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Seduction Of Two Sisters

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hi, smartlook81, again, I think you read all my stories, and I am very thankful to the Web Master, to publish my stories, I told you in my previous stories, I received a lot of mails and all of my fans, asking me to write my experiences in my mother tongue, for their satisfaction I will write some of my experiences in my mother tongue, and in English also. The bracketed words are in my mother tongue, please enjoy with it. Now coming to this experience, generally in the teenage, if any chance and opportunity may come to both of us(boys and girls) and she is willing to fuck, it is nice experience to us, but in the age of youth, and a matured minded lady, she think about the other problems in fucking and some times they not allow to fuck, but in the teenage, we don’t have that much of mind and tempt for fucking. The body chemistry of human and the desires of human is in different minds, some will see and enjoy and some will feel real things and some will feel with touching with each other.

In this experience I touched these girls several times and they enjoy my touch and then offered their pussy(Pukulu) Please be patient and read this experience.Now recently One year back I am searching to shift my present house and some body told me that one house with 3 rooms is available and give me the address of the owner, I immediately went there, and I saw that the house is to be let out is a front one and he is having adjacent back house is under repair, and after repairing that house he will give me the front house for me, now he is keeping his goods in this house and within 3days the repairing work is over and I pay advance and confirm the house, Now he is arranging one bore with motor for full supply of water and it is not so tasty for cooking food, and but it is useful for cooking, and coming to this house while entering into the house, left side is government quarters, and they come to an end, and civil houses starts from this house. So for the government quarters they supply water morning 3 hours and evening 1 hour, and he asked me if I keep good relations to my neighbor government employee they give us water for drinking and cooking also, and also he warrend me he is not a fair man and quarreling with others for each and every thing, their quarter is dead end and particularly for this block and to this quarter, there is a lot of place to the ground floor people, the compound wall is just 3 feet from the road and back side is also a lot of place, This employee is arranged a small gate to the compound wall, and they are passing through that gate and this passage is in front of our entrance, and it is very near to them to go for market and to go for any other works, and he locked this gate with a wire rope, this is only a temporary lock, our bath room is in front and quite adjacent to this compound wall, and for the government employee they are facing back side to my house, So my dear readers this the introduction about my coming new rent house and I joined in that house on good day.

I am attending for my regular professional work, I sold out my old scooter and now trying to buy a new one, so for any of my works I will use to go by an auto, like that we spend 10 days and in the mean while when I am going to my bathroom and some times I noticed that two girls are in the side quarter to my neighbor and one son also, the lady is also working in government school, and her husband my neighbor is working in technical section and he is having shift duties, on the 3rd day I think I saw him in the morning while he is filling water with hose pipe in the tack, they arranged one tank back side for washing clothes and for some cleaning purpose, he is quite black and after completing his work he just looked towards me, he is quite black and just I said hallo sir and I introduced my self to him and he came near to the wall and just talked to me and told me about his job and his wife is also working as teacher, and he also told me that his elder daughter is completed her PG and younger is in 12th class, and son is doing technical training so he told me these words and gone. I think he is some thing serious person, nearly 10 to 15 days have been gone in a normal way, I watched the girls and elder girl is around 24 and younger is around 18, and son is around 20, these two girls mostly wear nigh ties in the house and doing house hold work, the elder girl is black, like her father and younger girl is fair like her mother.

They have one pet dog, pamerian, and these two girls are attending to the pet dog, taking that dog to out side, you know my dear readers, dogs naturally smell the ground and if they like the smell then only they complete their work(pissing and toilet). For this purpose mostly the elder girl attend with the dog, some times she took the dog through the back side gate and the dog is interesting in smelling near to our house, for this purpose she may wait for some time infront of our house, I told you earlier, these two girls wears night gown most of the time. I will give the names(not real, I changed their names) of these two girls, elder girl is “Jyothi” and younger girl is “Swathi”, and the boy is called “Babu”. Jyothi is good looking like Madhuri ” and 5.4″, with short hair(polly tail), small boobs,(china sallu,) and beautiful belly and deep navel, her ass is big and round, all of her friends called her as “Madhuri”. The second girl Swathi is fair colour and around 5.2″ beautiful face and her boobs are big(pedda sallu) and her nipples peaking(muchikalu poduchuku vuntai) out when she wear her college dress also, so dear readers please imagine, if she is not wearing any thing under her night gown, any man can have a deep look on her boobs, some times Swathi wears jeen pant and T shirt in the house also and at that time her nipples are inviting us to suck them on the T shirt itself. Her nipples are small and I am mad to suck that nipples,(naaku deeni sallu muchikalu chustu vunte kasakkan korike, chikaalani vundedi) when ever I had an eye on her boobs. Swathi is nice belly and round ass, she is going to college in the morning shift, and attending tuition in the after noon, and Jyothi is at home only and trying for a good job, she don’t want to do any private service, Her mother is going to school at 8-00 AM and come to home around 4-00PM, Her father is in shit duties(7 days to change the shift).

