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Sara Little Secret

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hello dear desipapa fans.This is KADUBHAI from Lahore pk.I am a big fan of Desipapa.I love the erotic story section very much and so here i am with my own written Erotic Story.It is not something that has happened with me but i just wrote it on my own .I am sharing this with u and i am sure that it will give u the best reading pleasure u ever had.

Sara was a stunning 15 year old. She stood about 5’7, with beautiful green eyes, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde high lights, good sized breasts for her age (we’ll say a big B cup), and the most perfect tightest virgin ass one has ever seen. Sara’s mom, Nina, was stunning as well. She was in her late 30’s, but looked more like she was in her late 20’s. She had a full healthy chest, a flat stomach, nice round butt, and a beautiful face. Sara’s parents were very sexually active, participating in either oral, anal, or sexual intercourse nearly every night. Her father, Irfan was also well built man and worked out alot. But despite all of her beauty Sara was still a squeaky clean virgin. Not participating in any sexual acts considered more then making out. She had chances with many boyfriends but there was only one person in her life that she found extremely sexual- strange enough this was her own mother! She occasionally fantisized about what it would be like to be involved in her parents sex lives. The more she thought about it, the guiltier she felt because she knew that none of her friends or piers felt that way about their own parents.

Finally she decided the only way to rid herself of these feelings was to tell her mother and father and hope would understand and somehow help her through them. So one night, after all of her brother’s and sisters were asleep, Sara crept into her parents bedroom. Her dad was wearing his boxers, and her mother was wearing a night robe over some cotton panties and a bra. Sara was wearing a skimpy little night gown, which went down just past her belumptious ass, and dipped low revealing her young budding tits.
“Mom,” Sara started, “Can I talk to you about something?”
“Well of course, honey, you can tell your father and I anything” her mom replied.
“Uhm, this is hard, but uhm well lately I have been having some sexual feelings” Sara stuttered.
“Oh hunny, its perfectly normal for a girl your age to start to have sexual feelings about young boys your age” her mother comforted.
“Well thats the thing Mom, I don’t have sexual feelings about boys, I have them about you two. I fantasize about having sex with both of you” Sara said, unsure about what reaction she would get.
Originally as expected Sara’s parents were shocked and it showed in there faces. “Hold on a second honey,” her mother said. Nina and her husband exchanged whispers for a few minutes and finally came to a conclusion. “Well your father and I have come to a decision” Nina replied.
“Are you gonna send me to a psychologist??” Sara asked, expecting a yes.
But her mother answered, “No no no, honey, we have decided that the best way for you to expell these sensations is to experience them instead of bottling them deep inside your precious little heart. After all, your father finds you extremely attractive. I on the other hand am gonna need some talking into, so why don’t you get undressed for Mommy and if I like what I see then you can crawl in bed, naked, with us tonight, Ok???”

