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Seduced Cousin In Bed

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  • December 26, 2015

Wishes to Desipapa readers. I am Yug aged 23 years with average body and a passionate love maker. Staying at hyderabad now..
Incident I am narrating is based on true situation I went through 4 years back when my elder cousin visited my place for spending her vacations with us.

Keep control on your thing as this will be a long and very erotic story and will give you great pleasure while releasing your liquids.

To explain how my cousin ended up to sleep in my room this part is important for your information. My house consist of 3 separate bed rooms. One was used by my parents other one by my 2 siblings and one by me.

Those days were the very busy and hectic for my family due to examinations of my siblings and my elder cousin was spending her vacations with us.

The very first day when she came we all hanged out together went for shopping and had pleasant evening.

After coming home one of my sibling asked my cousin sneha to share room with me as I had a huge bed and both can sleep comfortably and my parents nodded for the same as they would have never thought about the chances of love making between me and my 6 year elder cousin.

As we had a long day I was feeling tired so after taking dinner I straight came up in my room applied some balm on my head and lied down. After half an hour sneha came in and asked me if I am fine. I replied that I have mild head ache otherwise I am good.

She innocently asked me after some time to give me head massage and I too without any bad intention said yes please. She started her magical massage from my forehead and then took controll of my hairs and did it really well. In the mean time we were talking about regular stuff of studies etc. Suddenly my father knocked the door and came in the dark room and I noticed that sneha withdraw her hand from my head with the speed of electricity. Dad asked whether we need any thing and left.

That reaction of sneha made me clear that there is something wrong. I asked her with sheer naughtiness, shall I reciprocate the massage to her and she said yes to it.

I started massaging her forehead went into the middle of her head and in no time started rubbing her back neck portion. I spend almost 20 min there and I noticed formation of tent in my pants. I rubbed her eyebrows gently and she felt hell good there.

After this she asked me to stop massaging her as it was more than an hour. We both had our own white sheets to cover us. We took those and i acted as i slept but I was not able to.

Time to describe her beauty, she was 5.4, very fair and beautiful. Her figure that I assumed was 32-28-36. No eye in public can ignore her curves, pink lips and beautiful face.

Continuing where i left, After an hour of acting as if I am sleeping I gathered courage and slipped my arm below her head and rested it there completely still for long time. I gathered more courage and slipped my body towards her slowly. I noticed no reaction or hindrance from her side. I courageously put my other hand on her stomach. She was wearing sleeveless red kameez and matching salwar. I did not move my hand for more than 30 min but noticed that she have not reacted yet so I thought she is in deep sleep therefore gathering more courage I embraced her and hugged her. Still nothing was there to stop me from her side. I kept her hugging and my left hand was on her back all over touching, coupling and feeling her soft skin. I even tried to put my hand inside the kameez and I succeeded to put in upto her waist.

My heart was shooting 200 pulse per minute and penis was oozing to come out of my lower tearing it apart. I started hugging her tightly and kissed her nose. There was no reaction from her side, which gave me more courage and I slowly brought my left hand on her stomach and moved it on her upper portion to touch those hot and big tight melons. I rested my hand on her right big breast and remained still like a statue. Various thoughts were running in my head.

Nothing can stop me and I dont care what will happen I slowly cupped her right soft breast and she moved lil bit due to which my all courage lost and rushed back in my bed. I repeated the same process once again and dared to get into her bed sheet this time. I started rubbing her thighs and lower portion from knee. I still dont find any hindrance so I took her right leg in my hand and kept it on mine. I was trying to touch my penis to her thighs. I noticed the time and it was 5 o clock in the morning. My parents were awake so I had to stop there.

I woke up at late hours of morning had brunch with all my family. Siblings went to their friend’s place to study and mom visited to some neighbor. Dad was busy in watching TV at hall. Me and my cousin were reacting as if nothing has happened last night and were teasing each other.

Suddenly my cousin applied a cello tape on my little hairy legs and pulled it with full force which caused me pain. I ran behind her caught her from back and tried to take that tape. In no time tent was formed in my pants and I hardly pressed it in the back of sneha. She shouted which position are you trying and ran. Those words left me in shock. Before I could understand my dad called me from the hall for some work and I got busy with the work he delegated to me.

In night we all had dinner and went to respective rooms to sleep. Me and sneha were talking and I naughtily said her thanks for the massage last night, as soon she heard it she said yug keep your body in your bed at night otherwise I know how to handle it. I was shocked from her strict gesture and I nodded in fear and lied at the corner of my bed. I was still thinking of her anger which was making me feel guilty. I did not touched her that night. Me and sneha did not talked for once even in the day time and at night before sleeping she asked me softly that she is sorry she reacted badly last night I nodded and said nothing and took my bed sheet and lied on the bed.

After an hour my devil was aroused and I slipped my hand softly under her head and I noticed great positive reaction from sneha, she herself came closer. I gained lots of confidence and went more closer to her I put my other hand on her stomach and slipped it to her back. she hesitantly caught my hand and said no yug just sleep but I did not hear her and again slipped my hand back on her waist. she stopped but i didn’t listened, she didn’t forced and allowed me to keep my hand on her waist.

