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Seducing Nilima

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi I am Gopal krishna  a regular fan of desipapa ,I live in hyderabad A.P India I am 20 years old young handsome guy ,girlfriends tried to have sex with me but I was not interested in that and ignored them  one day I saw my DIDI dressing her saree  in hurry to go school she didn’t noticed me I was seeing her bra from which boobs r  trying to come out she was about to turn suddenly I got out from there ,her name is NILIMA  she is 34 years her husband is a businessman she looks very beautiful she had one 10 year son and a7year old daughter  ,she is housewife . when I saw her dressing from that day I was interested in sex started browsing porno sites and  saw indianpassionsite and saw a story in wich a boy fucked her mausi from then I started to think about NILIMA DIDI.

Every night I mastrubate   about NILIMA DIDI  and dreamed to have sex with her ,but feared because she is neighbour of us from my childhood. NILIMA DIDI  is teacher and very angry person .she looks very beautiful I thought I cant have sex with her but hope to have it,one day I went to her room when she was not in house and saw some clothes in her bathroom immediately I took her panty and smelled it it smells sweet punguentfemine smell I got aroused of it ,from that time I decided to have sex with her in any way then I got an idea I made a plan to have sex withNILIMA DIDI  nextday b,coz my parents and every body will go to marriage of my cousin they will return after 4 days and NILIMA DIDI  is not going to marriage because she was teacher and there was final exams in her school ,so she will be alone in our big house .next day I went to college and returned home early at 1,o clock no body in house I brought keys from aunty in school and entered into her room I started working my plan brought some cake colours and mixed in water jug water became pink.i went to bathroom door and loosed the bolt that door can open easily when I push it ,and prepared a lock to lock her bed room door now I did every thing as I 5 o clockNILIMA DIDI  came to house and asked me didn’t u go marriage? I said I have to submit my project on chemistry so stayed here, she said ok about at 8pm we had our dinner and sat before tv and by now I started my plan I brought the jug wich I have pink water and showed to aunty and said that I made this chemical to submit tomorrow in college do u want to see it?NILIMA DIDI  turned to me and said no let it be don’t disturb me watching movie ,I said ok and I act like slipped on her and dropped all water in jug on her suddenly she got up.

And got angry started shouting on me I said sorry I slipped.NILIMA DIDI  said don’t u see my dress got spoiled u donkey I said sorry DIDI  now don’t waste time it is chemical please go and bath or it will harm u ,NILIMA DIDI  got little bit fear and went to bathroom with another dress to have bath   when DIDI  went to bathroom which is in her bed room I locked her bed room door from inside and placed it under bed now I got some fear and went near to bathroom.

And started to watch her bathing from a hole which I made ,wow NILIMA DIDI  looks beautiful in nude my cock got erect by seeing her naked while DIDI  rubbing her body with soap her boobs and buttocks were shaking ,my heart is beating fast now I removed all my clothes and watching her from hole NILIMA DIDI  completed her bath  cleaning her body with towel now while she cleaning her hair her boobs were shaking I got horny and could not control any more I pushed bathroom door it opened easily by the time she was dropped towel from her hand and shocked to see me I quickly grabbed her and hugged tightly by pushing her to back and pressed her tightly with my dick to her cunt and caught her red lips kissing her I started sucking them moving my body up and down on her by pressing her tightly to wall ,now she realized what was going and pushed me out of bathroom ,NILIMA DIDI  started shouting on me  how dare u touch me u junglee janwar get out of hear u donkey I didn’t thought of u like this NILIMA DIDI  kicked me on my ass and grabbed her clothes and came out off bathroom by this I got angry and pulled saree from her hand and rolled tightly to her body tying her hand and legs ,NILIMA DIDI  is going on shouting on me but I am not able to here them I quickly lifted her and dropped in bed.

