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Servant Fucked Me

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hi! I am Natasha khanna from Hyderabad Dakan, India. I am 19 years old. I am thought as the sexiest girl in the city with 36-24-36 and look very sexy in sleeveless T-shirt and tight fitting jeans. Our family consists of my brother my parents and me. I am regular reader of desipapa stories so I wish to share my first true sex experience with other readers . We also have a servant in our house and his name is Sajid khan.

He is 24 years old and having a wife in Bihar. This is my true story and myself (Natasha) narrates it. it is around two months back when My family had gone to attend some marriage near jalandhar and told Sajid to take care of the house. I feel that Sajid khan is very happy as he had been already staring at me with passionate eyes and as no body was at home and he had the chance .in that afternoon I saw that Sajid has gone to his room without watching TV. And I became curious why he did so. I went to take bath. When I came out I called for Sajid, as I wanted him to serve the lunch for me. But no body came. Then I went to Sajid khan’s room and slowly opened the door and started peeping inside. I found Sajid khan masturbating his jumbo-sized cock. I kept on seeing him. I don’t know what makes me to stop there. Definitely it was Sajid ’s dick. There were lots of thoughts in my mind that I am a virgin and from a good family and he our servant. There is something happening with my body chemistry. My BP and also my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Sajid ’s huge dick. Suddenly I felt my heartbeats irregular and I tighten up my thighs, while looking at his gigantic dick. I become misbalance and tries to gain the balance but my bangles rang and Sajid stood up while seeing at me.

Then he slowly stepping towards me and came close to me. Now he can easily judge my condition and he whispered me ” come inside natty” and soon he placed his arm around my waist and pushed me inside. I hesitatingly walked inside while looking at my feet with shyness. Sajid then bolted the door and smilingly he slapped my ass and said u doesn’t worry, your family will not be able to know what happened between you and me. (He hugged me and started kissing my neck, face and lips and his hands are on my ass and his fingers are inside my butts) Natasha you are the prettiest and hottest woman I have ever met. Your ass is also very pretty and soft”. I can’t stop Sajid by doing all this. I wanted to stop him so I left the room in haste but he is very nasty at that moment went to my room and started watching t.v. But could not forgot what I saw I the mean time Sajid came to my room.

There he asked me ” Natasha sit down, I know that you are nervous right now, please don’t worry, we shall become good friends after this beautiful meeting” then I said ” Sajid please! Don’t d o anything to me which is wrong in words of society, and I don’t want to have an illicit relations with a man as i am unmarried ” Sajid replied ” Natasha don’t worry Jaan! (He sat besides me on the bed and placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards his thickly haired chest, and he was completely nude at that time and it was pretty difficult for me to control my sexual desires, because the man sitting besides me is nude and having a gorgeous dick, so I placed my head on Sajid ’s shoulder and this was the sign which I gave him that I direly in need of a throbbing fuck). And I think he understands my position and he placed his hand on my thighs and also his fingers are trying to enter in between my thighs. I didn’t say anything to him when his fingers reached the most effective area of the woman ‘her clit’. Sajid ’s fingers are doing magic with my clit. I started losing my control and said “Sajid plz! Don’t do it, plz let me go” Sajid kept on playing with my clit. No sooner I laid opens on the bed and loosen my thighs so that Sajid ’s fingers keep on teasing my clit because this is very enjoyable time. Sajid started kissing and licking my neck and now I am totally under the control of my partner. Sajid placed his lips on my lips and pushed his tongue in my mouth so his juicy saliva is straight coming to my mouth. When he completely satisfies that she will not go anywhere, he got up and said ” Natasha get up and put off your clothes”. I extended my hand towards Sajid and he holds it and pulls me up. I got up and pulled off my t-shirt. Sajid came from back and started licking and kissing my waist. His one hand entered in between my thighs from the front and other started pressing my breast.

I kept him doing this and pulled down my jeans . While putting off my jeans I bent down and when I got up Sajid ’s lovely dick stuck up in my ass. I pressed my ass so that I can enjoy his dick and Sajid started jerking my ass. Then Sajid unhooks my bra and holds my breasts in his hands and said “Natasha you have very good pair of breasts and I think your boy friend is damn lucky that he has a woman like you to fuck and now I think that I am more lucky than him because you are going to fuck by me”. Then I lay down the bed and waiting for Sajid ’s loving dick to fuck and tear off my pussy. Then Sajid sits in between my thighs and spreader his saliva on my pussy with his fingers and also put some of saliva on his cock’s big head. Then Sajid wide opens my legs and make an ample space for his dick on my vaginal opening. Sajid pressed his cock in my pussy. OOH! God! Plzzzz! Sajid easy, AAOUCH! I’ll die, Sajid your cock is too big for me, plzzz easy and slowly. Sajid was a real cool-fucker; he holds my face in his hands and started kissing my lips. My mouth was filled with Sajid ’s juicy saliva and he keeps on building pressure on his cock and it was slipping inch by inch in my soft pussy. Sajid ’s cock is just like a hard iron’s rod and I can bet that by his first push my soft vaginal walls started bleeding. Sajid ’s dick was uncircumcised so it is very thick from middle due to lot of flesh on it.

Sajid keeps building the pressure on my pussy and his cock was penetrating in my pussy inch by inch. When his whole cock penetrates deep inside my vagina I hold his waist and my eyes were tightly closed. Sajid whispers in passion “Natty you are really a tight and hot bitch”. Then I hold his face in my hands and kissed his lips and replied in a whisper “Sajid My Jaan your dick is so hard for my soft pussy that I can’t be able to bear your brutal jerks, plz jerk modestly to your Natty’s pussy”. Sajid replied “I’ll fuck you like a whore! You fucken bitch today you will forget everything”. He started pushing his dick heavily in and out of my pussy regardless of my painful moan. Then he took my legs on his shoulders and fucking me like anything. Then Sajid pulled back my thighs and touched them to my breasts and keeps his fast brutal thrusts on my pussy. He fucked me for more than 20 long and painful minutes.

Sajid ejaculates his hot and viscid sperms deep inside my vagina. In this fuck I ejaculated for three times. Sajid has really a gorgeous dick. But now Sajid has left but I always remember this fuck when I am in mood. I really miss the sex in my life especially nowadays when it is winters going on. Before marriage I want to enjoy the maximum as i can. So any one interested in sexy relationship (short time) in and around Hyderabad area with a girl of height 5’5 and 36-24-36 can e-mail me at LOVE ALL THE READERS natasha

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