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Second Honeymoon

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Let me introduce myself. I am Monica Sawhney,21 years old and married. My husband, Nikhil is just 22 and belongs to am affluent family. The family business is flourishing. My husband got married to me a year after joining in the business and i had just graduated. I was a virgin before marriage, though my husband popped my cherry we did not really indulge in passionate sex. He was so involved in work that sex was more like a monotonous routine we had to indulge in once in a while. i was getting frustrated so i discussed this with my husband and we decided that we shall have a second honeymoon at our farm house after my husband returned from his business trip in Bombay.

I was to reach the Chattarpur farmhouse on my own and Nikhil was to join me there directly from the airport. He told me that RamLal (the caretaker) would be there to take care of me. I drove down to the farmhouse in my BMW(my husband’s birthday gift to me). I had worn the skimpiest of clothing a sheer chiffon saree and my most see thru blouse. I have a milky white complexion and a real volumptous figure.I was in men’s lingo a “Chikna Maal” and i knew it. I had packed my sexiest sarees and my entire Victoria’s secret lingerie collection. And a few Blue Movies for emergency sake. By the time i reached the farmhouse it was eight in the night and had started raining pretty heavily.I was greeted by a lean middle aged man in his late forties – Ram Lal. “Good Evening Memsaab” he said as he lifted my bags and we hurried into the house and he guided me inside showing me the various rooms(this was my first visit to the farmhouse).Finally reached the Master bedroom where he kept my suitcase and proceeded to the kitchen to get some tea.

I peered out of the bedroom window to see a dark stout bearded man closing the main gates.The main gates light fell on him revealing his big pot belly. He was really hairy and had hair on his back too.”Gross!!”, i thought to myself.I would be scared if i came across him alone. He looked like one of those escaped convicts. “Thats Mangal, he is from my village and is staying here for a few days – helping me out” said RamLal from behind.I turned around to see RamLal with a tray.”Ooh!”, is all i managed. Then the phone rang.I picked to hear the familiar voice of Nikhil, “Darling i am really sorry my meeting got delayed and the earliest flight i can catch is for day after tomorrow”. i was crest fallen.Since there was no point driving back to the city we agreed that i ‘ll stay over and wait for him.”Enjoy the fresh air” Nikhil tried to cheer me up.I told RamLal what had happened.”Donot worry MemSaahib, do din ki hee to baat hain”. But i knew better, I had not had sex or indulged in any mastrubation for the last two weeks saving myself for the “Second Honeymoon”.Two more days of abstinence semeed liked eternity. I had my dinner and felt really drowsy and tired.I retired to my room and with out changing went off to sleep. The next morning i woke with a heavy head.I noticed something sticky on my belly.I touched it and tried to smell it.To my shock it smelt like semen.I panicked had i been violated in my sleep, by who Mangal!!! or was i just hallucinating.All these questions were running through my head as i had a shower.

I came out in my blouse and petticoat and was putting on my saree in front of the mirror when i noticed in the reflection Mangal standing near the window ogling at me. By the time i turned he wasnot there. I had forgotten to draw the curtains of my bedroom window.Was i loosing my mind or was this just sheer drowsiness. I switched on some TV to kill time.I was tempted to watch the bllue films but decided against it. At 12.00 RamLal brought me some lunch but i didnot touch it .I just threw all of it outside the window.Half an hour later RamLal came to collect the plates.”Anything else Memsaahib ?”.”No RamLal i am feeling really sleepy donot disturb me for the next two hours.”, i replied. “As you wish”.He said and left the room. I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes. Even though i had a heavy head i couldnot sleep.About half an hour later i heard the door open, i kept my eyes closed partially and through the dimly lit room made out that it was RamLal. He walked towards the bed and gently nudged me on the shoulder. I didnot respond.And then i got the shock of my life.He gently pulled my palloo and let it fall on the floor.My belly, my navel were bare to him. I managed to maintain my regular breathing.He then removed his dhoti revealing an enormous cock and started stroking it.All the while he was staring at my naked belly.I should have gotten up and given him hell for this kind of conduct except for the fact that i was all wet between my thighs.He continued stroking his member as his breathing became heavier and within a few minutes the strokes became really fast and finally he spurted out his semen all over my belly.

