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Seducing My English Teacher

  • desipapa
  • December 8, 2015

Hi this is Ram from Bangalore. I’m 25 Yrs old. I’ve always have these fantasy dreams about screwing aunties but I don’t get any opportunity to make that dreams true until one fine day.
Usually I used to watch beautiful aunties from my balcony from my home. Suddenly I witness a hot lady crossing in scooter across my street. Then I realised she was my English Teacher( Nandhini) in my higher sec school. I went on dreams that how on school days I used to stare at her sexy boobs while her class.

First I describe her. she’s about 40 and Widow. OMG!!! her boobs n ass chance less. I’m her student, so I’ve a route to reach her body. Important thing is she’s a widow and also her home is only couple of streets away from mine. I thought if I sketch a perfect plan, then she’s all mine. I came up with a plan and now I’ve to execute.

Nandhini always comes to her home for lunch. she has to cross my home to reach hers. one day while she crossing my home I called her. I introduced myself that I’m Ram and asked her “do u remember me?”. she replied “how can I forget u”. I’m really surprised. I’m talking to her after 5 years so I have a solid reason to talk. Then I asked her a favour that “I’m having an Interview next month, so can u help me correct my Resume grammatically”. She asked me to take a print and give it to her tomorrow. The next day same time I was waiting for her and she came.
she told me that “I’ll correct and call u the phone no. in resume”. I’m totally disappointed that she never asked to come to her home.

After two days I got a call from an unknown number. I answered it and guess who…yes its her. She asked me to come to her home and collect my resume. I replied with joy that “shall I come at evening after your school hours”. she said “I’m on leave today. u can come now itself also. No problem”. I’m extremely happy and make myself groom enough to attract her. Then I reached her home and rang the door bell. She came after 5 mins in a wet hair and in a sexy black transparent saree. I am frozen completely and can’t take my eyes from her boobs. That minute I realized that she also wants something from me. I controlled myself to make her move first.

Then she give my corrected resume. she asked me to eat some snacks but all I want is her pussy. Then she went in to kitchen for preparing tea. I stared at her boobs while she was in kitchen from hall. when she took tea powder from top shelf, she completely showed her side view intentionally to seduce me. That big boobs in black blouse…can’t control myself. she gave me tea and she was cleaning the floor while I came to her home. so she asked me to have tea while she finish the hall floor gets cleaned. She adjusted her saree while cleaning. I can barely see her navel hole, hip and her half boobs. She bend in front of me to clean the area below the chairs. I got erected. I got a plan.

I got myself stained my face lightly with some grease which I got from my home for my plan. When she returned after her intentional cleaning she noticed that stain in my face and told me about that. I told her that it may be stick to my hands while I cleaned my vehicle. I may be accidentally rubbed that on my face. she told me to wash in bathroom. I went in to bathroom and made my arrangements to that moment. I put the soap in floor and intentionally and screamed. She came into bathroom and asked me “What happened?”.

I told her that something hurts my eye which maybe that grease or soap. She told that,”don’t worry. I’ll blow in your eye”. That’s the moment I’m waiting for. She come closer to me and staring to blow my eye. My hands are urging me to hold her hip. While she blowing, her breasts are touching my body. I acted like i got slipped due to the soap in the floor and landed my face on her boobs and my hands are holding her hip.

Then we started to kiss each other. We played with our tongue for 10 mins. Then I opened the shower and she is completely wet in her saree. I stared to kissing her all over her body. she asked me to move to bedroom. I pushed her to bed. She was lying in front of me in wet. I removed her saree and kissed her navel madly.

Then I unhooked her blouse and bra. Then I saw her boobs. Those were like the boobs of Greek goddess. I licked and sucked her boobs and nipples. she was with her panty alone. I kissed her with my one hand holding her boob and another hand playing inside her panty. Then I slowly removed her panty and smelled it. I started to play with her pussy with my tongue. She moaned loudly.

Now its time for some play. I tied her hands to the bed and closed her eyes with my T-shirt. I got ice cubes from fridge. I started to rub that in her nipples and navel and sucked the water in her navel. she can’t control her moaning and screamed loudly. we both lying in bed completely naked. Then I inserted my cock in to her pussy and started to reciprocate. I was completely inside her. I untied her lately and tried different positions.

That’s the story of my first encounter with my Nandhini Teacher. After that we encountered many times. If you like my story, mail me . Wait for my next story “My First Night With Nandhini Teacher”. To be continued…

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