She even went down and licked my balls one at a time! Then she worked her way back up my cock and licked and tried sticking her tongue in my piss hole! Her lips then parted and she lowered her mouth until she was above my cock! She looked up at me and smiled and asked if she should continue! I immediately said please do! At that, she dipped her mouth lower and took the head of my cock into her mouth, never touching it with her lips! She looked up at me again and wrapped her lips around my cock, watching my reaction! The teasing was over now; she got down to work! Her lips worked their way down, then up and down! She was trying to gobble the whole thing, but was gagging a little! I told her to just take what she could handle, but she said s! he could do it! She removed it and licked all around and up and down and then took it back into her mouth again! She wrapped those gorgeous lips of hers around my cock and started sucking and taking more and more in each time! Down she would go, and then up, using her tongue each time! Lower and lower she would go!

Finally she had the whole thing in her mouth! My pubic hairs had to be tickling her nose! She just kept her mouth there, with my cock buried in her mouth and started a strong suction that drove me wild with desire. I couldn’t control and she cleaned my whole load of cum.

After about ten minutes of fondling, caressing, licking, kissing, and moaning, I inserted my dick into her wet and by now wide-open pussy. She exclaimed, “Shh…awww!” I positioned my penis in a 30 degree angle and started pumping her. Every piston action was punctuated by calling out, “Krupa, Krupa! Show me sexy Krupa. Lick me lovely Krupa. Kiss me darling Krupa…” Rhythm, passion, fragrance, excitement, and suspense all combined to produce multiple orgasms for both of us.

After an hour of unabated lovemaking, Krupa and I got up and rested for a while just laughing and poking at each other. Then, Krupa expressed her desire to do a female-superior on me. It was no different from the action of opening the outer shell of a freshly plucked coconut. The coconut is placed on top a rod and pushed down until the shell divides and breaks off. As Krupa sat on my dick and did a female-superior, her firm breasts were jiggling up and down. Oh man, it was a sight to see and a unique experience. Every nerve in my body was tingling and I was transmitting the experience to her. She was so satisfied … both of us came at least three times each. She licked my dick clean every time and kept me cumming again and again. I licked her rose-water pussy too. What makes Krupa so enjoyable is not only her fragrance and beautiful body, but her intelligence, feminine charm and genuine warmth.

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