Sara was overjoyed. Finally she could have sex, and best of all she was going to live out her fantasy! She slid down the straps of her gown, revealing her young pillowy breasts.
“Very impressive, honey, your boobs are much bigger then mine were at your age. Come closer let Mommy see” said Nina. Sara obeyed and walked over to her mother. The site of his daughters beautiful tits had gotten Nina off and he slowly began to stroke his rod. Sara looked at her mother as she played with her breats, squeezing them and teasing her nipples. “Bend over, and let Mommy take off your underwear so I can see my little baby’s pride and joy” Nina stated. Sara once again obeyed sliding the rest of her night gown down and the kicking it to the side so she was only wearing a little purple thong. Sara turned around, her ass facing her mother, and bent over and touched her toes. Her mom did what she promised sliding off the under garment with ease, exposing her daughter’s tight asshole and puffy virgin vaginal lips. “Oh Irfant, you were right her ass is just perfect. Oh honey I have got to tell you, your Daddy is dying to fuck that little ass of yours, and I am just dying to see it. Look at him, he is jackin off at the site of it!” Nina said with a laugh. Sara stood up and looked over at her father. A little half grin, half shocked statement crossed her face.
“Oooh don’t worry honey, its ok, just let me finish” Nina moaned as he wanked harder and harder while leaning his back up against the head of the bed.
“Honey watch how Mommy is going to suck Daddy’s dick. Now pay attention because your gonna be next ok?” said Nina. Sara nodded her head in approval as her mother stripped herself naked and slowly slid off her dads boxer. They were now all 3 naked. Her mom layed down flat on the bed and started at the tip of her dad’s slong and slowly made her way up, deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then she ryhthmycally moved her mouth up and down his dick, when she was finished licking its head. “Now go over there and finish him off for mommy, ok? And don’t forget to swallow” her Mom told Sara. She slowly crawled over to her sexually ailing father.
“Go ahead, baby, let me have it, don’t be scared, this is just our little secret, now suck Daddy’s fat dick for him, ok?” Irfab coaxed as if Sara needed some reassuring. Sara engullfed the hard-on like a banana, fitting as much as she could in her little mouth to start with. She then worked her way down to the tip, and licked the head of her Dad’s dick like a toddler tonguing a lolly-pop. “Oh gooood girl” he moaned. Meanwhile, Megan’s mother had crawled on top of her back, feeling her baby girl’s tits while she watched her suck her husband off. Then her little girl took the whole thing in her mouth, which caused her husband to erupt in Sara’s mouth. “Oh shit” he moaned as he released his juices all over his little girl’s mouth. Sara gulped down the cum like it was a delicious drink and smiled as she licked her lips of any excess drops.
“Oh such a good little girl to her daddy” her mother said as she complimented and stroked Sara’s back like a little dog who had just completed a trick, “I think our little girl deserves a reward, dont you Irfan??”
“Oh definitly” Irfan moaned after finally regaining his composure from the stunning orgasm his daughter had just envoked, “Here here, baby, come sit on Daddy’s lap.” Sara once again did as she was told and took her place on her father thighs. “Now spread your legs wide cause Mommy’s gonna eat your pussy for you, ok??” her father said. Sara again obeyed excitedly spreading her legs wide, giving her mother easy access to her dampened puss.
“Get ready, baby, here I come” her mother abliged, as she crawled from the end of the bed to the head where her daughter was positioned. Sara moaned weekly as she felt her mother’s moist tongue on her slit for the first time. It was unbelievable. Beth gave long strokes with her tongue across her daughter’s tiny shaved pussy. Just when Sara thought it couldn’t get any better, her father turned her head as far back as possible where he met her with a long passionate kiss and later unlocked the kiss and began feel up his daughters soft tits. She loved how her boobs were cupped perfectly in his hands while he used his thumbs to rub over her nipples. The pleasure soon turned into pain though after her father stuck his 8 1/2 incher deep into her precious previously unharmed asshole. Sara immediately leaned over burying her precious face into her mother’s ass and crying. The stick literally was tearing her asshole apart, but she grew to accept the pain and eventually as her asshole loosened, enjoyed it greatly. The moans of pain and tears quickly turned into screams of joy and chants of “YES”‘s, “FUCK ME DADDY, DEEPER!”‘s, “OH MY GOD”‘s, “EAT MY PUSSY MOMMY, EAT IT, PLEASE!”‘s, “HOLY SHIT!”‘s, as well as many other ew’s and ah’s. After a few minutes of this she came like a rocket into her Mom’s mouth.

She rolled off to the side, seemingly unconcious from her first stunning orgasm. When she regained her composure she said, “Oh my god, that was amazing! Thank you so much!”
But her Mom interrupted, “Oh no, your not done yet young lady, everyone has gotten off except for me so don’t think your done yet! Now I want you to come over here in a doggy-style position so Daddy can take your virginity when he smacks your ass and hits your pussy from behind, while you eat Mommy’s cunt until you make me cum. Do you understand me?”
“Oh yes mother! I understand completely!” Sara smiled. She did as she was told and stood doggy-style just below the head of the bed where her mother was sitting. Before Sara could say another word, her mother grabbed her by the back of the neck suddenly and buried her little baby girl’s face into her pussy. Sara was a little stunned but went about returning her mother’s earlier favor by eating her out. She placed her whole mouth over the gaping hole and pressed her tongue against it, licking between the same vaginal lips through which she entered the earth as a newborn. She loved it! Then she felt her father’s firm hands grab her hips and felt as he slid his dick into her virgin pussy. Oh did it feel good. He started to slap her ass as he gripped her hips and pulled her back and forth sliding her pussy on and off his dick, in and out of her. She loved the sensation from getting spanked like the naughty girl she was being! She kept licking at her mothers pussy, changing pace and changing direction. She was fulfilling all of her wildest fantasy’s in one spectacular night- sucking her Dad’s dick, having her pussy eaten by her mom, seeing her mother naked, getting her tight ass loosened from a fucking in the ass by her father, eating her own mothers pussy, and on top of it all she was losing her virginity- doggy-style- to her own father! Just after all of these thoughts crossed her head she decided she would finish her Mom off and immediatly went for her clit. As planned, her mother did cum- all over Sara’s face, and just seeing his wife cum all over his daughter sent Brett over the edge as he came inside Megan’s pussy for the first time. Having the sensation of both of her parents cumming inside her at the same time sent Sara over the edge as well, and like a family, they all came together as one.

They all rolled over and let out deep breaths from their orgasms. When he regained his strength, Sara’s father scooped up his beautiful naked and orgasmed buzzed little girl, like a baby in his arms, and placed her on her mother’s lap just like he had done 100 times when she was an infant. Just as when she had done when she was a little baby being held in her Mommy’s arms, Sara took her Mommy’s nipple into her mouth and intently nursed on the warm milk all night until she fell asleep, just like a little baby girl. Tears of joy welled up in Beth’s eyes, as she watched her little girl breast feed from her for the last time. It was to all of them the perfect ending to a spectacular night, Sara was breast feeding from her mother in her sleep while her parents watched with joy.


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