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Sec Trio Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Reading all of the Desipapa stories I thought of posting my own original story for the pleasure of the readers. Little about me, I am well built guy 5’11” tall, with a strong body and lot of energy J here is one experience I had with two of my friends Seema and Tina.
I have known Seema and Tina both since college, though we never did share any intimate relation, we were very close and used to talk about almost anything on this earth including sex. Let me tell you a little about both. Seema is the stronger on of the two and is 5’7 with a body of a model though she is a bit on the plumpy side. Her sizes ar 37D, 26, 37 and Tina is petite with a 5’4” 34, 24, 35, but very sexy, really very sexy.

This happened when all three of us were at Seema’s house giving her company because her parents were out for the week end and she did not feel like going out. So we decided to stay at her place for the day.

As usual our general talk lead to sex and we were talking very freely about it all. Seema was in a Spagetti top and jeans and Tina was in her shorts and loose t-shirt.

A little later the talk became a little more intimate and we were like sititng very close to each other and my hands accidently touched Seema’s right breasts, that sent shock waves in my body and I am sure it did in her body as well.

All of a sudden Tina got very horny and decided to take lead. She came to me and laid a kiss on my lips and said that let us have some real fun baby. I said we will but we will have to play the rules and I will write the rules, they both agree. Seema reluctantly agreed but agreed for sure.i asked them to put forth a show for me and todo things where by I could treat them well.

Tina began the whole show by pulling Seemas Top, exposing some of her cleavage hidden in her bra. Then Tina went ahead and planted a kiss on Seemas cheeks. Seema responded violently by catching hold of the thin Tina and indulging in passionate smooch. I was shocked and surprised and later discovered that both had many encounters with each other. Seema the stronger of the two now got violent and gets started, she violently pulls Tinas Top and then suddenly pounces on her. Tina managds to escape but then they hit peace and Tina ultimately allows Seema to remove her top. Thus exposing her small, pear shaped but firm breasts hidden behind a white thin bra. Now Seema asks Tina baby to raise her arms and then she moves her tongue hungrily through her shaved armpits one by one. Seema started from her fingers, with her tongue out and the went upto her lower end of her armpits. Tina was enjoying this. Tina facing her clean back towards me starts moaning in anticipation of the treat which she is going to experience through out the day today. Undoubtedly I was enjoying the show.

Seema by now was in full action and she put her hands inside Tinas Shorts and unbuttons the jeans. Before Nishbaby could know anything her Shorts was kissing the ground with full gravity. Tina now was left with just her Bra and a thin transparent Panty which exposed her jungle of Pubic hair which was unshaved. Seema started playing with Tinas hidden assets, she started passionately caressing Tinas well developed Breasts. Seema was still fully dressed and it was Nishs chance now to help Seema get rid of her clothes. Tina with the calmness of a cow slowly unbuttoned Seemas Top till the last button was opened this exposed the white bra that Seema had put. Tina lay Seema on the floor and slowly started licking Seemas breasts and went on to lick her navel and her crotch over her jeans, this was driving me wild and crazy. I ahd seen something like this only in movies, this was live and this was real.

Tina slowly moved ahead and unbuttoned Seemas Jeans and pulled it down thus exposing the white skin hidden beneath these clothes. Ultimately Nish managed to move up to Seemas Panty. She started kissing her from above the panty and felt the thrust. By now Seema worked on Tinas panty and pulled them down with a blow, Tina was now lying on top of Seema sucking her panty. Tinas ass GAND was suddenly exposed and Seema was pulling it apart and exposing one of Tinas hole in the ass. Now Tina baby was left only with her BRA, she was completely Naked below.

I now ordered Seema to finish off with Tina, Seema still had Bra on. Seema caught hold of Tinas nude body and got her up. Now Tina dear was standing in front of me I could get a full length of her beautiful Pussy a total V – Shaped. Seema by now was working on Tinas Bra string. She unhooked her Bra and swung it to the floor. GOOSH -Tina was now fully naked standing in front of me. Her breasts were a treat, her nipples were swollen already and she had a cute little mole on her right Breast. She was simply gorgeous. I ordered Seema to suck Tinas Nipples and she did it with great perfection. Tina was moaning loudly by now.

It was time for me to get into action. I took Tina in my arms and lifted her slender body. Took her to the floor and lay her there. Then I started working on her. I bent down to lick her wet cunt. But it was fucking unshaved & I asked Seema to get the shaving kit for Tina baby. She was moaning and asked me to go ahead and not wait for the razor she yelled “You asshole Fuck Me Why do want to shave my pussy” come on bastard cum on get me she moaned, TERA LUND GHHOSA MERE CHUT ME. I paid no attention and kept teasing her by tickling her clit and spreading her lips to get a view of her tight Vagina. Seema came with the shaving Foam which she skillfully applied to Tinas Pussy. Now I took the Razor in my hands and started shaving Tina. She was now moaning loudly and begging for my rod. While I shaved her Seema stood up and started removing herBRA. She took off her BRA and the she looked at me and turned around thus giving me a view of her clean back. She then raised her hands to show me her shaved and clean armpits. exposing those round plump breasts and swollen tits.

