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Seema My Love

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  • September 24, 2015

There are a lot of stories about incest, after reading them one can judge that most of them are not true, but it still give a picture that incest does excite in desi society, even though its not very common like western society but its there.

My name is Jameel I am from Multan Pakistan .I belonging to a middle class family. My father was a Clark in a government office and my mother use to sew other people’s cloths to make a living.

I have a sister name Seema who is one year younger then me. We were normal brother and sister.our parents were working hard to raise us.As Seema start growing up she start becoming pretty,at the age of 18 she was noke out. She develop a really sexy body.

After high school I start looking for a job but could not find any, as my sister Finsh her high school my parents start looking a “Richta” for her to get married. Couple of people came to see her but every body was demanding “Jaheez”. My parent could not afford it. One day a friend of my father brought a man who was about 50-year-old name Ahmeed for Seema. Ahmeed first wife was passed away had no children’s, owned a garment store in Lahore and he wanted to get married second time. He had no demand for any thing.

My parents agree for this Richta. I fought with my parents that this was no match for Seema but they did not listen to me.Seema could not say any thing to my parents got married to Ahmeed and went to Lahore.

Six month later as I still could not find a job in Multan,Ahmeed asked me to come to Lahore and help him at his I went to lahore,Aahmeed had a three bed room house in Iqbal town.

I saw Seema first time after six months, she was looking more prettier then before she was wearing a white cotton shalwer kamiz which was very tight and showing every curve of her sexy body, even though she was happy to see me but I could guess that she was not happy with Ahmeed.

Next day I start going to store with Ahmeed. At home my room was next to there room and every night after we all go to our room I start hearing Seema fighting with Ahmeed.

One week later I woke up in the middle of night to go to kitchen to drink some water, as I pass by Seema’s room there light was on and there was a little space between the curtoons where I could see through in to there room.

Seema was lying on bed totally nude Ahmeed was on top of her sucking her big melon bressts. His one hand was on her shaved pussy; he was finger fucking her. Seema was mooing loudly.she was holding Ahmeed’s semi erect Lund in her hand. After few minutes Ahmeed opened Seema’shapely legs get on top of her and put his lund in her choot, She cried with pleasure she put her hands on his buttocks and pushed him into her. Ahmeed start fucking her slowly then after few thrust he start shaking andcame in her. She did not want him to stop but Ahmeed just fall on side. Seema was angry she said Ahmeed you always leave me unsatisfied and I need your lund in my choot pretty bad but after fucking me once you just can not make it get up.I am really horny now but Ahmeed was gone to sleep already. Seaema just off the light and went to sleep also . I had forgotten to drink water I came on my bed but could not sleep. Every time I close my eyes Seema’s beautiful body come in my mind, my hand stroking my lun thinking about her “Mumay and her Choot. I just masturbate thinking about her and went to sleep. Now I knew why Seema was fighting with my brother-in-law. She wanted a good hot fuck and wanted all the time.

From that day my thoughts for seema start changed tried not think about her but ever time I would look at her I always got a hard on.every night I would fuck her in my dreams I was just going crazy. She was my Bheen but I had so much lust for her.

A month later Ahmeed went to Karachi to buy some’MAL’ for store for few days. Seema and I were home alone. Next evening seema called me at store and asked me to come home early because she had to go to a friend’s home with me. So I went home about 5.00 PM she was ready.she was wearing a cream color kurta shalwer which was V neck and was showing some of whiteness of her breasts I just wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her on full lips. But I hardly control my self.

We stayed at her friends home about three hours had dinner there. As we left from there and waiting for Rikcha, rain started hard and wet us in minutes.when we got home we were soaking wet.Seema went straight to her room to change. Since she was in hurry she left the door a bit ajar.

As I was going to my room to change as I passed by her room saw her changing and stopped there. She had taken off her kurta and bra, her mumay were so full and round and her nipples were erect. She starts opening her shalwer; she throw her shalwer on the side picked up a towel from bed and start drying her self.

First she dry her breasts and then she sat on bed opened her legs and dry her choot, her choot had few hair now.

Out side the room I had taken out my lund and stroking it badly I could not stand it now even though she was my sister but enamel inside me taken over I just came out from my cloths opened the door and jumped in side. Seema was so shocked to see me nude She screamed, at the same time she tried to cover her self.

I throw her on bed put my lips on hers.she tried to say some thing but I start kissing her. My one hand went to hold her soft breasts and other had gone to her pussy. She was trying to fight but I was finger enter her pussy she was so hot I finger fuck her for one minute then I opened her legs with a force .I put her legs on my shoulders and rubbed my Dick on her choot.