So most of the time Jyothi is alone in the house, her father if he is in night shift he will come in the morning at 6-00AM and take rest most of the time. Just 3 months gone like this I am watching these sisters, some time they wash their cloths back side of the house and our bathroom is in front of our house, I have chance to eye these two girls, they are chatting and laughing while washing their clothes, and they laugh loudly with the jokes also, they know that I am watching them, Jyothi is wearing a thin nighty and wear petty coat,(langa) her petty coat is bellow her navel(langa boddu krindake katte di) and she don’t wear any bra, so I can clearly see her small boobs and nipples,(china sallu, muchikalu) to wash cloths she use to fold her nighty up her knee and fold it into her petty coat, ( mookaalla paike nighy etti, langa lo dopukunedi)so I can see her legs and when she bend to wash cloths, her nighty raised up to her thighs(nighty todaladaaka paike lechedi)so I can clearly see her thighs, hooo her thighs are very soft (daane todalu chaalaa nunnagaa vunnai), her ass(gudda) is round and the crack between the two ass cheeks(rendu pirrala Madhya chilika) clearly visible through her nighty and hooo I am mad(deeni elagaina dengali) to fuck her, because she is very seductive and know how to seduce males. Not only males, my dear readers, even females also if they watch her like this they may think this bitch is seducing all males. I found swathi is also in the same way exposing her assets, mostly while she is helping her sister while washing clothes, I saw her big boobs and cleavage, and peaking nipples. I am really mad of these two sisters seducing character.

I am waiting for the opportunity, the remaining neighbors are not close with this family, because of the man in the house, every body know about him. I am planning in my mind how to close with that family, the occasion comes near to me, there is a festival Vijayadasami(Dashahara) we celebrate this festival well, on that day I asked my wife to send them some of our special dishes to them(like pulihora and pongal).My wife don’t know my ideas and said if they object to take of dishes, I said first you send them if they reject, then we will see, in the afternoon before our lunch(because if any of us want to send any dishes we may send before we take lunch, this is a formality) my wife calld Jyothi in a louder voice, after two calls, she opened the back door and from there it self she asked us what aunty? I am also stood by my wife side and called her please come jyothi, she come near to the compound wall and we said, happy Dashahara, she said same to us and we ask her, pl take these dishes and tell us the taste of our specials, she hesitate to take it but I forced her we are neighbors and we celebrate this festival sharing our special dishes, nothing wrong in it, she laughed and took the boxes, and went inside, within 10 minutes jyothi and her mother come near to the compound wall and called my wife, we went there and they said thanks for the offer and they give us some fruits(because we are vegetarians, and they prepare non-vig) and said they hesitate to give us non-vig because of this reason, my wife told Jyothi, your uncle will take non-vig in some occasions, but not regular habit. In the mean while Swathi also joined with them and praised the taste of our dish pulihora, and she like it very much, and said the taste is just like biryani . Her mother and Jyothi abused her why you are so hurry to eat the dish, we will together have it, is there any thing for us or you only eat it, we laughed and said, don’t worry Swathi, we will send some more to them, we are all laughed and disperse.

