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  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Good day every one. I would not say this as a story rather i prefer calling it a journey to manhood.My name is Shyam Sundar i am living in Los Angles CA USA. This is my first experience with a person who was my Teacher , them became my friend ,philosopher , and then became my bed partner .

This experience happened 6 months ago.Her name is Ms Rita. she is 24 years old 32-24-36 , and she has very long hair that comes down right up her ass. Well in my high school i am an above average student , and also a cocky son of a bitch , i never used to obey to my teachers and always they used to tell me that i am goin to waste my life, but at the same time Ms Rita whom i call her as Rinkie while in bed and when we are alone , she used to talk to me and advice me. I really did not care abt her at the first time all i thought was that she is just my teacher. eventually it ended up as a routine affair like talking after the last period ends she will ask me to wait. well everythin was normal until one day i heard my friends sister asked me whether u are casting my eyes on her. then only i realised what is goin on between us. the relationship was so dynamic that i was not aware of the tensions between us.

I am an outgoin person who used to take out my class mates to dinner and stuff and have never slept with them as i thought it might create some problems in the process of approaching a girl for just raw sex and moreover the people in india believe in virginity until marrriage and stuff like that. When i came to know that there is some tensisons between me and rinkie i was kind of skeptical to make my move because she was my teacher only at that time. well one day just to be sure that whether she is interested in me i asked her to join mefor a cup of coffee and she immeadetely aggreed and when we were out of the campus and we seated ourselves in a remote place in the cafe and was just talking abt her college experiences and since i am so inquisitive i kept on asking her questions and she kept on answering me, in the mean time i asked her abt her past BF’s and she just said she had not had one yet .

The next day i called her since she did not show up for school. She said that shse was just not in the mood to come to come to school since the classes were only for half -day. she asked to come over as they are not important classes for me ,well i thought THIS IS IT.THIS IS THE DAY!!! when i went to her house she was wearing a saree and personally i hate sarees as they are uncomfotable for women ( i know that trust me) as this is the first time she with her parents but she lives a kind of away from them as u can call it as a guest cabin well i went it she got me some coffee and i just refused it and then asked her what does she have other than coffee well she looked up in the cooler and just said some pepsi and just winked at her. well i thougth to myself that someone in their best of moods today . i said to her that i will be in her room and the went in her room and switched on the TV, i just sat near the pillows and she came inside the room not with a pepsi but with also with a long rope.and she was just wearing a tank top that is just able to cover her ass cheeks she was wearing a underwear that i can see it. and this is the first time i have seen a Indian lady in such sexy clothes. she gave me the pepsi and told her to make my self comfortable. after seeing her in that dress i was very arosed that my dick just started protruding from my pants and she saw it and was just smiling to herself and i knew that some thin is goin to happen and she came and sat near me and i just laid back drinking the pepsi. She kept her left hand on my thigh and her right hand on my chest and she was wofking her hand slowly towards my dick in the mean time with my right hand i hugged her and with my left started to tear her tank tops .

OH MY GOD what the hell Suddenly i am looking at the gorgeous body that i have lusted for the past few days .she just kept pounding upon me and started to give ma a blow job in the mean time i was just massaging her and and let her hair loose , when i burst my nuts and cummed she drank it all , and was making slurpy noise and all i felt was her toungue just roating like an eel at the tip of my dick and uuuuuMMMMMMM i felt it so good. NALLU PANNU MA UNNUM NALLU PANNU this is my first time looking at a pussy and i was looking at this and just put my mouth to it and just went for the clit as it is the most sensuous part that make a woman squirm and scream in pleasure while i was eating her pussy i kept pinching her nipples and kept smacking her ass. when she came her cum was all over my face .i licked it clean . then i laid her in that big bed and spread her wide really wide and when i entered to my excitement i hit it hard and she started to scream and i was scared when i saw blood coming out of that pussy and was abt to take my dick out then she said go on nallu pannuda enoda pundaiya kilida aaaaaaahhhhhhh kilida and the i started to rock the boat my balls started hitting her body and was making noises like slot slot slot slot slot , uuuumm finally i exploded her and took my dick up immeadeately she took it in her mouth wiped and started givine me a blow job within a matter of seconds i was aroused again , then i thought of an idea i put her in doggy style like u ride a horse and caught hold of her hair and the started pushing her to -fro to my body with the help of her hair in the proceess she was mouthin obsanity language and it took me a lot of time for me to cum the second time she was just withering in pain and in pleasure at the same time as this time it was not in her pussy but it was HER VIRGIN ASS, while i was fucking her i holded her hair with my right hand and with my left hand i was rubbig her clit everytime when she cumes her vagina wall just shrinks and gives the juice out and it is just as though she is electrocuted she just whimped in pleasure and then when it was over.

It was time for me have my pepsi , i was roaming the room naked and she was just lying there all gorgeous drop dead beauty all naked and mine ,th e proud feeling of having fucked a 24 year old vignin woman made me thnk like am responsible fo rmy act(naughty smiles) i wanted to make her cry in pain . it was time for the man to be in control , i just pounder on her and then turned her over and applied some Fair and Loverly cream to her ass and the just shoved it so hard AMMA AMMA AMMA AMMA AMMA AMMA AMMMMMAAAAAAAA, I could see the tears coming down her eyes then i started cursing Bitch u are the one who game me those silly advices (her response) yeah: are u my bithc ( her response)will be always) well i was again pounding her ass so hard that she had to spread her legs in doggy style so wide and she was just and enjoying the pain and there was very little pleasure for her on the other end her ass was so tight that my dick was working hard , i was fingering her at the same time and she started cumming again and the juice was just oozing all over it was shining in the afternoon sunlight and both of our bodies are just shining like glazed jelly , i came upon her ass , Then i finished the rest of my pepsi. after a while she started to walk but she walked so akwardly as i had pounded on her virgin pussy and ass so much that she had to take a a day off from her job.

This is what u call “YEH DIL MANGE MORE” Now she is married and lives in India and i am living in Los Angeles.She still desires to have me. ANY WOMEN LIVING IN USA ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA WOMEN I AM HERE PLEASE EMAIL ME, ENJOYSHYAM@YAHOO.COM

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