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Seema The Plump Bengali Woman

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Dear friends, thanks for the superb response I got from you after my first story was published in DESIPAPA (story page 24, story 1060). From the e-mails I had a new and great experience. I got a mail from one Mr. Sujit Basu (not real name) who asked me whether I would like to fuck a very fat matured woman. I agreed. He asked if I am really kinky. I said yes again. So he invited me to his house to have a nice fuck session with his wife.

We talked over phone and fixed an appointment. I went to their house on a Saturday evening. I was greeted by Sujit at the door. Sujit was a medium built man of 45. He ushered me to the drawing room and I was asked to sit on a sofa. He then called his wife Mrs. Sima Basu. Sima was a very plump lady of 40. She was 5′ with a figure of 42-44-52. Her cup was at least a FF or something as she later said that no bra fits her. She was wearing a saree clad in a typical Bengali style. She said namaskar to me. Sujit introduced me to her saying in bangla “here is your adultery partner from tonight” (aaj theke ei tomar nang). She blushed. Sujit laughed and said, “hey, if you blush like a newly wed bride, how are you going to get your legs spread and fucked by him?” She said, “ok, that will be later, first let him change and relax. Let him eat something.” Saying this she indicated us to move in. They took me to a room and gave me one ‘dhuti’, a traditional Bengali dress and told me “Wear this only. No under wears please”. I wore it and came out of the room she took me to the bathroom and washed my feet with water and wiped it with her hairs. I knew this was an age-old Bengali custom, which was performed by newly wed brides to their grooms and kings etc to show extreme respect. She then bowed to me. I just started drooling seeing her enormous ass clearly visible from within her saree. She was wearing a very thin white cotton saree with red border. It was clear that she was not wearing any under garments. I took her by her arms and helped her stand. Sujit came in and ushered her out and requested me to follow her. Her very big swaying ass was almost tantalizing me. We went to a room where Sujit gave the two of us two flower garlands. On his indication we wore them and then Sujit told us to exchange the garlands. It is actually the marriage rituals of Bengal. We exchanged it three times. Then Sujit gave me a small box of vermilion. I put it on her. She then bowed again and touched my feet. When she stood up Sujit took her hand and put it into mine and told me, “From today she is your kept woman. You can use her in any way you like. Within our family she will be your wife and if you want you can make her pregnant too. I completely surrender her to you. This woman is sexy and I request you to touch and feel all her intimate parts so that you can know that you get a good woman. ” I put my hands within her saree and just fondle her enormous breast, her ass and her hairy pussy and then took her in my embrace and kiss her passionately in the lips.

Sima now said. “Now you two please have some food, then only we will start the suhaag raat.” Sujit said, “Bring some drinks also.” We went to another room and sat side by side on a sofa. Soon Sima came with some snacks and a bottle of Vodka. She mixed vodka and water in two glasses and gave us and sat on another sofa. We said cheers and started sipping it. I then thought I should be bolder now. I told her, “Darling, come here and sit with me.” She sat beside me. I put my hand on her shoulder and surrounded her neck to put it on her left tit. I went on drinking with an occasional squeeze of her tit. After half glass I put the glass to her lips and told her “Drink it darling ” She hesitated saying, “Please, no, a Bengali housewife should not drink wine.” I said, “it is ok darling, when you drink from your husband’s glass, it is nectar to you.” Reluctantly she gave a sip. I grabbed her head and poured the entire glass. She drank it. I poured another and made it really stiff. I took a sip and gave it to her and said, “drink it as if it is nectar. ” she said “I will be drunk.” I said, “It is ok., I want an extremely drunk wife.” She drank it like water and made a face worth seeing. Soon she became half drunk. Now Sujit suddenly took out my cock and said, “Sima, see, your husband has a good cock for you.” All the three of us giggled. I grabbed Sujit’s cock and said, you also have a good one.” Sujit said, “No, I don’t like to fuck any more. ” By then Sima was caressing my pecker. She said, “Sujit, make it harder for me. ” Sujit knelt down and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking it slowly. I poured more drinks and started the routine, a sip for me and the rest for Sima. Soon she was fully drunk and asked to be excused for a minute. Knowing the cause well, still I asked her where she wanted to go ? she blushed heavily. I insisted, “tell me , or you won’t get to go.” She said almost whispering “To the bathroom” and blushed again. I said, “you tell exactly loud and clear, what you are going to do there ?” She blushed again and said ” No, please, I can not say that” I said, “ok, then just sit as you are and see how he is licking your husband’s cock. She blushed and said “I have to pee”. I poured another glass and said, drink two more glasses and you will be allowed to pee. She swallowed two glasses in a breath. Sujit was seeing some pure bliss. I told her to stop sucking. I winked him and asked, “Sujit, should I allow her to pee now ?” Sujit said “no, three more glasses should be drunk slowly.” I looked at Sima and said, “So be it.” It was too much for her. A very fat woman in the first place has less control on her bladder moreover she was drunk and had so much liquid. So, when the second glass was half empty she was almost whimpering. She was saying “I cannot hold it any longer, please let me pee.” I took out her saree and stripped her completely. I rolled it in a bundle, put it on the floor and told her to squat on it and finish the three glasses. Her face was red by now and the squatting position was making it excruciating to hold the urine. She gulped the second and third one. I got a good chance. I said, “you wicked wife, you were ordered to sip not to gulp, you have to start again from number one and this time no gulping. She was almost weeping and finished the three glasses somehow. When she started to get up I forced her to the squat position again and said, “I said you can pee. I never said you can go to the bathroom.” Saying this I just gave her plump ass a small kick. She could not hold it any longer and started peeing on her saree with a hissing sound. I and Sujit was looking closely. When she stopped the saree was all wet in her urine. I told her “Now you will be your husband’s moving toilet.” I then stripped and pissed on her face her hairs, tits and cunt. Her saree became wetter. I then told her to wear the saree again. It was a real sight to see her saree all wet in her as well as my urine. Pee is dripping from her whole body and hairs. I just kicked her again on the ass and placed my leg on her head and pressed it to touch the floor. She was placed on all fours with her ass in the air. I folded her saree to get her buttocks and cunt exposed. I grabbed her ass and inserted my cock in her cunt in a single thrust. She was moaning in pleasure and ecstasy. I grabbed her tits from behind. Her urine soaked wet body was trembling in my thrusts. Within a few seconds she came. I went on fucking her for almost half an hour and then ejaculated in her cunt. Sujit came and started licking the semen from her cunt. Then the two of them licked my cock clean. We stood up and hugged. It is going to be a very long perverted night.

You can inform me how you want the story to continue. I would like to know what are the perversion you want next. Any matured women/couples in or around Calcutta may contact me at for real fuck or phone fuck. more in the next story.

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