In the evening the father of these girls call me and said thanks for sending dishes to them, I said it is all our formality, After this incident they are smiling with us when they are doing their house hold work, and chatting with us some time, I want to take this opportunity and told my wife ask them to give us some water after they filled in all the tanks in their house( they have One tank in the bathroom and one small tank in the kitchen and one big tank in back side). They said they will ask their father and let us know it that night, because the other neighbors of this government quarters may object to do this because water is more scarcity for them.My dear readers please be patient and wait for horny story, coming to you, definitely you fuck hard or you lick your pussy or jerk of your cock, OK, so please be patient.That night the man I will give a name to him, Prasad, called me and said his wife told to him about the water and he is no objection but ask me to buy a long pipe to fix it to the tap and fill the water, because its better instead of lifting there to my house and also no body will observe it and also he is not afraid of it also. My dear readers if any other employee may complaint against it this matter to the estate officer he will give a notice to this Prasad.He told me this also but he don’t care about the neighbors, because he is (Prasad) Secretary to the employees welfare association of One union. So he asked me to buy a long pipe and fill water from the next day, I immediately measure the length approximately and buy the pipe. From that day they use to call us every day in the morning after their filling water and fix the pipe to the tap and we use to fill water, so like this I developed my closely ness to them, some times Jyothi is calling me, and some times Swathi is calling me, while filling water in their back side tank I use to stay near to them and chatting with them, so I clearly watch the beautiful out lines of these two bodies, ohhh their shapes are beautiful and I am waiting a chance to touch those bodies, One day I take some advantage and asked Jyothi, jyothi I want to give your phone number to my clients(they have phone, and I applied for a new connection) and if your father has no objection, she said most of the time I am in the house and I will lift the phone so no problem for them but she put a word to her father, and asked me to do it.

So I immediately give that number to my clients and asked them to call if any urgent work or drop a message there. That evening Mr Prasad called me into his house this is the first entrance to me to their house, I went from the first entrance, and he asked me to sit and called Jyothi to prepare tea, and called her wife also she is very much pleased to see me there and she sit in a chair and we chatt some time, and in this chatting they told me that Jyothis is most intelligent and trying for a good job, and also preparing for competitive exams, Swathi is also better and she will also study up to masters degree, and the son is not interested in studies and he is learning some technical work. So this is a brief conversation , and meanwhile Jyothi get tea for us and she also take a cup of tea and sit in the chair, She told her father about the phone and he agreed for it, She is always smile in her face, and I asked her about preparation of exams, coming nearby, and I told her is I can do any help to her don’t hesitate to ask me at any time, while chatting with her I am observing her smooth body, really she is a black beauty, all times she wear light color nighties and her outlines of the body is clearly visible to me, Mr. Prasad told her to show me her books and nearby schedule of exams, and he told me that he has some out side work and go away and after some time Jyothi”s mother also went to her house hold work, So we two are in that room and Jyothi asked me about my profession and praised me that I have good contacts in the society, her father also told her the same to her and told her to take my suggestions and help if she need it, (here the government quarter is single bed room and with kitchen and drawing room, and hall) we sit in the drawing room, and they have phone in this room, and TV is also here, they keep the phone near the TV and arranged chairs, the chairs are facing opposite direction and one side is two seater wooden chair and opposite is single chairs and a teapai is in the middle, Jyothi is arranged this room so neat and looks beautiful and the doors are covered with curtains, so no body will see what is going on in this house, Jyothi went inside and get her file while she is moving to inside I saw her nighty is folding in between her ass cheeks(nighty rendu pirrla Madhya vunna cheelika) and the ass cheeks are moving according to her steps, ohhhh my god, really I am very horny and My cock is slowly took position(naa sulla nemmadiga lestundi), I adjusted my shirt and Jyothi came to me and show me the schedule of her exams, while verifying the schedule she also adjusted her chair very near to me and I have a look of her boobs and her nipples also while she bend down to take some books from the teapai, I clearly saw her boobs, ohhhh they are very small and not judged to her beautiful figure, remaining her body, ohhhhhhhh really beauty, I suggested her some other authors books and I asked her if she want any further study material I will bring it to her. Mean while Swathi has come from her tuition and wish me Hi, uncle, you are here, we laughed and Jyothi told her that her father called me inside and asked her to take suggestions from me for her exams, Jyothi also asked me to help her for the coming exams and then Jyothi abused her, hi, what is your exam, you have tuition and also don’t care of studines also, then Swathi is also abused her sister, you are also not taking any special interest in your exams, while they are quarreling like this, their mother come to the room and hear the arguments of the two sisters and told me see brother, these two are always quarreling like this.

