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  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Girls after all the encouragement on my first story with my sis. here is another one which i have passed through. This story is an invitation to all the exotic young ladies of Karachi to make their life adventurous

I don know how many times did I masturbated. “Khalid, why don U concentrate on your studies,” came the voice of my Mom. Very soon we were having our exams, and I was studying hard for it, but the noise out there was disturbing me. Actually the house opposite to us was occupied by a family. It lied vacant since the past 9 months. Goods were being off loaded from the trucks. From my Mom, I came to know that some Mr. Shakeel were our new neighbors, and that Dad had invited them for dinner, as they had jus shifted today, and were tired after the hectic day. Later when I returned at night from the driving, the Shakeel’s were there. Mr. And Mrs. shakeel wit their two daughters Saima and Seema. saima was in the final year of her graduation from Karachi university, and seema was in standard 12. Since I’m an bussiness student, so her Mom had asked me to help the younger sister in economics, as she was weak in that subject. From the next day, I started going to their place.

Soon I got friendly wit both the sisters. They were nice, and soon I found them to be in my wavelength. It was a Sunday. My parents and the shakeel couple were going to basant mela. seema was wit me doing economics’s problems. saima had gone to a friend place, and was expected to return in an hour.

After our parents had left, I moved towards the refrigerator to get some pepsi. Then as I was offering her pepsi, accidentally my hands slipped and the pepsi fell on her dress. She was wearing a seductive pink colored Shalwar kameez which was doing full justice to her seductive fair complexioned 5’6 figure. I apologized for this blunder and began wiping off the strains of pepsi from her dress wit my handkerchief. In this procedure, I happened to touch those twin peaks. It really gave me a hard on, and my shorts were unable to hide the flagpole. I saw her noticing this. At first, I felt embarrassed , but then I saw a mischievous smile on her face. I don know what the devil got me, I jus asked her, “seema, may I kiss you?”. She was speechless. She did not move nor did she utter a word. I took the courage, moved closer to her, and placed my burning hot lips on her juicy lips. I had to hold her firmly, coz, she was shivering. Obviously this was her first encounter wit a guy. As I was kissing her, I held her firmly wit my right hand, and wit the left hands I was pressing her twin peaks from the top of her dress. “So that’s how you two study?”, a voice piped up from behind. I had forgot to bolt the door from, and saima had caught both of us in the act red handed. We just hung down our heads. We were not in a position to speak. But then she broke the ice, “Khalid, I thought you were a nice and a friendly person. And you too seema, how can you two do this?”, then after a brief cause she said, “without giving me my share?”. Both me and seema were aghast. saima bolted the door, came near me, and took off my clothes. I was already getting horny. Then she led me and seema to my bedroom. I have a big double bed in my bedroom. Then
she made me lie down on the bed and started feeling me.

It was a sensational feeling. Then all of a sudden she took my hard member in her mouth. Wow it was a thrilling experience. I was sucked and licked down there, while my lips and tongue were engaged in a tight French kiss wit the younger sister. Soon I exploded in saima’s mouth, and she drank up all the honey. Then she assumed the role of a teacher and instructed me to undress her younger sister and herself. I gladly did so, kissing and feeling each and every inch of the two heated ladies. I handled the elder sister with ease, but the younger sister was shivering in ecstasy. Without wasting any time, I made the elder sister lie down on the bed. The younger one seemed to be eager for the first experience, but I asked her to see her elder sister getting fucked, and learn the basics of this game.

Then I started exploring saima’s beautiful body. After a juicy french kiss, I proceeded towards the twin peaks. At first I licked them slowly, getting rougher step by step. She was moaning wit pleasure. seema was enjoying all this. By the time I proceeded from her navel to her love hole, she was already moist down there. Without wasting any time, I plunged down to taste the love hole, at the same time stroking her inner thighs, and massaging her peaks.

“Ooooooohhhhhh…Aaaaahhhhh….Ooooouuuccchhhhhh…”, it was clear that she was ready for the final show. I quickly took a pillow and placed it beneath her waist. Now I had a open target. seema was watching the entire episode wit delight and never blinked her eye. I slowly inserted my member inside. She cried out in pain. After pausing for a while, I applied slight pressure. “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…..”, she screamed. I had deflowered her. Soon she was crying in pain,then moaning in pleasure. I was pumping with all my might. It was pure ecstasy. When I exploded, it was a thrilling experience. I had pulled out before exploding, to make sure that I do not come inside her, coz I never wanted her to get pregnant. We had reached our final climax.
Now came the most difficult part. To convince seema, as she saw the pain and the blood of her sister, she was nervous. With great persuation, we made her lie on the bed. Then I started licking and sucking her peaks and hole, until she was shivering and moaning wildly. Soon I knew it was the time.

She had become moist as well. I quickly inserted the pillow beneath her, and signalled saima. She tied seema’s hands to the bed. At first she protested at this, but then, saima and me convinced her that this way she’ll enjoy herself. We asked her to relax and enjoy.Now I slowly inserted into her. She was about to scream, when I sealed her mouth wit my mine engaging her in a deep french kiss, and proceeded to massage her peaks wit my hands. Then with a jerk, I broke the wall. Since her mouth was closed, the only sound that came was “Ummmmmmmm…..”. Her elder sister was aware of her pain, and was busy consoling her, and asking her to relax. Soon she started responding to my pelvic thrusts and enjoying herself. So I removed my hand. “Aaaahhhhh….Oooohhhhhh….”, the sounds were tellin me that soon we were to reach a shattering climax. And that’s what happened. Soon we both of us came, but I pulled out my member before I shot my wad. seema was shivering with pleasure. I was quite happy wit my performance, and now I had two satisfied friends.

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