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Satisfied My Mami

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi everyone, this is Mohan. My age is 21. I am slim, fair complexion and handsome guy. I m 5 ft 12 inch, my dick size is 9 inch. i am quite good in fucking, experienced sex with girls of different ages.

This story is about my first sex experience, unfortunately with my own mami. I could never thought of fucking her even in my dream. I still remember the day when she was married to my mama. That time i was just 6 yr old. She treated me as her own child. I was so lucky to have such mami. I and my parents visited her every year during summer vacations. Her name is Mamta.

She is now around 36, having five kids. She along with mama and my grandmother lives in a village named Badalpur. Her average figure, stiff boobs and big ass always attracted me toward her after i reached 16 but i never thought of fucking her in reality. She is having wheatish skin and attractive brown lips. She always wear saree and blouse.

The day came when it happened. I was 20 and she was 35. I went to my mama’s house to enjoy my holidays. It was unfortunate that my mami was alone in house as my grandmother, mama and all kids had gone out of village for some work. It was evening time and my mami made a cup of tea for me. I asked her when they would come. She said that they would come in the next afternoon.

Then she went to kitchen to make dinner. I also went with her. She was making roti. While doing so, her pallu fell down. She didn’t covered herself. The scene of her cleavage made me excited. For the first time i realized that she was first a woman and then my mami. While she was making roti, her boobs were shaking and her sweat dripping into her cleavage. I was dying to lick her sweat. Her entire blouse soaked in her sweat and her waist was shining due to her sweat. I broke all my control and decided to fuck her.

After we had dinner, i asked her could i sleep on her bed. (I know that shouldn’t be asked especially to a lady. But i had to take that risk because i didn’t want to lose that rare opportunity of being alone with her). When i asked her that question, she was surprised and asked me the reason. I said that i am scared of sleeping alone especially in the dark.( no lights in her house. They use oil lamps).

She thought that i was too innocent to do wrong things with her. Actually i made her to think like that. It was 12:10 am on my mobile. She was sleeping next to me, face turned on the other side and her petticoat and saree had reached upto her thighs. It was very dark. I had one small torch. I switched it on and observed her back side. Her smooth thighs appearing milky. I inserted my torch into her petticoat to see her ass. She wasn’t wearing panty, maybe due to hot. In the torch light, It could see her asscrack and hairy pussy sandwiched between her plumpy butt. Though it was not fully visible and i had to peep into her petticoat to see her ass. I could feel heat and intense smell of her ass in my nose.

I unzipped my pant and inserted my long dick into her petticoat till it touched her pussy crack. My whole body shivered as i made my dick to touch a pussy for the first time. I remained like this for ten minutes and released my precum there itself. I removed my dick from there and waited for her to make any movement.

After sometime i found that she was lying on her back and her legs spread in v -shape. I got myself between her legs and observed her pussy with torch light. It was slightly hairy and her crack could be clearly seen. I slid her petticoat upto her waist. She was now completely naked below her waist. I laid down between her thighs and placed my face near her pussy crack. I smelled her thighs. Taking utmost care not to awake her, i licked her thighs. I was having this very different taste of woman for the first time. Then i buried ny nose into her pussy crack. I smelled her urine and filled my nose with its aroma.

Then i licked her crack with the tip of my tongue. She might have pissed just before going to bed. That’s why her urine was so intense. I wanted to eat up her pussy and suck all its juices but i controlled. She was still in deep sleep and that was what all i wanted more.

I reached near her boobs. There was no chance to suck them. I had to satisfy myself by smelling her cleavage and her blouse. I also licked her sweaty armpits from above her blouse. The taste was so bad that nobody would want to taste them again. But i liked the taste of her armpits just because those armpits belonged to a very attractive woman.

Licking and sucking her was over. My next step was fucking her. 2 hours have already passed. Bad ideas were wandering in my mind. One idea was to fuck her in her sleep. But would it work. The second idea was to rape her. If i do so, i would be sent to jail. The third idea was to make her realise what she was missing all her life like fucking a young man. I knew none of them would work. Though my mami is primary school teacher, she is not aware of the fact that a woman can have private relationship with another man as she lives in village. But i made up my mind that i would teach her what urban society is all about.

I switched on my torch and directed it toward her face. She was sleeping like an innocent baby and not knowing about me who just had the taste of her pussy. Then i looked at her completely naked thighs. In torchlight, her body was looking more sexy than usual. I started massaging my dick.

