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  • August 27, 2015

Hi guys I am Rudra from Delhi currently turned 19. I am regular reader of desipapa and today I am able to have sexual intercourse with my cousin sister only because of the stories on this site. So without wasting time I would like to start with my story.

It happened a year back when I was not having any girlfriend and I used to watch lots of porn. I always fantasized of having incest sex because I was unable to make a girlfriend at that time as I was not so attractive but I have a huge dick and well-built personality.
I was on vacations after completing my 12th board exams so I decided to go to my maternal aunt’s house there I met my cousin sister who is 3 years elder than me. She is graduated and has well-built figure big boobs and nice backyard. But I never had wrong intensions for her.

One day as I was watching porn on my mobile she came and suddenly sat beside me and slapped me and said what the heck you are watching. I said it’s my pastime di then she said you are very young for this then suddenly I said to my sis you are saying as if you had experienced such things before. She laughed and said Rudra now let me tell you we have now become adult but I never watched porn so I want to watch. I said ok sis as u wish I handed her my phone and masturbated in her bathroom. Now the wrong intentions started building in my mind for my sis.

One day she asked my cellphone for watching porn I said di I will also watch with you she said no I will feel awkward I said please!please!please!. Then she said ok fine. We both sat on bed and I showed her porn of girlfriend and boyfriend. Then I asked her di your boobs have pink or skin color nipple?? To my surprise she said pink! I thought she will kick me but she replied politely. But I decided to move one step ahead I asked her di I am feeling horny she said so what can I do go and masturbate then everything will become normal. I said ok!

Then next day she asked me to come with her to market as she wanted buy some sort of dress and perfumes! She said me to drive her Scotty I said I don’t have license I will sit at back. She didn’t realize that I was sitting back for specific reason and the reason was that I wanted to feel her boobs. As soon as she started driving I slowly touched my penis to her butt she moved a bit ahead. I realized she is feeling a bit awkward then when we reached the shop she complete her shopping while I was waiting in parking lot listening to songs on my cell phone.

As soon as she came she said me to drive I said no you drive I will keep the bags with me and sit back, she said ok! We reached home it was night time we had dinner she wore nighty of pink color. She was looking sex goddess. My uncle and aunt had to go out for 2 days for some business work. I and my sis were alone she said to me come with me I will show you something. I went inside her room following her without questioning. She said lets watch some good porn as soon as we started watching porn I started touching her boobs and she said nothing I switched off the light and said di can we have sex she said yes sweetheart you are my real man I was also wanting to have sex with you.

Then I removed her nighty and started kissing her from her legs to his mouth. She said common let’s get naughty I removed my shirt and pant and said di if I cumm inside you will become pregnant she said stupid today morning I went to market for buying condom for you take common show me your dick I will help you in wearing this.

I started sucking her boobs for about 3 minutes then I started fingering her pussy hole and she watered she got a bit relaxed and said to me common put your dick inside my whole then as soon I put my dick inside she started moaning ahhhh! Ohhhhh! Ouch! Mummy! I started fucking her harder! Then I asked her to sit above my dick she sat and started jumping on my dick and the I made her sat on the sofa and fucked her in doggy style! And then I asked her to take my dick in her mouth and give me blowjob she removed the condom and suck my dick for long duration and I cumm inside her mouth twice or thrice she drank my cumm and said it was tasty I want this cumm daily Rudra.

We had sex whole night but my penis was paining like anything because it was the first time I had sex. Then next morning she gave me a blowjob session. It was my first sex experience with my elder cousin sister. Now she has a boyfriend and no longer has she needed me.

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