She was crying underneath me ‘ya nahi karoo,main tumari baheen hoo, muje janay doo,ya haram ha,main murr jaoni gee (don’t do this am your sister, let me go, it’s a sin,I will die) I did not listen I put my Dick in her choot with one thrust .my Dick was bigger and stronger then Ahmeed’s.she screamed with pain,her “pudi” was so tight I had hard time getting in to her. Inch by inch I manage to enter my long Lora in her small choot. Once I had entered my full Lora in her I start fucking her slowly she was still crying and begging me not to do that to her. But I kept fucking her now my thrust were getting faster and faster. I put my mouth on her big jussy breasts and start sucking her nipples. First I sucked her right nipple for few minutes and then did the same thing to left. My lund was doing his job in her pussy.she stop fighting with me now.she was just laying there getting fucked by her bhai.

I was having a time of my life time this the first time I had a was really hot, tight and wet I was really enjoying it and then I start coming into her pussy shoot my juice in to her womb.

After I came I took out my Dick from her phudi .it was still hard as rock I saw some blood on it .my lund really stretched Seema’s choot to it limits. It was first time she really gets fucked by a long hard Dick.

I just cleaned my Lund and her choot with towel kissed her on lips and tried to put my tong in her mouth but she did not let me. I lifted her legs put them on my shoulders and entered in her again.her pussy was so wet now my cook entered in her with out any trouble I start fucking her madly now. Juices of her pussy were coming out now.bed was squeaking with my thurts.she was laying there her mouth was open and little sounds of pleasure were coming out of her knew she had start enjoying her brother’s hand s erew busy playing with her mumays and my Dick was really pounding her choot hard fuckrd her about 15 minutes this time.and then came in her again.after I came I just lay on top of her for few minutes then kissed her breasts and on her lips one last time and left her room.she was just laying there unconince.

I went to my room cleaned my self and went to morning I went to store earrly.Seema was still in her room.

After I close the store I did not went to home straight was a little ashamed even though I really enjoyed fickig her but now I did not wanted to face her. At about mid night I went to houses I passed by seema room it was close and light was off thought she went to sleeps I opened my room’s door and turned the light saw Seama laying on my bed wearing a sari. She was wearing an a very short panti coat which was tight.her mumays were just wanted to come out from it. She got up from bed after seeing me and said Buht dair say ahy ho main kitni dair say inthizar ker rahi ho, With that she came to me and hugged me in her arms.she put her sexy lips on my mouth and start kissing me.

I tried to stop her I said seema I did a mistake last night I was so wrong I should not have don it you are my sister.its very wrong. She replied, Jamel I thought about it the whole day I know its wrong what you have done but it felt so good, you know Ahmeed is a lot older then me ever since I got married I never enjoyed sex with him. He can not give me enough love last night when you fucked me first time I did not like it then you fucked me second time and I enjoyed it.whole day today I thought about and your lund felt so god in my choot.Mari Phudi AB tumray lund ka begar nahi ra sakti,mari jaan Aj mujay dil bur kir choodo. Mari choot tumara Lora chati ha.

Then she stat rubbing her hot body with mine, I could not take it any more I hold her tight in my arms and star kissing her passiontly. My hands start exploring her breats.she was soon mooning with pleasure.

I undress her in minute’s lay her on my bed and start playing with her nipples.she sighed with pleasure ” kiss them” she panted. She undresses me and took my Lund in her hands and start stroking it. She said this what I want. A young hard cock to satisfied my pussy.please fuck me all night and don’t be gentle with me As she jacked my lund I looked down at the soft curls of her pussy, seeing the moist lips of hot choot quiver with anticipation. I placed a hand on her swelling mound, running a finger down the moist heated slit slowly and gently. Semma’s hips jerked in the air as I touched her Danna(clitoris).

“You want it, don’t you,Seema I said in a loud whisper.” “You want me to fuck you.” Don’t you.

“Yes” she said.We must not,should not but I can help it I need your lund in my choot badly. Whit that she open her thighs to receive me. Without any further conversation I kneeled between her outstretched thighs.Seema kept her grip on my lund pulling me down toward the entrance of her now hungry opening. She lifted her ass cheecks to meet smooth swollen head. She closed her eyes as she felt the tender petals of her pussy open to gentle pressure of my lund and then I was in her cunt. I felt her pusssy lips stretching around my lund and I was deep in side her pussy. I leaned forward and crushed her naked breasts flat, I moved my hands on her ass ,cupped her firm roundness and lifted her hips higher, thrusted my self in to her until my balls banged against her crotch. My lips were locked with hers and my hands were cupping her Mummays.

Mujjay choodo,Zoor se choodo, she cried. Her own hands slid up and down my back. She tried to roll her pussy against my cock. She dug her nails in to my flash,she cupped my ass checcks and tried to take more of my lund in her small choot. I fucked her like a mad dog for 20 minutes and then came in her choot. We both were sweating and breathing hard. I kissed her lips relaxed for a while and then start fucking her againg.after fucking her again we went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Its been a year now.Seema is quit happy now. I take care all of her sexual needs very well and Ahmeed don’t have a clue about it. plz send your comments at

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