She knelt at Tina and asked her to suck her tits. Tina like a mad dog pounced violently on Seema and sucked her breasts and squeezed the other one with her hands, actually crushed it. This made Seema moan passionately. I now finished the shaving. Tinas pussy was now clean and looked sexier. It was pink. Now I applied some after shave to the shaven pussy. This made Nish shout loudly. She held me tight and planted a violent kiss on my lips. In full control of the situation I also indulged myself in a deep passionate kiss with Nish baby. Now I asked Tina to do a Nude Catwalk for us, and she started walking. She was definitely looking sexy, with that clean Pussy moving in and out. In the meanwhile Seema removed my shirt and my trousers. She could now feel the bulge in my Manhood. She wanted me – Desperately.

Now I asked Tina to get us something to eat while I finished with Seema. Seema only with her Panty on now came up to me and removed my under pant. I was all naked standing with that 8’ long rod of mine. Seema could not resist it and bend down and started sucking my cock. She took the entire thing deep down her throat. I was now moaning and about to cum.

Nude Tina arrived in the hall and seeing Seema take the lead on my manhood, put the food she had prepared aside and rushed towards me. I was now sitting on the floor with Seema sucking my manhood with great taste. Nish knew that I was hungry for her came and took a seat on the sofa. She now spread her legs giving a full look of her Vagina thru her Shaved Pussy. I started licking her cunt moving my tongue skillfully as she moaned in happiness. By now I had already blasted into Seema’s mouth. Her mouth was full of my white cum. Tina got excited and got up and removed my rod from Seema’s mouth and tried to get the best of my manhood. I now came again and this tie I blasted on Tina’s mouth. Her face was now full of the white fluid. She began licking everything hungrily. And then both of them kissed each other exchanging the treat they got from my little johny.

Now it was Seema’s turn. I asked Tina to sit down and watch me screw Seema. I slowly removed her Panty from behind thus exposing her round ass. I suddenly with a jerk took her panty to the floor. Now Seema was full Naked. This is how she had come to this earth several years ago. She turned towards me. I saw her jungle of pubic hair. It was thicker than that of Tina. Golden jungle of Hair. It looked fabulous. I wanted to shave it right away. But that dam thing was too thick and therefor I had to get a pair of scissors from my room. I slowly started trimming Seema’s Pubic Hair. She was moaning in pleasure. I did a good job at trimming Seemas Pussy. I now had it at manageable limits for me to go in for a full clean shave of her Pussy. I took a good look of her trimmed Cunt and enjoyed the beautiful view of her wet Pink Lips. They were real thirsty for a Cock. Now I applied a bit of shaving foam on Seema’s well trimmed pussy. Then taking a sharp razor I started shaving her. She was moaning and pulling my hair while she bit her lips hard. I shaved her bald. She now looked sexier than ever with that clean feeling between her legs. She was looking A 1 Fuckable now.

It was time now to give this bitch what she wanted. I lowered towards her and gave my manhood in between her breasts and started breast fucking her. She was enjoying this. I finally exploded between her huge Breasts. She immediately took my rod in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. She swallowed every drop of my white cum. I was in the mean while playing with her wet Vagina. I had two of my fingers dug into her Pussy. I was moving them in and out just giving this little baby a cool time.

Now I moved down upon this ladys huge well developed Breasts. I started teasing her with my tongue. I took one of her tight Nipples in my mouth in between my teeth and bit her hard. She shouted “ OOOOOOOOHOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHHHOHOHHOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!!!!. I was enjoying this fully. Now I planted a kiss on her lips played with her tongue. She was enjoying it.

I just glanced at Tina baby, she was sexited, she was masturbating. She had one hand covering her Breasts and one hand stroking her Vagina. she was looking hot and wet, both at the same time.

I now released Seema dear from my firm grip and went and took a seat on the sofa. Seema was lying on the marble floor. Stark NAKED. She was sleeping on her back with her front fully exposed. I could see her tits standing up facing the sky. She was looking Sexy. I wanted to Fuck her then and there. But something stopped me from doing the same. I had a idea. I went to the room and got the music system and plugged it in. I played a dance number.

Now I ordered Seema to get up and perform a dance on the floor for me. She refused. I got furious and went upto her and put my leg into her exposed Vagina. she moaned. But after that she got up and requested me to be seated on the sofa. I politely agreed. I was now seated on the sofa completely Naked. My Dick was hard and erect.

Now Seema started performing. She dances like a real pro. While she danced her huge Breasts also danced up down up down. I was enjoying this. She twisted and turned giving a full view of her wholesome sexy body. Suddenly, Tina appeared, she was fully dressed. She immediately changed the music and started a Strip Tease. She first removed her T shirt thus exposing a costume / Nighty that she was wearing. Then she looked at me and pulled her trousers down. She was wearing a Swim Suit. She slowly started removing her straps and exposed one of her BALLS. She was NAKED again in no time. I now called her and violently started sucking her Nipples. She moaned. I was violent to the core. With one hand I stroked her Pussy and with the other, its two fingers running in and out of her asshole. I really bit her Nipples hard. One of them actually started bleeding. Both of us were enjoying this.

In the meanwhile Seema dear was done with her dancing and she came and sat in my lap. Mind you she was naked and so was I. I now asked Tina baby to move aside while I finished with Seema. I was all ready to FUCK HER PUSSY.

I rammed by dick into her wet and inviting cunt while I kissed Tina like there was no tomorrow. Finally when I was about to cum I pulled off and Seema drank my entire load. I was limp by now and was feeling very weak, I dropped down and literally passed out. I got up with a feeling in my cock, tina was sucking it with all her might trying to get it to erection again, and to my surprise it did and w

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