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Seema True Story

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

I am Seema Gupta, 22, divorced and with one child. I am thankful to desipapa for because of the website that I could meet love of my life and enjoy myself to the hilt. Those of you who read desipapa must have read stories by Suman. I am his great fan and now constant companion.

I am writing this story also after he approved it. It is a long story and those who do not have the patient please leave! I am daughter of a well-known builder in Delhi and did my graduation from Miranda House, a top woman college from Delhi. Among all my cousins I was the most beautiful one with the best figure. I am slim with slightly big tits for my age. I am very fair and most people took me to be a Punjabi. Boys however loved me for it and would like to be my friends with me. Doing job was not in my family and as soon as I did my graduation my parents wanted to marry me off! What a shame, I think I had great talents in painting and even wrote lovely poetry. I realized my beauty because many people lined up with their sons and wanted my hands. Of them was a distant relative of our chachi. He was called Sanjay Gupta and was nearly 6 feet tall and really beautiful to look at. He had broad shoulders and was even fairer than me! His sister had seen me and thought that we would make a great couple. I missed my heartbeat when I saw him and immediately said yes. Gupts’s were eager to marry their son to me and even said they don’t want any dowry! This raised my respect for them although my father had plans to spend at least 30 lakhs on my marriage! My best friend Radha got married in those days. She came to stay with her parents and I went to meet her.

She gave me the graphic details of her suhag raat and I was thrilled. Her husband was 5 feet 6 inches tall. Radha told me how he broke her cherry in the first night, took her in her gaand and other details. Her hubby had a 5 and half inch and fairly thick prick and she enjoyed sucking and taking it in her holes! I was now waiting for my suhag raat! My husband was 6 feet tall and worked regularly in gym and had really broad shoulders and biceps! I was expecting a minimum of 7 inches! We got engaged and started dating. He took me in his arms many times and I could feel his strength! He was big and strong. I got wet every time he kissed me. We once went to a movie and he placed his hands on my shoulders and then moved it slowly to my right tit. He slowly cupped it. Believe me it my first time! A male hand was moving on my tits and I was getting wet. I placed my head on his shoulders and he kept doing it till the interval. After the interval he pushed my hands between the chairs and cupped both my tits. He now moved his hands on them, pressed them and slowly started to pinched my nipples! I was in heavens! He placed his hands on my thighs and slowly pushed his hands up and cupped my groin and then pinched my choot. I moaned and said “ahhhhh” and pushed against him.

We came out and he took me to a restaurant and we took food on our way back he stopped his car at a dark corner and took me in his arms. Making me slide on the reclined seat he pushed up my t-shirt and my bra and kissed my tits. I pushed him to my tits! It was wonderful. He then lifted his eyebrows as to ask my permission and I said yes. I told him that I am his in every way and he can do anything anytime. He looked pleased but told me that he will have sex only on the wedding day! My respect for his grew even more. I touched his feet and hugged him and kissed him again and again on his face. We got married and the D-day arrived! I was sitting in my suhaag sej waiting to be deflowered! He entered and I walked up to him and touched his feet, taking a few drops of dust put them in my maang. He lifted me in his strong arms and held me tightly and then kissed me on my lips. I responded and opened my mouth to him. He then lifted me in his arms and carried me to our bed. My heart was beating fast and I was just waiting for him to remove my cloths and fuck me for the first time in my life! He kissed me and slowly started to remove my cloths.

He removed my sari and them my blouse and then my bra. My tits just jumped out to be pressed and pinched. He lowered his head and started to suck them. He made me stand in front of him and slowly pulled the “nada” of my petticoat and slowly slipped it down. I was now only in my panties! He then pushed me to the bed and lay next to me. He then slowly started removing his cloths. I closed my eyes, as I was shy. He became naked and pulled me to him. I hugged him and enjoyed his fantastic body. He then slipped my panty and I was fully naked in front of him. I opened my eyes and saw his fantastic body. I slowly moved my eyes to his groin and saw a half erect lund. It was thick but not very long. He then moved his hands on my choot and started to finger me. I was getting wet and wanted him to break my cherry and pulled him to myself but felt he was a bit reluctant. He then climbed me and pushed my legs apart. Placing his tips of his half-solid Lund and tried to enter me. It just slipped out. He tried again and again slipped out.

The prick was now placid and not hard at all. His pushing resulted it in rubbing on the mouth of my cunt and then I felt his come fill my tummy instead of my cunt. His pushing was hurting me. He just rolled over. I cuddled to him and told him that as both of us are new this will change. We went to honey moon but the same story was repeated. One day he got a little hard and broke my cherry! He came in 4 to 5 strokes. He felt at the top of the world but I felt miserable! I now showed my husband a story in the personal column of women’s era and asked him to talk to a doctor. He thought me to be crazy and a sex pervert and asked me to shut up! His behavior towards me changed to worst. He male ego was hurt and he was now taking it on me. When I once told him to see a cunt.

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