When it gained its length and stiffness, i laid upon her in 69 position and buried my dick into her mouth forcefully. She suddenly woke up but could’t shout as my dick was touching her food pipe. She was trying to cut my dick with her teeth but it was too thick to do that. At last she got tired and stopped biting my dick.

When i parted her thighs to lick her pussy crack, she started resisting by shaking her ass. I held her thighs with my palm and parted her pussy lips. Smelt the hole for sometime and then pushed my tongue deep inside. My mami jumped on bed. I licked all inside of her pussy and sucked her juices which tasted much like urine. I started fucking her hole with my tongue to excite her. After sometime she shivered and sprayed all her juices inside my mouth. I swallowed all her drops.

Now it was my turn to ejaculate into her mouth. I started sliding my dick into her lips. I had to push my dick again and again because she was resisting it. While doing so, my balls touching her nose. When i felt that i would come, i pushed my dick deep inside her mouth and ejected all my sperm in her food pipe. She had no other option except to swallow it.

I remained like that upon her in 69 position with my dick inside her mouth so that she could’t shout. I pulled her thighs to see her asshole. It’s smell was quite bad. But i wanted to taste everything of my mami. Therefore i pushed my tongue deep inside her asshole and licked all her dirt.

I removed my dick from her mouth. But she didn’t shout. She wasn’t even looking at me. I forcefully removed all her clothes and jumped upon her. She started crying,’ please dont fuck me, i am your mami’. I said,’ no, you are a woman and i am dying to fuck you’. Then I placed my dick at her pussy crack. She closed her eyes and cried,’ plz i dont want to become pregnant’. I said,’ dont worry, it will end soon’. I caught her arms tightly and pushed my 9 inch dick inside her pussy. My mami jumped and started shaking her legs. I could see a great shock in her eyes. I whispered in her ear,’ calm down, it will end soon”.

Only half of my dick was inside her and i was touching her innermost wall ( wall of womb). I wanted to go more inside and tear away her womb. I gathered all my strength and pushed my dick like a bullet inside her. It plunged deep into her pussy stretching her womb wall. My mami’s entire body shivered. She shouted,’ maaa…i am dying..i am dying’. Her expression indicated that she was in great pain. But I didn’t bother about her. Fucking her hard was just in my mind and nothing else. I started hitting her womb again and again to cause to and fro motion of her wall. After sometime, her pain turned into sexy moan. She stopped resisting and surrendered her body to me.

The woman inside her woke up. I held her face in my palm and kissed her.I even sucked all her saliva. I whispered in her ear,’ I want my dick to be inside you and hear your moan for rest of my life’. I hit her womb very hard. She cried out,’ ouch’. I asked, ‘what happened’. She said,’ what was that? I am feeling as if my long thirst have come to an end’. I asked,’how?’. She said,’ i always wanted my womb to be hammered. Your mama could never do that. He could only brushed my womb and left me with its wall itching, but today you completely satisfied me’.

She said,’ I always thought that you are very decent boy. I never expected this from you. why have you done this?’. I said,’ i wanted to feel pleasure’. She said,’ But i am your mami. There is barrier of this relation.’ i asked,’ has it caused any difference?’. She thought for sometime but could’t answer my question. I said,’ we are alone. No body could know what just happened’.

She said,’ I can feel your dick inside my womb. You are so naughty. I want to be your wife. Make me pregnant. And we will keep it secret. Your mama can never know that this is your child’. I said,’ ok Mamta, get ready to experience heaven’. I put her brown nipples in my lips and started sucking her milk forcefully. She continuously gave out milk for 20 min and i drank all of it. Then i licked all over her breasts and also tasted her sweaty armpits.

I embraced her tightly and started sliding my dick inside her pussy. She was making nail marks on my back. I punished her for this by hitting her womb much harder. She was looking sex goddess with her red, sweaty face and disturbed hairs. I licked her face to cool her. After sometime, She started saying,’ just tear it away, dont bother about what happens to me’. With that i started hammering her womb . The environment filled with the noises,’ tuck, tuck tuck’. My dick swelled and became red. I made last attempt and hit her womb with full strength. I released huge load of sperm into her womb. She also squirted.

I embraced her very tight to feel her big boobs on my chest and slept upon her like that. When we woke up in morning, Mamta brought a tea for me and said,’ next year, when you will come here, you shall see your own child’. I said,’ Mamta, let’s have five more babies. I will make arrangements for that for next five years’. She said,’ O Mohan, you are my true husband, I am all yours’.

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