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Sex At Concert

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hey readers its me sexy Eddy baq. i got a few good responces from the readers and thus here i am writing my second encounter to you. well the reason i have chosen this incident is cuz of its unsual circumstances. This incident happend around January time in karachi. It was really chilly during those days (something unusual in karachi) and me and my friends were attending the concert of Asia’s most famous band at Marina club.

As with stardom these groups develop a very amazin talent of never arriving on time. so was the case that day too. We all were at the venue on time and avoided the long ques as we had membership at the club. Neways we all were inside (6 of us guys) and waiting for the show to kick off. as the show was late it gave us a lotta pooptunity to admire some of the karachi’s finest babes. well i was getting tired so me and my frnd took a seat and were sipping coffee. then suddenly some1 tapped me on my shoulder and as i looked behind there were 4 really cute looking girls sitting behind us. One of them asked me if she could borrow my cardigan as she was very lightly dressed. as much as i hated it but i gave it to her and she thanked me. But i said on one condition 😉 .

I asked them if they would give us company during the concert. and they agreed. well we chatted for around 40 minutes and the concert started finally. at first all of us (6 guys and those 4 girls) were behind just gettin warmed up and after a few songs we moved infrnt to the stage area. now moving through the crowd is a big pain especially for girls and i asked the girls to stay between us guys. well it was soooo crowded that all of us were bumping into each other and during this time i had so many chances to feel the girls tits. 😉 well as soon as we were infront all of us were dancin around and having fun. i wasnt too excited cuz i wasnt wearing anything warm now and was sorta feeling cold. now the girl (Sehr) whom i gave the cardigan to noticed this and came to me and hugged me and whispered in my ear ” I hope this warms u up a lill” wow THAT DID WARM ME. now since that lill incident sehr and me were close to each other all the time. and i didnt miss any chance to grab her from different parts of her body. i guess my friends noticed it and were giving me dirty smiles all time along. and i guess sehr also got the picture as she herself was bumping into me intentionally now! well after a lotta songs sehr went to her friends and said something to them and then came to me and asked me if i could drop her home!! i was like stay a bit long and enjoy the concer t but she said no i have togo and winked at me.

Well i knew her intentions but i was playing along and i bid my friends adieu and said ill be baq and wait for me 🙂 and then me and sehr left the concert to my car. as we were approachin my car (which was parked in a distant area and no one was around) sehr came to me and kissed me smack on my lips. i wasnt shocked cuz i knew her intentions but a bit taken back as to her urgency. well i didnt waste any time either and kissed her baq hungrily and hurriedly proceeded to my car. as soon as we entered the car we started kissing each other madly and hungrily as it was the last thing we would ever do. i asked her to take off my cardigan and told her that she would no longer need it to get warm!! she smiled baq and removed it and thats when i got to see her in full. she wasnt some1 who u would call an amazin body but she was good. her size was 32 26 34 which was prety ok. but all in all an amazing package. i started smooching her then and wanted to fuck her there and then but she said not here cuz of the police in that area ( guys u must know wat im saying) i agreed and i drove out of that area. now during driving she unzipped my pants and took my penis out and started giving me a hand job and it felt amazin. then she suddenly bent down and sucked my whole 7′ shaft in her mouth and for a second i pressed the accelerator on the full!! i felt in heaven. cold weather and a hot mouth God thats amazin!! all the time i was driving to find a secluded place she was blowing me left right and centre. it took me around 10 mintues to cumm and when i did i sprayed it all over her face. well now my turn to please her.

