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Senior Colleague From Bhubaneswar Shows Heaven

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

If you like this story please write to me back at a doctor I used to travel to many clinics and nursing homes for attending patients. And it was these days that I was the favourite of many of my senior colleagues too, which included Sushree Apa (Apa = Sister). She was my senior in college but after so many years we were again working as colleagues for some nursing homes. So whenever she would come to the clinic she would call me and we would together go and attend patients.One day while we were attending patients Sushree Apa received a call from Rajendra bhai who was our senior, and he invited us to come to his place for a programme on some day.

Sushree Apa insisted me to accompany her. And I did agree. On a saturday evening we reached Balugaon and from there we moved to one place on the banks of Chilika called Barkul. Rajendra bhai had organized his son’s birthday there and it was evening and so he had booked rooms for all the guests too. Although we had plans that we will return by night only, but after the programme it got very dark and some breeze with sprinkle of rains spoiled our plans and we had to stay back. Apa said we will stay here and go back in the morning.At night all of us gathered in the compound of the tourism bungalow and did eat and dance and then at about 10 we all went back to our rooms. But I prefered to walk along the banks of Chilika and so Sushree Apa came along.

Sushree Apa was very senior to me, she had 2 kids both in college, her husband was a businessman. While walking on the banks we sat down on the bans and talked about this that and then we remembered how we had spent days in medical college etc. At about eleven we got up to get back to our rooms, I was feeling salty all over due to the wind and so wanted to take a bath and so I went to my room leaving Apa in her room.

After taking a good refreshing bath I came out and then put on my shorts and t-shirt and started the tv. Then there was knock on the door and it was Apa. I enquired if she needed any help and she came in and said I am not feeling sleepy, so I said u better be here and when you feel sleepy go back. And while she sat watching the tv, I opened my laptop to browse for mails and other updated and she came to me and asked if I can also help her learn some computers. I welcomed her, while she was watching I was updating my Facebook account and then in the mails I received some porn photos which I was trying to close instantly but Apa saw it. She asked me about these and then said, can u tel me how to see such photos on internet? I was astonished. when I looked at her she said, why can’t I see them ? I was in dilemma and then I started of telling her how to get these pictures and showed her some websites too. by the by she was browsing the photos my dick was becoming hard and hard. It was almost 12 at night and I said, Apa 12 baj gaye, ab aap jaao so jaao, subah uth ke bhubaneswar jaana hai.She smiled and said, why are u send me out now ? What is your idea ? Masturbation ? she smiled and I said, you have your husband to satisfy, I do not have a wife, so I do. She laughed and said, consider me your wife tonight. I was dumbstruck and could not think what to say and then she pulled me close and kissed me on my lips and locked them. I was speechless and before I could think of anything I was reciprocating her kissed with sucking her tongue.

When she left my face I was pale and she went and closed the door while returning to me she dropped her nighty on the floor and now she was in a bra and panty. Her boobs were just as big as small apples and were firm, I wonder how. Anyway I opened my t-shirt and held her apple in hand and started squeezing them and then opened her bra and started eating her nipples, she was moaning in ecstasy. I was all over her.Then I pushed her on the double bed and pulled her panty down to see a clean shaven pussy, I separated her thighs and started sucking on her pussy hole, and she was beating her head side to side. And in no time she was holding my head hard on her pussy and was throbbing and her pussy was filed with her love cum. I licked her pussy n teased her clitoris. She lay still on the bed for som e 10 minutes and then got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back.I was relaxing on the bed she grabbed my dick from above my shorts and started kissing it and then she pulled my shorts down and started licking my dick like an ice cream. her licking and sucking with her warm mouth made my dick grow hard and hard and then she looked at me and slept on the bed and I pulled her thigh up and pushed a pillow below it and positioning myself on her pussy pushed my dick into her love hole. It did not take much pain and it went inside well and then I started thrusts on her while she was enjoying every moment, I was fucking her faster now.She for a while help my hip tightly and kept my dick inside her pussy fixed. I waited for her to relax and she was behaving like a tigress and I was enjoying her moves. She pushed me on bed and started licking all over my body and then putting my dick into her mouth started sucking again and making my dick completely wet with her saliva she pushed it into her puss y and started jumping over me. I was relaxing on the bed.

Then I asked her to stand up and I stood behind her and making her bend forward I pushed my dick into her from behind and this made me relax a bit while giving her thrusts. And she enjoyed it like anything and then I made her stand like a doggy on the bed and fucked her from behind and this went on for some time and then I felt like I am cumming and I asked Apa about this and she said she is on pills and so there is no problem and this made me feel good and I poured my semen in her hole.After that we got cleaned up in the bathroom and I looked at the clock it was hitting half past one at night. I had fucked one of my favourite senior colleagues. Apa was tired and was relaxing on my bed while I was on my laptop and then she said, she wanted to go to her room and wanted me to walk with her. At her room door, she pulled me inside and kissed me hard before leaving me, and while I moved outside in to the corridor she came from behind and holding my hand pulled me in and said not now.I went in and then again we were lip locked and she pushed me on the floor and put her pussy on my face and asked me to suck it and I did it nicely and then she pulled me up and seating down started giving me the best blow job of my life and then she asked me to fuck her and when I was getting ready she gave me her moisturizer and asked me to put it on the dick. I thought she wanted to smooth fucking but she asked me to fuck in her ass, I was astonished again.I made her stand like a dog on her bed and pushed her buttocks apart and put some more cream there and with my finger fucked her ass. and this relaxed her ass and then I pushed my dick in and it went in with little effort and while fucking her she informed me that her husband likes to fuck her in her ass and so does she too.

While fucking in her ass I teased her clitoris with one hand and this made her throw her ass on my dick. And I fucked her hard and hard and because of teasing her clitoris she reached an orgasm faster and I also poured my semen in her ass. It was three at night when we finished the second session.I returned to my room and slept like a log and when I got up in the morning it was already mid noon. I came out to the corridor to see Apa was brushing her teeth. I asked her about returning programme and she said, are u in a hurry ? we can return in the evening. And then we took bath together in my room and had lunch and before returning to Bhubaneswar had another steaming anal session.

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