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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hai this is Shiva from Coimbatore again with my latest and a differenct sexperience that happened recently. Kindly send your comments to Having writing erotic stories for a long time and enticing women with them, I decided to meet one of my dear fans since I was flying to her country for my business. I was alone and had seen many sensual pictures of her. She was a sexy blonde, waist 26in, huge nipples on her silky breasts. Her hair was long and wavy and her skin was smooth as any babys buttocks.

She jumped at the opportunity to meet me and even ventured to have a surprise waiting for him. However, I just wanted to have all the fun I could have with this sexy woman. I held on to the bunch of roses tightly as I knocked on her door. I could hear the shuffling of her feet as she ran to the door. She opened it and I stood in awe as I stared at the sexy woman, dressed in a short sexy dress. Behind her the lighted candles decorated the exquisite dinner she had set for me. Between us, we had exchanged at least a hundred emails of sexual fantasies, pictures and stories. I entered and gave her the flowers, planting a kiss on her cheek. She blushed. Hi Shiva, she stammered. Hi Debbie, I said. How are you? Im fine now. I smiled and followed her to the couch. You are more beautiful than your pictures. She blushed. Thank you. I cant believe that you are here. You never even sent a picture of yourself but I can assure you that I am not disappointed. It was so hard to get you here. Well, I started. I have a few businesses here and I do not travel often but you always enticed me. You always stood out from the rest of my emails. She laughed. Good. Lets have dinner. Dinner was sensual as the two of us fed each other, sucking on each others fingers and licking their lips slowly and succulently.

Debbie expertly had cut the pieces and slowly inserted it into my mouth, allowing her finger to linger in there just a little while longer than it needed to be. I was already horny. The bulge on my pant had proven it and I slowly unbuttoned my pants to allow Debbie to play with my shaft. I hoped you enjoyed your dinner, she whispered as he slowly let her hand caress his cock, up and down. Cant wait for dessert, I said. Dessert is in the other room, she said and I followed her to the living room. We sat on the couch and this time Debbie sat a little way from me. Why are you so far? I asked. Debbie smiled. Jennifer! she called. To my surprise another woman, dressed in a cute, tight maids outfit entered. She was a brunette, with huge breasts and thick, chiselled legs. Yes mistress? she asked. Shiva needs his dessert. Give it to him but do not swallow, she said. Jennifer nodded and with a smile, she knelt down and slowly pulled down my pants to my knees. In one mouthful she swallowed my cock and let her tongue slide up and down my shaft. I pulled my head back in ecstasy as she drove my shaft up and down. I could feel the orgasm rising in me. My cock, growing in her mouth, touching her throat as her tongue slid all over it. Suddenly, my buttocks left the seat as I arched my back allowing my white cum to squirt into her mouth. She expertly caught the cum, not letting any fall out. The cum flowed into her mouth as she still drove my shaft up and down. My screams of pleasure filled the room as the topless Debbie masturbated herself, but not to pleasure. She waited for me to calm down as Jennifer took in all of the cum and scooped it off of the tip of my penis.

She then rose, her mouth full. Debbie stood up next to her and inserted her hands into her blouse, pulling out her breasts. They were both topless now and then Debbie said, I want to swallow. Jennifer and Debbie then kissed, their tongues wrapping themselves around each other as the cum in Jennifers mouth spilled into Debbies mouth. Some of the cum flowed down their cheeks but Debbie still moaned as she swallowed all of the sweetness that came out of Jennifers mouth. Debbie swallowed all with a huge gulp and then lapped up the rest from her playmates cheek. Had enough, big boy? Debbie asked. I loved it, I said. But an erotic author like yourself could take more. Suddenly the two women began to undress each other, kissing, fondling and stroking each others sexy, unblemished bodies. Debbie was all over Jennifer, kissing her breasts and sucking on her huge nipples as she pulled down her panties ripping them around her thighs. The rags fell to the ground. Jennifer then sucked on Debbies navel as she pulled off her panty but rocked back as a huge dildo shot out at her. Debbie was wearing a strap on. Jennifer giggled as she sucked on it furiously, giving Debbie a real orgasm. The moaning was too much for either of them. Jennifer threw everything off the coffee table and they laid down on it. The dildo entered into Jennifers cunt and they rode each other like a man and woman. I was naked now and I inserted my hard dick into Debbies ass. Debbie screamed out as she felt her skin stretching to its limits but she rocked harder as the three of us gyrated on each other, the three orgasms rising to expectations. Suddenly, the moaning became screaming as the cum from all three bodies squirted out and the rocking became even more violent. The coffee table shook hard as the three of us flowed into their orgasms, begging for more. I came out of Debbie and turned her around, helping her take off the dildo. I then sucked on her wet pussy as she stretched it for me. Jennifer kneeled doggie style and soon inserted her tongue into Debbies asshole. Debbie jumped with fright as she felt the wetness on her hole but she laid down on Jennifers mouth as it felt so good. I parted her cunt cheeks and sucked on the red clit as it was erected for me. Jennifer soon sucked harder, raising her legs off the ground, allowing Debbie to fall back and twist her torso to suck on Jennifers pussy.

We three of us sucked hard while the two women were exploding with orgasms and letting their juices soak up anything that it fell on. I kissed Debbie on her mouth and then Jennifers mouth and then carried them both to the beds where they rolled on each other, giggling and fondling, sucking on each others body. Jennifer loved my cock and sucked on it more than once while Debbie allowed me to masturbate her while she pushed her breasts into my mouth. I moaned some more as I felt my cum sliding down my shaft while the two girls were fucking each other while sitting on my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! they screamed and soon the bed rocked violently as their passionate screams filled the room. Their wet pubic hairs were stuck on each other as the two women rubbed pussies so hard that their juices entered into each other and mixed. I then laid them out on the bed and soon sucked their pussies dried as they fondled each others body. Soon Debbie watched as I inserted my cock into Jennifer and made Jennifer scream out as I rode her violently making her scream my name. More Shiva! More! I allowed my shaft to enter as deep as possible as I pushed into her and she grabbed my ass pushing me deeper. Soon, she cummed again and her screams of ecstasy died down as she knew that she was done for the night. She kissed me lightly and we both stared at the sleeping Debbie. Jennifer smiled.

Do it! I inserted my cock into her pussy and caught Debbie smiling as I rode her violently again. Debbie screamed out, begging for more as she grabbed my ass and tried to push me in, her head knocking on the backboard. I bent down to her and sucked on her tongue as I struggled to get another orgasm rising her harder and harder and harder and harder until she cummed. I continued until I felt my orgasm rising and I exploded into her making her scream again for her final climax. I then kissed her and fell asleep between the both of them. Their hands caressed my body as I slept and the two women leaned over me and kissed before resting their heads on my chest and falling asleep too. We mingled with each other for the next 3 days, day and night until I left to India. Females who want me for sex and willing to travel abroad with me can contact me at

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