After few minutes I embraced her more tightly and squeezes her against my body, she was hesitating but was saying nothing. I started scrolling my hand from her waste to her upper portion of her back she was showing her reluctance but I was in no mood to listen her.

I rested my hand at top of her back which was not covered with any piece of cloth. she was wearing blue kamiz and salwar, my touches on her skin was making her uncomfortable but I was sure she is enjoying these moves. My penis was making huge tent and grown up to the size never before.

We both were sleeping in a position as we were facing each other. I slowly started taking my hand from top of the back of sneha to her waste touching each and every spot of her and after reaching her waste I did not stopped and went downside, she understood I am going to grab her soft ass but before I reached the elastic of her salwar she caught my hand and said a big no.

I took my hand and straightway landed it on her thighs she started moving those away so that I could not grip those but I was very strong to her reluctance, I gripped her thighs, rubbed allover and moved towards her legs below knee, rubbed those and hold it tightly and kept it on my leg so that my penis could touch her love hole directly, she tried to stop half heartedly, but she was also enjoying the process.

I hold her leg upon mine leg and after couple of minute she stopped making efforts to withdraw her leg, I moved my penis towards her love hole with very high force. She understood what I am doing and again tried to go back to her bed but I immediately grabbed her from her ass and brought her back to my bed. She tried to get her ass released from me but failed, she said no yug its wrong and her words were like music to my ears, I pressed her body more harder with mine and kissed her lips, she did not parted her lips and tried not to kiss.

I harshly pressed her ass and she softly moaned, which gave me the idea now she will cooperate, I kissed her lips passionately and got shocked the way she responded. she kissed me back with all the forces. we were kissing like hungry animals from years. I immediately pressed her right melon with great power and crushed it in my hands and I got much rough kiss on my lips from her side, I took no second to put my hand inside her top from back and unhook her bra, she cooperated by shrinking her back.

As soon I unhooked it I inserted my other hand in the top from front and grabbed her boobs and pressed them to bring out every drop of honey out of it. she said this is wrong and I ignored her and bite her nipple over the top. she stretched her body and closed her eyes. she was enjoying every bit if my move now. I took the melon out of her kameez and she caught my head placed it over the nipple and said go rough and I bite and kissed her light pink nipple.

After having quality time on her melons I kept my hand on her stomach and started moving it towards her salwar. She took hold of my hand said no no no, but after having such a great turn on who will listen, I said baby till now u enjoyed was the trailer, now we are starting the movie. She smiled and let my hand free I firstly run my hand all over her panty house and found it highly wet. In the mean time she did unexpected thing she hold my penis over my pants and asked me yug from last three nights he is trapped there, let me get it free and suddenly she took it out in one go. She uttered ‘oh man, how much long and thick it is’.

I opened her salwars knot and she felt shy, I put my hand inside salwar but not in her panty and touched over the panty and her face was all red and she was loving the touches. I slowly brought her panty down she hesitated and tried to stop me but as she was herself in amazing pleasure that she was not able to stop me with all her forces. I brought the panty upto her knees and rubbed her nude thighs passionately. She was enjoying every touch of mine.

After touching her thighs and feeling her white soft skin I got up and sat between her legs to kiss her vagina. She knew I am going to kiss her there, she hold the bed sheet very tight and stretched her body as soon my lips touched her vaginal lips she moaned heavily and went out of control, shield my head and pressed it against her vagina.

After kissing her I put my middle finger in the vagina and she was not in control and begged me to stop but I was in no mood. I continuously shagged her vagina with my finger and she was unable to keep control on her moaning, the juices were dripping all over, the wetness of vagina clearly indicate that she is ready for my penis. I put two fingers and she hold my hand and started moving her body, i was having condom in my bag i took out if it and she was amazed that i have a condom, i asked her whether would she like to make me wear this, she said I dont think we need it yug, go without it, let me feel the penis inside.

I figured out ti bring the ipill next after noin and I took my penis and kept over the clitoris, which sent the wave of pleasure in her body and she herself took hold of my penis rubbed it over the clitoris and kept it on the love hole. She said tear my vagina and touch my g spot with this rod. I put it in and it took 2-3 pushes to reach upto her g spot, she was in pain and pleasure, I fucked her with the speed that she never even would have imagined, it was never stopping cycle.

She stopped me and asked to make cow boy position, I laid on the bed and she herself sat on my penis and moved up and down, her boobs were jumping with every move that was very seducing for me. I hold her ass and helped her to do it with more speed and we both came together after a trip of 35 min. She confessed that she had orgasm more than 5 times in last 15 min.

We had great 15 nights and days after this. We had sex in kitchen, store rooms and even in bathroom. If I receive good responses will definitely narrate the other nights too. Till than keep shaking and banging. By any luck if any female interested at hyderabad may ping for getting lucky.

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