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Seduction Of Priya, The Staff Nurse

  • desipapa
  • November 5, 2015

Like most of you, I have been a silent reader of this site for over a decade now. There is a need that these stories fulfill, and I respect each authors contribution towards the common cause. This is my first story submission to ISS. I hope the response is encouraging.

My name is R and I am forty. I am single and live in Secunderabad. I work as a senior HR professional in a mid tier firm and live my single happy life. From a very early age, I have been a bit of a flirt. It’s mostly casual. I respect women and have never ever done anything that may be deemed offensive or improper. I am not very extrovert, I love my own company and once in a while, the company of a woman with whom I can feel quite at peace.

Today, let me share with you the story that is over 12 years old. While we are still in touch, we are on two different continents, hence, it’s quite safe to share it with you.

The year I guess was 2003. I used to work in a huge manufacturing facility down south then. It had four factories, about a thousand workers, 100 plus staff and a few managers. I was one of them. The facility also had one big hospital and there small dispensaries. The total area was about 2500 acres.

Priya (Name changed) was then about 28 and a mother of two beautiful tiny tots. She used to work as a staff nurse in the main hospital. I first met her when, during the first week of my posting to this facility, I dropped in to the hospital to say hello to the resident doctor. Being an executive, It was a natural practice to say hello to a fellow executive during the first fee days of posting.

When I first entered the hospital, I was told that Doc was on rounds to dispensaries and that I could meet the staff nurse on duty. I said sure and the attendant informed the nurse in duty. Priya walked in wearing a white sari with a white overcoat. She looked like about 20. She was literally red in complexion and one of the most beautiful women I had seen.

I managed to retain my composure, introduced myself, said my hellos, and walked off from there. It was a short meeting. I observed her sharp features and the beauty spot on her nose, the clear complexion and a magical, trinket like laughter. She was a beautiful woman.

At that time, I used to be a formidable looking guy. All of my six feet and about 80 kilos, dark hair and mustaches, and quick with a smile. (Now the hair has thinned out, but I still retain the built). After the initial meeting, I used to drop in once in a while at the hospital as if to check out one of our sick workers or to check medicine stock etc. And I used to always hope that Priya was there in the shift. We would do some formal chit chat. This continued for almost 3 months. I used to steal quite looks at her but never had the guts to be upfront about my obvious attraction to her.

On one such occasion, she asked me if I will still visit the hospital so frequently if she were no longer working there. That was the first time she had asked such a direct question. I looked at her and found her looking at me intensely. I knew it was time to be honest. I looked into her eyes and told her the truth. I told her that I would not be visiting the hospital if you were not around

There was a mysterious smile on her face. We were in the medicine stock room and she was helping me in stock checking. There was relative privacy. The next vial that she showed me to check the expiry date was a small one. She brought the bottle close to my eyes. I could smell the fragrance off her. She smelt of lavender. With the vial, I also held her hand and pulled it close to my lips and gave a quick kiss. I wanted to gobble her fingers, lick her hands and hug her tight. But it was too dangerous. I could not afford to hurt her reputation. I stopped with that kiss. She had turned crimson with the blood flushing her face. She did not look into my eyes, but I knew that our desire for each other was no longer a mystery. We were just waiting for the right time. And the right time did come.

One Friday she called my residence (mobile network was not that omnipresent), she told me that she would be going to a temple some distance away and can meet on her way back. She was going alone. I promptly took leave and left for this small town some 40 kilometers away from our facility.

At that time, I had a Maruti 800. I saw her standing near a bakery and stopped my car next to her. She jumped in and I moved away from that public space quickly. We had a long drive back to the factory. I took the longer windier and lesser used route back. The traffic was thin. I caught hold of her hands, they were literally burning. I took them to my lips and kissed them. She pulled them back along with my hand and held it close to her breast. It was her way of letting me know that she loved me just as much.

I turned my car into a small lane and parked it out of sight and kissed her on her lips. Her eyes were closed and her lips were quivering. I kissed them again and then again and again until I could feel her hand tightening their grip around me. My right hand was on her thighs. I found my large hands kneading them very close to her second base. It was love and the moment lovely.

We returned to our journey back home after some heavy on the road petting and necking and I dropped her some distance away from the factory town with the promise to meet up soon. We were both clearly getting desperate to make love to each other. Early next week, she called me up and told me that her husband is leaving for his dad’s place for two days. She asked me to reach her place past midnight once everyone was asleep.

The distance between my residence and hers was about 400 meters. I crept out of my bathroom exit so that my butler would not know of my escape and walked stealthily to her place without attracting the attention of night watchmen. I scaled her quarter’s boundary wall and reached the side door. I pushed it and found it open. I slowly opened it and got in. I found her waiting behind the door and she quickly closed it and bolted it without any noise. We hurriedly embraced each other. She was about 5ft 2. I just hauled her up and held her tight for a long time. I kissed her, fondled her, bit her, licked her and played around with her as if she were my beautiful doll. There was only the rustling noise of her sheer nightgown getting wrinkled at my onslaught.

And then I took her to the guest bedroom (the kids were in the other bedroom). She undressed me and I undressed her. She was wearing some lace panty and similar bra inside. I pulled off the bra deftly and started fondling her breasts one at a time. What started as a sigh from her slowly turned into a moan. Aaaah! R, take me baby for I can’t bear it any longer she whispered into my ears.

I pulled her panty down and found a very clean very white perfumed pussy waiting behind it. Her breasts were in perfect proportion to her slender teenager like frame. They were literally red and every where I kissed, it turned red and in places I bit, it was already crimson. I was careful not to leave behind any harsh love bites, for her husband would have noticed it instantly. I then moved my attention to her pussy. I put my index finger into it and played with her clitoris.

Slowly, I could feel it getting wetter and her pussy closing on around my finger. I then inserted two fingers and started fingering her in all earnest. My other hand was massaging her lower back from behind and my mouth was full of her boobs. It must have been too much for her, for I could feel her body arch in my hands and shudder like an earthquake. She came in my hands and I tasted her overflow as they dripped down my fingers.

She held me tightly and did not allow me to move for a while. I then kissed her forehead and moved down to her pussy. I gave one long end to end slurp and then started eating it like a favorite dessert. She pushed one end of a pillow into her mouth to stop her moans from escaping the room and waking up the children.

I continued to eat her pussy until she came again with a nerve wrecking frame shattering orgasm. By this time, my own huge dick was getting impatient. I quickly placed one pillow under her back and raised her pussy to a convenient height and slowly pushed my dick into her.

It was predictably tight since I have been endowed by a comparatively longer and thicker dick. Her pussy was quiet lubricated, but I still needed some Vaseline before it could go in completely. There were tears of love and pleasure in her eyes as I gathered speed and went on for about 20 minutes. I then turned her and entered from behind, doggy style. I came in sometime and dropped my come into a tissue paper from a box nearby. She quickly went in and cleaned herself. I went in behind her into the bathroom. She cleaned my dick as well.

We returned to the bedroom and chit chatted for sometime. She held on to my limp dick and played around with it and I kept kissing her softly. Slowly, I was ready for the next round…

We have had a beautiful relationship all these years. I moved to Hyderabad about ten years ago and she now lives in Canada. We chat over WhatsApp. I have had some local affairs as well, but more about them in the future stories. I love women. I believe that they are all super women, balancing so many things together. They also make this life such a beautiful place to live.

Women interested in discrete friendship with or without sex linkages, feel free to connect. I don’t patronize sex for money. Sex workers, please do not call. Single women planning to get hooked up for good… Avoid me, I would make a nightmare husband 🙂

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Seduction Of Priya, The Staff Nurse

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