I will tell you frankly, Jyothis is very serious in studying and also her preparations, but Swathi is not so particular in her exams and always watching TV and if she hear the sound of my husband then she immediately switch of the TV and study herself, so if you have any time you please guide Swathi also, the two sisters are looking each other with angry and I told them not to worry and Swathi is young and want to enjoy some time watching TV and she will also study well, and do her PG course, just I praised Swathi, she pleased for my argument and went inside, Jyothi asked me if I want tea, I said no and in the mean while Swathi come to us hooooooooshe changed her dress and wear a thin nighty and no bra under it, my God I look into her and she sit opposite to me and observing us what we are chatting, just she also joined with us, and Jyothi is asked me to take some thing like lemon juice or tea what ever I wish, I asked Swathi what she wants she laughed and said prefer lime juice, then Jyothi went into the kitchen, and now I am facing Swathi, and asked her take more interest and study well, she laughed and said she is preparing well but crazy in watching Hindi and Star Channels, while chatting with her I looked her beautiful cleavage and if I will stay more time there my cock will not be in my control, because these two beauties are exposing their bodies and at any day they may come into my hands, so don’t hurry(I think in my mind and go early from there) , Jyothi get two glasses of lime juice and Swathi asked for her glass, Jyothi told her go to kitchen and bring your glass, I will bring two, one for uncle and one for her, Swathi immediately get angry and abused her you are a devil and always insulting me, She get tears and I just told Swathi to take my glass and her mother will give me another one, her mother come to the room and she complained me about these two girls, she called them(Pedda papa and Chinna Papa) and some times they are in good mood and be as good friends and some times what happens to these two I can’t under stand what is wrong, she told see Pedda Papa, while bringing two you suppose to take 3 glasses and offer one to your sister, and told me see brother, these two daughters(Pedda papa and China Papa) behaving like kids, and just asked me to treat them good. I told her see sister it is normal in all families, just don’t think it as serious, when the exams come soon, these two sisters forget every thing and busy with their studies, OK, and I said I will make a move,( nearly I spend more than One hour in their house) they come along with me upto the compound wall and I invited them to come to my house, her mother said she has some work left in the kitchen and asked the two girls to go with me and spend some time and come quick, because her husband(Prasad) will come and may get angry not studying, and these two daughters told her mother that father don’t get angry because if we sit with uncle and we discuss about our studies and future plans, so he will be happy also, we laughed and my sister(mother of these two girls) dear readers the mother of these two beauties, is a Christian, and they call all males as brothers, generally other ladies also call neighboring male as brother and female is sister-in-law, so my sister went off and I entered into my house and called my wife loudly.

Hi, look who came along with me, she came from the kitchen and greeted these two and they also greeted my wife Hi, aunty, and I invited them into my house and we just have a look into my house and we sit in my bed room, because, in the bed room there is only one chair and I asked them to sit on my bed, and said no problem,(in the middle class families generally we offer our dearest guests to sit on the bed) they hesitate to sit but I said your mother called me as brother, so you are my niece, so don’t feel any thing and sit, my wife also told them the same, and they laughed and sit on my bed and I sit next to Swathi, my thighs are touching to swathis thighs and I feel it, and called my wife to prepare some thing to drink, they said no uncle, please aunty, don’t do any preparation, aunty, we will go and take dinner and study, then Jothi teased her sister, you have to watch star movis, then Swathi bite on Jyothis thigh and you also watching with me, see uncle she is teasing me, we chatting like this and mean while Mr. Prasad also come into my house and I invited him and offer the chair, and asked my wife to prepare some thing to our VIPS.We offer lime juice to them after some time they said goodnight and went, that night I feel very happy that I put my flag in that house. Dear readers it will take nearly 3 months for me to get intimacy with them and If we want a pussy take risk and also be patient to get the opportunity , so in the next episode I will explain you how I get very close to Jyothi(Peda Papa) its very exiting and romantic experience to me.Mail me your comments and ask me any,

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