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Seduced By Neighbor

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi I am Kiran, this is real story ,I started enjoying sex at the age of 18 when i was in college when a housewife, my next door neighbour seduced me. She was double my age ie 36 , a south indian lady called Sangeeta, extremely good looking with great physique. she had one daughter of 8 years at that time. her husband was a travelling sales executive and often on tour. It so happened that my practical exams were postponed and i was unable to go to my native place with my family members for a marriage. so i was alone in my house for a fortnight. since we had good relations as neighbours, i was dining at her house. After 2 days, her husband had to leave for a tour for 10 days .

The next morning at 8 am after sending her girl to school Sangeeta called me for a breakfast.when i went to her house she was wearing a very transparent gown with only a bra and underwear beneath which was clearly visible. She was looking extremely sexy in that outfit and I coudnt remove my gaze at her.She invited me in her bedroom which was very spacious with a double bed and a sofa in a corner.I sat on a sofa and she went inside to fetch the breakfast.when she returned , i saw that she had unbuttoned the first three buttons of her gown thereby I could see her big boobs when she bent to offer me a dish.I became excited but was quite shy then since i had no previous experience.while i was having my breakfast she came in and out a several times and each time i was giving alook at her boobs and good shapely buttocks.She then gave me glass of milk and came and sat down very close to me on the sofa.

As i was drinking milk she suddenly put her one hand on my left thigh and started caressing it. Although i was wearing a lungi and an underwear beneath, i could feel the heat of her hand and my cock instanty became erect inside the underwear .She saw that i was uncomfortable and asked me whether I had any girlfriend in the college and whether i had enjoyed sex.when i said no she showed surprise and said that it was high time that i should have one.Then she asked me whether she could be my girlfriend. when i said yes she told me not to feel shy and assured me that she would teach me everything a man should know.while i drank the last sip of milk her hand was on my cock and finding it hard she asked me to stand and then untied the knot of my lungi and it fell on my feet.she then caught the elastic and pulled my underwear down . My cock sprang out like a spring and looking at the size she jumped at it and said that it was the biggest cock she had ever seen and assured me that I would do a great job for women in future. I felt elated and she took my cock in her hand and started caressing it up and down.after 5 mins she removed my shirt and made me full naked.she then started admiring each part of my body and kissing it.since i was excersing i had a mascular body and soon i found she taken my cock in her mouth and starting sucking it.

I was shocked but was feeling wonderful.after sucking my cock for a while Sangeeta then stood up and kissed me on my lips for a long time suffocating me.then she kissed me repeatedly and then asked me to kiss her repeatedly which i did .Then she asked me to remove her gown which i did.she was now only in a black bra and a black panty.she smiled at me seductively and then asked me to first remove her bra and then her panty.Now she was fully naked and the glamour of her breasts and buttocks was superb.Then she took me to the bed and started kissing and caressing me.By now i had become bold and i grabbed her big boobs and started caressing and pulling it.she then taught me how to handle the boobs with hand and mouth.soon i learned it and then she asked me to kiss and lick her cunt.I found that her cunt was wet with desire and i asked her some stupid questions on account of my lack of knowledge in sex.But she encouraged me, answered all my questions and then she showed me how to penetrate and keep giving her repeated thrusts.After about 25 mins i reached my orgasm since it was my first time. after relaxing for 10 mins in each others arms she then told me that a man should first give an orgasm to the woman and only then he should reach his.I did not understand what she said at that time and soon we started intercourse once again and she taught me the prolonging technique.

Since i was a fast learner, i mastered this technique in next 2/3 sessions and found that she was greatly pleased with me and each time she had an orgasm she would tell me so. That first day itself we had sex from 9 am till 4 pm ie for 7 hours without lunch and during that period I had 4 orgasms and she had 7 as told by her then. I really fucked her very hard that day and she was greatly impressed.I was reluctant to leave her but she said that her daughter would be back from school by 5 pm and hence we had to stop.she then asked me to visit next day.Then for the next 10 days we enjoyed everyday till her husband arrived from tour.We continued this liasion very secretly for 3 years after which her husband was transferred to some other town permanently and we lost touch.But I am greatly indebted to this sweetheart because today whatever I am it is only because of her

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