NILIMA DIDI  is shouting  what r u going to do I will kill u I said shut up NILIMA DIDI  is trying to roll out of bed .i took another saree and tied her legs two corners of cots and untied saree which I rolled her body and tied it to her lefthand to another corner of bed and while I tried to catch her other hand NILIMA DIDI  bite my hand I got little pain I slapped her and tied her tightly .now here is my dream lady completely naked before me on bed for first time I saw a pussy it is surrounded with little hair NILIMA DIDI  is trying to pull her hands and legs but there is no chance because I tied her hands and legs tightly to cot legs nowNILIMA DIDI  is shouting like a dog and warning me not to touch her but I am seeing her boobs which were shaking like mangoes whileNILIMA DIDI  is hitting her ass to bed I quickly took one of her breast and started sucking her nipples which is short like chocolate and squeezing another boob NILIMA DIDI  is pushing and shouting and saying that I am like ur ELDER SISTER  please let me go ,but I was enjoying her ripe mangoes than I moved upto her lips which were red and hot I caught them and kissing her hardly she closed her teeths tightly I am trying to force my tongue in it but she was suppose to bit it with her teeth I escaped and got angry NILIMA DIDI  said she will tell to my mum and kill me I got up and said shut up ur mouth DIDI  cool down lets taste sweet sex I want to kiss ur sweet red lips and suck ur sweet tongue by this NILIMA DIDI  got very angry   and spitting on my face I took her saliva from my face and licked it and saying her DIDI please let me suck your sweet honey boobs and ur sweet pussy ,once again she spit on me and shouted u donkey leave let me kiss u r lips she turned her face side by saying I wont ,than I said what if u wont give ur red lips I like ur chocolate lips more whch is between ur thighs and turned to see her pussy NILIMA DIDI  is shouting but I am not hearing her I came near to her pussy and smelled it aaaaaahhhhhh It was smelling good I kissed lightly on it it is very hot flesh it is pink inside I kissed it now NILIMA DIDI  groaned like aaarrrgggghhhh and I started licking it with my tongue and stroaking itNILIMA DIDI  is moaning by now and  moving her head side to side I see some liquid flowing from her cunt!!,yes it is her cunt juice aaaahhhh I love that juice I started licking it after 5 min NILIMA DIDI  made a big moan and  exploded her cunt juice in my mouth I drank all her juice ,she is still closed her eyes tightly now I moved up and squeezed her boobs and twisted her nipple they became very big and nipple was erected like pencil. boobs became very stiff by now NILIMA DIDI  is moaning  I caught her lips with my mouth and sucking her lower lip ,NILIMA DIDI  opened her mouth slowly and tasting my tongue ,wow her saliva is so sweet like honey for me that time I  am sucking her tongue and lips hardly and I slowly untied her from bed she quickly hugged me tightly with her hands and grabbed my ass with her legs and sucking and   kissing me my cheeks and lips I take one of her right boob in my right hand and started squeezing it, my lefthand was rubbing her pussy and I am sucking her other boob hardly NILIMA DIDI  is making big noises like hmmmmmm  aaahhhhhhh  aaaaaaaaaa  and pulled my head andNILIMA DIDI  caught my lips and sucking them we both exchanging our saliva and fighting with our tongues NILIMA DIDI  pushed me side and got laid top on me rubbing her body up and down on me by now she became very horny ,NILIMA DIDI  is pressing her pussy thighs to my thighs and dick I got surprised by what NILIMA DIDI  is doing I thought that might be she became very horny because of after long time she was having sex ,NILIMA DIDI  bite my lower lip and moving up and down on me by this I became very horny and feel  some sweet itching in my cock hole ,soon I got rolled up on her by now  laid top on my DIDI  she hugged me tightly and squeezing my butts now I started moving up and down on her ,I exploded my cum between her thighs but still not entered in pussy. I felt good and tiered  and lied beside her ,I said thanx NILIMA DIDI pressing her boobs ,she smiled and said don’t call me DIDI call NILIMA  with my name u ifucker ,I said thanx I love u she smiled and pressed my cock and said I too love u  make me feel very well I didn’t had this much se in my life by now I like sex very much and she caught my lips and got laid top on me saying that I am very horny please enter in me I want u deep inside me fuck me badly my boy ,I said yes NILIMA DIDI  I want to tore ur pussy and fuck u hard she said then why late commonnnn aaaahhhh,NILIMA DIDI  is top on me and guided my dick into her pussy and started moving up and down on me fastly DIDI  is really hot bitch she is fucking me like a hard fucker and shouting like bastard fuck me suck my tongue and