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  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi Iam 27 years old, 5 ft 11 and possessing an athletic physique, and big dick – 8 inch when hard (mota lund). This happened when I was staying at a friends place as a part of Baraat, being his marriage to a very nice girl. At the time all us mens are staying together in one room, there being no a/c and it is month of May,I am feeling the heat very much so, and am also thinking of finding fucking somewhere.

I am in habit of going to answer call of nature at night and also having the cold bath neart the well at night. First time this is happening, I feel someone looking at me from the ladies section of house. Pretending not to notice I glance quietly and am seeing it is the watchmans daughter, 17 years old, who is helping with the wedding. I am not caring as after all a mans body is for women to look. The next day she brings refreshments again for us before we are sleeping,and I notice she has a nice, ripe figure of 38-24-36, bade boobs and arse (chuchi and gand), I am not the only one noticing.

She looks at me boldly, and her eyes stay on front of my pajama. My friend , Vicky is also liking her figure. So we decide we are going to have the good time with her. I tell to Vickyto come with me the next time, I go to well at night and we catch her there. I go to well again and start process of washing my body, and playing with my lund,which has become fully erect. I have already signalled Vicky to keep the eye out for anybody coming. Vicky runs to other side of house and as I notice her watching, I am signalling to him. Suddenly I am hearing slight sounds of the struggle.I tie towel around my waist and go to place, Vicky is holding her and she is trying to run. Vicky has got his hands on her big tits (Mamme) and is squeezing them like dough (atta). I am going to her and am asking her “Kyon, larkon ko nahate hue dekhne ka shaukh hain kya?” “Hum dono ke saath nahaogee?” .She is trying to shout but Vickyis covering her mouth with had.

I notice he is rubbing his “lund” onto her “gand”. I put up her ghagra and she is not wearing panties, her pusy is big and hairy – I put in my fingers and pread her lips which are pink and put in one finger, her chut sucks it in like the vaccum. I put in another finger and she is beginning to moan, so I tell Vicky to remove his hand from her mouth ,as she will not run away. Vicky is saying “Saali, ka main gand marta hoon” I am holding her hand and am putting other hand into her blouse and puling out her big boob, Vickyis getting impatient and he is just ripping open her blouse and both the boobs are falling out like ripe kharguz (melons) I bend down and suck her big nipple into my mouth ,which is sweet as honey, Vicky is kneeling ad licking at her chut, her clitoris beings to pop out and Vicky starts sucking on it, she is crying out loudly.

My hard lund is fully erect and so is Vickys. I push her to the ground on the grass, Vicky catches her ankles and spreads her like a rundi, I am pushing my hard lund into her but is not going in, finally i put the really hard force and it slides in , she is screaming loudly “Oooee. Maa. main mar gayee” and blood ic coming out, finally I am fucking her hard and she is beginning to enjoy. She is coming and screaming “AAA, MUJHE CHODO” I am getting off herand coming and Vicky is turning her over, he is pushing her ghaghra over her big gand and is wanting to fuck her doggy style “Aaaja, kutiya ban” Vicky isa putting his 6.5 inch lund into her mulayam chut and is going in very deep, soon he is fucking her ver hard and holding her big mamme and squeezingand fucking. He is beingging to come, so he removes and then he is wanting tofuck her gand “Chal, randi, mujhe tera gand chahiye”, he is spitting on his lund and then pushing it straight into her tiny hole. She is screaming ,but I am pushing my taaja mota lund into her mouth and she is quite.

Vicky starting to fuck her like she is last one he will fuck. Finally I am coming all over her face and Vicky is coming on her back. I am taking her Dupatta and wiping my lund . Vicky and I are then telling her to meet us again at another time but that is different story. I f u have any comments please e-mail

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