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  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

This is the first time I am narrating a real story which happened me six month back I am S ( I don’t want tell my name) from cochin . I am 34 years old and good in look and athletic body ,I don’t tell much about my self, what happened one day I went for seeing a house (As I was planning to buy a house, ) a broker took me in to a big house , the house is good than we had a talk with the owner , actually owner is a women , she is

A Muslim Around 38 yrs, her n name is sahiba . she is good in look and she is 5.5 inch height, her boob’s are good in size, her buttocks are really good like a two pots she has two female kids elder in final year in B.A Younger in first year B,Sc. We talk and finalize the deal . she demand after the sale of the house she want to stay in the same house for rent . I too have no objection .

After the purchase there was a renovation so I was there to see the work, but my mind totally around shaiba my eyes are watching her , she was wearing a nighty ,so I can see the boob’s and her buttock’s shape . I was really died, on seeing the vibration of those parts. Slowly I started to talk her regarding her life. She is so pity she lost her husband 8 yrs back when she was in 30’s . I assured she doesn’t have any sex in this periods . she is totally live for her kids I really appreciated her , but I upset on seeing her beauty . I decided to fuck her , second day I went I entered her house no one in the house I just knock the door , than she replied from the bathroom so I waited there , for a while she came from the bath room and went to the bedroom for dressing , while she cross , I saw her beauty’s . she just wear the petticoat and blouse than she covered with towel she didn’t put the all hooks in her blouse I saw the white flesh of her boob’s . and her buttocks were seen clearly as the full of wet in the hurry ness of bathing .i really felt like weight less in my body I want to fuck her there itself ,I was Afraid too. That night I didn’t sleep ,I don’t want to pull the things that’s my character Next day it self I decided t o fuck her , I went to the house the same time, I was in the out side of the house , from there I watching her, she was in the kitchen , she was doing cleaning ,I waited there itself like a hungered tiger .

she slowly entered the bathroom . I send the worker to purchase the paint . I had given my bike . than I slowly went to the bed room where she dress changes , I was hide behind the rack . after few min There was a noise of opening the door’s ,my heart beating is increased ,she looked out side and entered the room . she thought I went outside . she locked the room and she is making ready herself, she removed the blouse, ‘oh’ I was not able to breath – I saw a nice pair of white mango’s , I totally upset ,and she wear a black bra .i saw her pussy area as her petticoat is full of wet , suddenly she removed the rope of the petticoat .’ my god’ I shivered like any thing. I saw her back side ,her buttocks are so good and so white there was no marks or scratches. Only full of white flesh , my mind is not functioning , there is noise less ,and full of soap aroma, I saw her dare fully from back side she was trying to wear a new petticoat I silently went ,I caught her from back side in one hand I closed her mouth on other hand I covered her boob’s ,

There was a horrible movement for while ,she left the petticoat, my manhood was hits in her buttocks I felt softness of the buttocks , I gave the freedom to her boob’s from her bra , I suddenly I twist her towards my side , she opposing my activities and she bite me in my shoulder ,I become worse I , I bite her lips and I chewing the lips she was trying to shout but unable to do .i squeeze the buttocks in my both hands , her boob’s was crashed in my chest . my total body in full of heat ,I felt her chillness of her body

As she came from bathing , this was continued for two minits than I started to sense

Her opposing is reducing and her body losing the chilling and getting reflects the heats . I left the lips , she was slowly crying and begging me to stop it. and I started to kiss in her neck .she was torcherd in her whole body by me . I can hear her weeping getting decreasing and almost stopped. I smelt her mood ‘ yes ,I got it ‘ she is receiving my want’s , I bent my self kissed in her boob’s both side I smelt the milky flavor

The teat are small in size I bit it she moaned , I clutched her belly and squeezed it she

Lost her balance I just bent her on the table she kept her ankle and bent like a ‘tilted L’ she laid on the table ,I sat down her back side and I spread her legs , I saw the holy holes . I touched in my index finger she got jerked . I massage the pussy lips and insert my finger inside the holy holes now she cried to stop it but I fastened the massage and the finger fuck , she moaned now , I stopped it and licked the pussy, she shocked .

I licked the pussy lips With more presser and force she was not able to bare this . now she begged me not to stop but I stopped and I suddenly sucked with full force , she stopped to breath. there was a big silence in the movement ,than I release the sucking . same thing I did for many times . I felt the leak of the liquid in side her hole it Smelt’s nicely , she almost senselessly laid in the table .

\ now I stand behind her and rub her buttocks , slowly opened my trousers and briff, my manhood was in full of stiffness . I just part the buttocks and I trying to insert my manhood into the holy holes .suddenly she got in to sense and she begged me not to do this and opposing my activity . But I hold her both hands from the back and tite it she cried in the pain I utilized this movement and inserted my manhood with full force in to her holy holes ‘oh god I was in hell’ I felt too much tite as It was not used for long time , she cried like anything ,after four five storks ,I felt I am in heaven and there was no sound her side also , than I slowly left her hand and in one hand clutched the hip on other hand I caught her bony tail , now she moaned slowly I raised the speed of the strokes I gets more agitated on seeing the buttock’s vibrations ,

I fuck her Heavily from the backside , my breathing was become heavy , she also moaning like a Baby, I increase the speed and force ,I left her bony tail and caught the boob’s .i crashed It .after five minits we both are not in control there was a sound of heavy breathing and moaning , within a minit I lost the control I blasted , I cummed inside her , I titly caught her bony tail and there Was no movement for two three minints . both are got wet , than I laid on her . after five minits we both came in to sense she run to bathroom , and I just make my self ready, than I came out side and relaxed . when my bike came I just runaway from there, as I was really ashamed my self of the thing which I have done .

the next day I didn’t Went there to monitor the work , than I went very next day there by afternoon . the door was closed . I decided to ask her excuse. I slowly entered the house she was in the kitchen To day she was wearing a sorry .i was not able to see her face my head looking the earth . few minits went , but no reaction her side than I saw her , oh she did notice my arrival I kept silent , I saw her filthily her movements made me worse again , I just watch the surrounding , worker went for lunch , the vibration of her boob’s and buttocks made me to evil . I just entered again . she was busy in her work I just went and hold her from back,immeditly I turned her and kissed in her lips I felt the less opposing compare on the first day things are in the track with in ten minits , but this time in different angle and in different method after all the thing I went and sat on the sofa she came there and abused me . I kept quite and when I started to move she through me a plastic cup and yelled will u come tomorrow also ? I said ‘yes’ with smiling . like that it is continuing with full of pleasures among two of us , after one month we use to have sex almost daily . one day I fuck her in the bed in the peak time

she closed her eyes , I too also fully busy in the stroking that time I saw a pair of eyes watching from the window

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