lips and milky boobs I want u deeply common ,I was enjoying her words and I was feeling like in heaven I got little sweet pain to my dick by which NILIMA DIDI  was rubbing her body tightly to mine so I got my dick loaded again and I rolled top on her I stroked my cock inside her wet choot it is so hot and flowing full of juice by wich my cock entered into her pussy easily by the time I was feeling highly good now I started her fucking she is pulling my ass and hugging me tightly   her cunt walls pulling my cock inside her hole her pussy walls became tight and I am stroking very fast at last we both came to climax and I shooted all my cum inside herNILIMA DIDI  made big moan and she exploaded her cum inside her pussy Is flowing with full our cum I collapsed on her and laid for 5 min she is moaning aaahhhhh mmmmmmm mhhmmmmm NILIMA DIDI  said in slow voice u have made me feel in like heaven I love u I love ur sweet dick DIDI  pressed my dick ,aah I said I to love u NILIMA   and I also pressed her pussy it filled with full of juices and my cum I said see NILIMA  u had lovely juice I love it she smiled and took some cum from her pussy and tasted it saying I too like it ..then I said NILIMA DIDI  I want to fuck ur ass she said ok then I put my fingers like spoon and stroked deeply in her juicy pussyNILIMADIDI  made a big moan and I took her all juice and ordered her to stand like dogNILIMA DIDI  did it as I said, I applied all cum in my hand to her ass hole and pushed my cock inside her asshole but it was very tight and my cock is very big I pressed my cock tightly NILIMA DIDI cried ’aaaiiieeeeeeee’, aaahh she is shouting ‘it hurts me’ I said ‘trust me DIDI   u will enjoy it’ but it was paining for me too but I stroked it hardly and it went inside now I slowly started ti fuck herNILIMA DIDI  is making noise like ufff aahhh uffffff hhaaaaaa after 3 min we were enjoying it DIDI started moaning and shouting yes fuck me harder fuck me more make my ass big I fucked her 5 min and shooted my sperm once again and we laid on bed kissing each other and felt sleep .when I wake up in morning I found my NILIMA DIDI  pressing my cock and pulling it shouting wake up my boy wake up I moaned by feeling cock in her hand it felt me good , DID   turned to with smile and said I am going to bath ok getup now I said yes and NILIMA DIDI  went to bathroom and doing bath . when I entered bathroom she just finished her bath and suppose to take towel ,then I asked her can u bath me also NILIMA DIDI  turned to me and smiled she pulled me and pressed my cock saying why not common lay on tiles on your back I did as she said now DIDI  started bathing me she washed my upper body and now turned to down I was lying completely on tile with relaxed NILIMA DIDI  turned to my legs ,we were in position like she turned her ass to my front on top of me sitting on my chest I can see her ass before my chin she is facing to my dick and rubbing my thighs and cock surroundings ,I can see her ass hole I went near to it and smelled it I kissed her ass and licking her ass hole NILIMA DIDI moaning hey what r u doing don’t do that I don’t like DIDI  said I said ok and I bited her ass hole with my teeths she made noise like aiiieeee NILIMA DIDI  shouted ‘Hey u bastard I will punish u for this’ she started squeezing and twisting my cock but I was enjoyin sweet pain aaaa, than I pressed her boob with one hand and with another I am rubbing her cunt by this we both were moaning in pleasure ,then I found juice floeing from her pussy I was hungry to eat her pussy and asked her to lay her pussy on my mouth NILIMA DIDI did so  I said now I was sucking her pussy hardly  and squeezing her boobs NILIMA DIDI was enjoying it more loosed her control and collapsed on me ,unknownly her lips touched my prick by which I got aroused and want my cock inside her mouth NILIMA DIDI  closed her eyes tightly and enjoying my sucking of her pussy ,I slowly pushed my cock in mouth NILIMA DIDI  opened her eyes and resisted it may be DIDI  don’t like it ,but I forced my tongue and pressed her head to it ,first NILIMA DIDI  kissed it and then I felt her hot tongue touching! by which I was feeling in heaven then I stroked my cock full inside her mouth NILIMA DIDI  is good sucker she is pumping my balls and sucking it I rolled top on her with same 69postion and we both were sucking each other ,I started pumping in her mouth NILIMA DIDI  is sucking all my cunm and I exploded in her mouth by wich some cum flowed from her lips and I made a big moan ,then NILIMA DIDI  too shooted her come in my mouth wich I sucked it for 15 min we both enjoyed each others milk and I again fucked her for 2 times in that day.

I had also a research in which I learnt some ways to make woman fully satisfied in sex   full horny ,which I will tell u in next story.

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