I opened her jeans button n unzipped it n placed my hand inside. while driving i was also finger fucking her while she rubbed her tits. all this time she was murmurin hmm yea baby i like it ooooooh ye athats feels so good. yes rub it there yea pls mre pls…… ohhh yea jaano haan maza agaya aaj …. aur karo aur………… hmmm oooh ahhhhh ahan ahan………. this made my driving so fucking hard but yet i managed. i guess she cummed twice while i was finger fucking her cuz i could feel her convulsions and the heat of her juices against my finger. Finally i found a place which look secure from the cops and parked my car in cover. luckily my car is black and also tinted so it helped a lot. as soon as i pulled the hand brake she moved on top of me and started to kis me with a lotta toungue. i was enjoyin every but of it. i meanwhile was carresin her ass and her tits . her ass was grindin against my rejuvenated cock and it was hurtin. i asked her to move to a bit so i could make it comfortable for the both of us. i pulled my jeans down and freed my cock and it jerked up like a pole. she also removed her top and her jeans and was just in her panties and bra. and she was lookin mighty sexy. she tahn sat on me and resumed kissing. looked like she was really fond of kissin which i didnt mind. neways i moved m hand into her panty n started massagin her ass and her pussy now. she was really get hot now as i could feel her juices startin to flow. she then looked at me and said FUCK ME NOW. i was more than glad to do it. i tore her panty away and she then slowly sat on my cock. she was well lubrictaed by now so it slowly slid in. it was apparent she wasnt a virgin but she still had a pretty nice and tight pussy. inch by inch my whole cock was goin in her and when it was totally in she just sighed a bit and rolled her head baq. we held like that for a while .. me enjoyin her warmness and softness while she was loving the fulness and hardness.

Then after a minute or so she slowly started movin her ass. hmmm we were movin slowly in rhythm but i was letting her do all the moves for now. i pulled her tits out of her bra and started sucking on them and she was going crazy with her noices. hmmmmm yea baby thats it ah yea i love it pls hmmmmmm yea im gonna fuck ure brains out baby. haan jaano maza araha hai aur suck kar…. haan hmmmmhmmmmmm yes yes and her head was roled back with her hairs all over her face. she looked so sexy then with her tits jiggling infront of my face and her sexy voice.. oh i still go hard thinking about it. i was gettin restless with her doin everything so i picked her from her ass and shifted to doggy style with her on the mext seat and me bangin her from behind. it was pretty hard with my head hittin the top of the car often but i was too high to stop now. she was even tighter from the bihnd and her noices seemed to be increasin bby the mnute. i was gettin scred that wat if some1 in the distant heard her but i was too occupied to let it bother me now. i was rammin her hard and goin really fast now and we must have been at it for about 20 min or so when i felt i had to cumm soon. i told her that ill cumm and she said to pls hold it for a lill while cuz she was gonna have a massive orgasm soon. but it was sooo hard for me with her sexy ass infront of me and her so ultra sexy noices but i managed and when it became impossible i told her i have to cumm now and she reponded by sayin yes inside me pls cumm all inside me……… and i kjust let it out and out n out n out. it just wasnt ending!! and she must have orgasmed hard too as she just went stiff and let out a loud shriek!!! and collapsed. i too was done and pulled my cock out of her swollen pussy now and just sat there with my lipm cock on the car seat. she was still in the same position as i was fucking her and our cumm was oozin out of her pussy. it lookd really sexy so i started fingerin her again n guess wat she cummed again suddenly. that was an experiance.

After that Sehr sat up straight and cleaned herself with tissue and pulled her jeans back on. she smiled at me and kissed me and said that now can u drop me home 😉 well gus that was it. i dropped her at her place and she gave me her no. and told me i could ring her anytime if i needed some lovin. we met a few more times at parties after that and we still are in touch and have our lill meetings at times. but now at her place or some1 elses place not my car 😀 so guys and girls hope u liked this one too as my last one. ill keep on posting some of my other experiances and i will also send u a story something which i would like to happen and hasnt happend yet to me. neways u all can contact me at im 23 yr old guy in karachi if some of u new ppl havent read mt last post. ill wait for ure mails and hey all u girls and aunties (married/divorced/single) if u wanna have some fun n keep it secret mail me 😉 Luv u all Eddy XXX

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