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Seduction Of Mervin

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello all readers. I am Mandira , basically from Gujarat but settled in Hyderabad. First of all let me introduce my self to u all . i am 5 feet 8inches tall , fair looking, and breasts 36C” and waist 28″ and hips 32″ . I finished my masters in interior designing and i am planning to get married this year.

I am writing my experience which I kept it secret till this day. This is only for your enjoyment and come to me with good mood and pass your feelings then, I can also have some enjoyment. I love sex very much and would now let out my experience with on of my clients who wanted to get is house designed by me.

My client, Mervin , he is a rich business man married to Namratha who was my child hood friend and was also my classmate in the degree. Mervin had spent a lot of money and constructed a beautiful house in the outskirts of hyderabad and presented it to namratha on their first wedding anniversary.

Namratha wanted me to design the interiors. Now let me explain the house. It was a typical duplex house ( steps within the house) ,there was a hall and a kitchen in the ground foor and two bedrooms on the top. It has a 50mts swimming pool in the back yard also.I started my work in the house and first starting the kitchen and then the hall and finally the bedrooms.

Mervin was very tall man may be aroud 6″ 3″and broad chested and with lots of hair on the chest and also down there near is penn( I cam to know abt this later) . Incidentally even I like to be bushy there. the first time I saw Mervin , I was totally mad about him.i decided then and there to get fucked by Mervin. The next day , in the morning , namratha was out and Mervin was near the swimming pool and I thought that this was the moment. I went to him , he was in his bathrobe and just took his hand in mine and proposed him that ” I love U Mervin “. Since he was too devoted to her wife namratha, he pushed me and slapped me on my face and without speaking a word he left the place. I thought that this was going to be a serious matter and my relation with namratha would be spoiled. But surprisingly nothing happened and namratha didn’t know about this at all. Then I thought to myself that Mervin had some softcorner for me and I had to capitalize on that. Then I decided to seduce him slowly.

From the next day onwards and started wearing skimpy cloths. usually I wear salwars, jeans , sarees and at times skirts. Next day went to his place early in the morning in a pink saree with deep cut neck and below the navel . namratha was out for her gym and Mervin was in the pool. I was walking on the pool side with a lot of papers in my hand and I wantedly slipped nd fell into the pool and pretended as if I don’t know swimming . Mervin came rushing from the other end of the pool to recue me. The moment I fell into the pool I droped my pallu and removed the bottom two buttons of my blouse and because of this part of my bra was out. Mervin quickely came near me and caught me with both his hands on my stomach and as the petticoat was below the navel on of his fingers got into my navel and ummmmmmm it was just greattt..

He caught hold of me on my hips and lifted me on his sholders and I was acting to be unconscious. Added to my luck the saree pallu got struck in the help rod and Mervin didn’t notice this and he just took me out of the pool unwrapping the saree and when he laid me on the poolside I was in my petticoat, bottom two buttons opened blouse ,bra and a panty. Then in order to wake me up he started to press my stomach and while he was pressing my stomach I wantedly raised my boobs up and down so much that the the bottom third button was unhooked and much of my bra was out as there was only one button left on the top.

I started raising my boobs again and with the fear that the last button would alos be unhooked, Mervin quickely caught hold of my blouse and was try to hook it up. As I was wearing a tight blouse, he could’nt do that easily. Finally he pressed my right boob a bit and hooked my blouse.

Then I pretended as if I was getting all right and I slowly got up and stood up and I was biting my lips and covering my boobs with my hands and Mervin got me the saree. I wrapped the saree around me and just winked at him and just left the place laughing,,,,

To be continued in the next part. Any boys and also girls can mail me up get in touch with me and my mail id is—

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