The feel of his hot semen on my belly was nearly orgasmic.He used a tissue to wipe off his semen from my stomach. He then quickly placed my palloo back in place and slipped out of the room with his dhoti bunched around his waist. As soon as the door closed i put my right hand inside my petticoat reaching between my legs and then proceeded to finish myself to a terrific orgasm.By now the scenario was clear – horny RamLal mixed something in the food to make me feel sleepy and then jacked off looking at me in a semi nude state.I was feeling thrilled now that i had not only two red blooded men lusting after me but also a real orgasm after a long time.I loved the fact that i was in control and even though both the men lusted me they couldnot get me.In the evening i walked around the farm, i saw Mangal staring at me ogling at my tits.I was so kicked that i even dropped my pallo a few times for his benefit. Even though i was not facing him i could feel his eyes all over my body.Ram Lal was more subtle i caught him sneaking a peek of my cleavage while he served me tea. By night i was looking forward to RamLal’s visit.At dot 10 p.m i heard the door open and saw RamLal enter the room.As usual he nudged me to check if i were asleep.He then proceeded to remove my palloo.But to my surprise instead of mastrubating he caught my waist with his huge rough hands and started kissing-licking my bare belly.

This sent a tingle up my spine,I could feel his hard member touching my thigh.By now I was getting soaking wet between my thighs while RamLal was ravishing my belly as though it was his favourite ice cream. I wanted to stop him but my body won’t let me.The feel of his rough hands on my smooth skin and his erect member against mt thigh were too good to ignore.But then RamLal got bolder he moved up and started unbuttoning my blouse.Suddenly alarm bells starting ringing in my mind and i realised that i was letting this thing go out of hand,it must stopped now.By now RamLal was scooping out my left breast from my bra cup. I opened my eyes wide and shouted,” RamLal What the hell do you think you are doing ???”.I thought this would scare him off and he would rush out of the room. But to my total shock an almost evil grin came to his face as he replied back,”So you have finally given up the facade huh!!And now that you are awake lets start fucking”.I felt a chill up my spine as i realised that i had lost all control and RamLal was going to screw me.i strated crying RamLal please donot rape me, i beg you please leave me. But this didnot have any effect on him.He tore my blouse and bra and started licking my nipples he was now lying on top of me and there was no way i could move or hope to escape.

He then ripped off my petticoat leaving me only in my g string panty. I tried my best to push him away but he was too heavy and strong for me.I could feel his hot throbbing member on my bare thighs.”Please mujhe jaane do pleaeeease…Mein tumharee beti jaisi hoon “.He laughed “agar meri beti bhi tere jitne gori aur chikni hoti to main uske saath bhi yai heen karta.” He then got on his knees, pulled my thighs apart and guided his tool into my vagina.He then caught my waist with both his hands and shoved his penis all the way in.”Aaaah”,I moaned partly in pain and partly in pleasure.RamLal grunted as he growled out in his rural Haryanavi,”Maaza arareyo hai tane bhi”.Then he strarted fucking me straight and hard.His cock was ramming into my pussy.His dick was like a motorised driller going in and out of pussy.I had never experienced this kind of fucking before Nikhil was always gentle and sweet but RamLal was fucking me like i was a whore.The fact that RamLal my own servant was fucking me, a girl was half his age probably the age of his daughter was turning me on in the most perverted fashion.”HuuuuunhHuuunnnhh……aaaaaah…..ohmmygodpleaseeeeeeee….”,My moans became louder as he continued banging me, i was matching his thrust with my own as i was approaching a mammoth orgasm and I orgasmed not once but twice in succession but to my amazement he still was banging me at a steady pace.

His whole body was glistening with sweat his face was red and his eyes were fixed on me staring at me with unadulterated lust.By now i was totally drained and wasted, like a rag doll in his hands but he was relentlessly plundering my pussy..”Bus RamLal aur nahi bus ….he was banging me for the last 20 minutes now, i caught his balls and gave it a gentle squeeze that seemed to do the trick..he stopped for a moment as i felt spurts of his semen splattering my inner walls as he came in spasms one after another. And finally when he was also totally done He let out a groan and fell on top of me.Afetr a couple of minutes he got up tied his dhoti back and proceeded to move out of the room.I felt relieved that finally it was over. RamLal was done with me and tomorrow Nikhil would be back. As RamLal opened the door i heard him say…”Mangal ab teri bari,Chikna maal hai! jo ab tu mazze lele”.Then to my utmost horror i saw mangal enter the room.He was licking his lips as he stared at my naked body with greedy wanton lust.

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