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Sassie Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hello viewers, I am rahul, age 21, good looking, from Chennai (tamilnadu).This is a real story, which happened before a month (Feb. ‘05’) with my neighbour aunty .

Her name was sasikala and was aged 29 and has a kid of 7yrs. Old . her husband was a business man and use to go to outstation often .she has very nice figure Of “ 37 29 36” and of course she has very large breast and her plump smooth big buttocks makes me mad and quite a sexy belly button.

I used to admire her often in her sari bcos her plumpy buttocks make me crazy. As soon as I see her my penis starts expanding and becomes a hard rod like a pole. After my college I used to go to her home to have a chat with her in the evenings .As we use to talk about sex jokes, she use to ask me did u ever satisfy ur girlfriend’s feelings? This gives me green signal to have sex with her.

One Saturday morning 10 am I went her home just to have a talk as I was pressing the calling-bell nobody turned to open the door when I simply pushed the door it opened and I went to the hall and sat for a while I heard the sound of water spilling when I went to the kitchen I found aunty ‘s voice WHOSE THAT? From bathroom (as aunty was bathing) I told aunty its me, then she opened the bathroom door slightly, she put out her face alone and asked what rahul? I was motionless when aunty asked me, as she was fully naked inside the bathroom. And as she was asking me, I could able to see milky cleavage and my rod became so horny and I was unable to resist.

Then I went to her bed room and searched the shelves, I found a quite no of panties and bra s In which I found a black bra where it was netted one as well as the panties was also netted I was surprised to see those and I took the black bra and started to put my tongue in order to imagine that as her two big breast in my mouth. After that I took the panty and dared to masturbate on it as I was meddling with my rod, from my back aunty told what r u doing rahul and she said gently with a sexy voice do u want touch what I wore now. I immediately replied “YES”.

Aunty was wearing a yellow color satin sari, in which I could reveal the gorgeous shape of her heavenly body .we went near the bed and she asked me WHICH PART OF MY BODY MAKES U HORNY? I told her ur belly button(navel) and the most sexiest is ur buttocks that carve any guy’s intention. She said really? Then She asked me WHY CANT U PLAY WITH MY BUTT ? I caught her both the hands and placed around my body so that my hard rod will touch her hairy cunt and I started massaging her butt slowly realizing the feelings of sex .then i massaged her butt with more pressure and I could feel the hot sensation from her. Then I pulled down her sari from the top and ho god I was amazed to see two big breasts hiding in the blouse.

I turned around and stood at her back and started unbuttoning her blouse as I was proceeding one by one, temptation was increasing. Then I unhooked her black bra and the plumpy boobs were out and I chewed those mangoes for 5-10 min. then I sat on the bed and made her to stand in the front and I lifted her sari from her toe and dragged till I reached her panty. as I was dragging the sari she in hot sensation caught my hair tightly and making the sexy sounds ahhhhhhhhhhh ammmmmmmmm rahul kanna come-on .then I took the folded part of the sari from her abdomen and I undressed her sari .now she only with her petticoat and panty then I removed the knot of the petticoat and left her with the panty.

Rahul I will undress ur clothes she then asked me to stand and she removed my T-shirt

And my trouser, now even me only in my brief. This she took my cock inside in to her mouth and started tasting it and after that I made her to lie on the bed and started kissing all over the body she made horny noise ahhh ahhhhh ayyyoooo rahul and when I started to my rod in to her cunt she told (rahul kanna romba vallikidu) I never stopped and penis were in full piston if full force (rahul ahhhhh ammmmmmmm ahhhhh romba nalarku)

After some half an hour I asked her horney and icecream and she from the refrigerator and I allowed the icecream to melt a little and applied the the horney on her breasts and navel as the same way I placed the icecream on her cunt and the chillness made her to get orgasm as my rod entered her cunt along with the cream and she ate the icecream on my penis and I ate from her cunt and I started licking the horney on her navel and on the breasts she started making sounds in a loudly COMMMMMN FUCK ME PUT ALL UR EFFORT CHELLUM .then we hugged till noon 2pm as my cock was inside her cunt. There after we hand lunch in full naked were she sat on my lap kissing me in rejoice manner.

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