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Sapna Chachie

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

My name is Rahul & i m a dying fan of & I am a horny and I love my chachi,Sapna,I meanlove to fuck. I hated her presence from the beginning but as she always rebuked me ,coz main apni chachi ke saath delhi mein rehtaa hoon (I m studying here & lives here with my chacha & chachi only my parents lives in another city ), but I always lusted for her, let me describe her now.

She is 36in age and a full grown woman with a big ass and big tits and has a sexywalk ,a bit fat(very little from ass side),I mean badan bhara hua hai. Though never showed interest insex. Honestly I always wanted to teach her a lesson due to her treatment towards me and I got a chance to corner her when I came to know that she often secretly gave money to his brother without telling my chacha and my chacha if came to know he would have killed her. Chacha was not in town I came back home chachi was seeing the TV and as usual scolded me for coming late and being drunk. I did not say anything had another shot of whisky and came back , she again started nagging and that was when I made up my mind to do what I had been wanting as I knew chacha was out for a week and that she was insecure. I stood ,and said don’t know how ,chup saali randi and slapped her very hard,she slapped back and then the animal in me awoke I caught her and told her about her misdeeds and blackmailed her ‘she was in my trap now.

I slapped her even harder and asked her to squat on the floor and made hersay, bete apni chachi ko chod uski gaand maar,uski moti gori gaand ko chod teri chachi tere lund ki pyasi hai,main tere chachi nahin tere rakhail hoon. I started to kiss her lips and feel her sexy ass, and she was crying by now ,She has a big ass ,saali ki gaand bahut moti hai and it is still very firm. I laid her on the floor and pressed her tits so hard that she screamed. I put some MTV and asked her to dance ,she could not say know and uske momme jab hil rahenthe to woh kya lag rahi thi.saali puri randi lag rahi thi. I went and pressed my hands on her chut , she screamed in pain, I then kissed her but she tried to go back ,I held tight by her hair and opened them she has beautiful long hair and looked very sexy, by now mera lund to dard kar rahatha. I asked her to open my jeans but she started to beg before me to leave her, use rote dekh kar bahut maza aa raha tha, but I had made up my mind to fuck her till she dies. I wanted more now i said idher aa kutiya aur mera lund chus when she saw my size she was shocked but she did a wonderful job kya mazaa aa raha tha mera lund meri chachi chus rahi thi,I put my hands in her kameez and pinched her nipples, her tits are so big and I kept on pressing them.I came in her mouth and she was disgusted. I still remember her helpless face when my cum was dripping from it.

I slapped her and said kuttiya nakhre mut kar ek boond bhi nahin girana yeh tere bhatije ka pyar hai randi. She drank it all and I kissed her tasting my cum ,she kept on telling main teri chachi hoon, aisa mut kar.I then asked her to undress me fully and herself too then we went to thebedroom .she has a lovely body still so soft ,aur uski gaand to kamaal hai bahut gori aur moti.uska pet bhi bahut gora aur mota.I started to lick herbody ,her armpits, her legs which are still shapely,she has very nice feet too. I asked her to show me asshole and pussy .When I tore apart her ass cheeks it I became sure that Iwill be the first to fuck her ass, I was excited.Her ass is so big I tried to put in a finger she started cry and said please don’t do this ,I told her Sapna teri gaand ka to main kab se diwana hoon ,choot to teri bahut chowdi hogi.I said chachi kabhi gaand nahin marwai tune aaj tere gaand phaad dunga saali raand bahut dard hoga mera lund dekha hai na chal is ko aur mere tatte chaat,she obeyed and we adopted the 69 position I think chacha had never sucked her ,she was trembling with pleasure until when I poked to fingers in ass and she screamed in pain you imagine saali kitni tight thi, I then licked her tight hole it was so spicy I cannot explain .

I told her meri jaan let jaab main teri dhalti jawani ke maze loonga .I almost went mad when I saw my chachi lying naked in front of me,even at the age of 30’s she had a lovely body . I began massaging her lovely body ,she was hiding her face with her sexy hands. I started licking her lovely feet ,her gori chikni jaange,punished her big tits and by this time she was cumming and I sucked all her juice it was great. I kept on licking her pussy till she almost cried , it tasted so salty I loved it. Sapna has a very responsive body and I had not felt such a lovely body .I said baby ghar mein chacha ke condom to honge warna mera bhai paida ho jayega ,she told me yes and I got them and put it on .I asked pehle kya maaru raand tere chut ya gaand ,she was scared of ass fucking pur mejhe to us mein hi interest tha .I put it inside her choot ,shewas still very tight and was moaning loudly and I let my saliva fall in her open mouth which she drank. kya cheez lag rahi thi ,jab uske momme hil rahenthe ,I sucked her nipples they are dark with many wrinkles but her boobs are heavenly. Saali ko bahut maza aa raha thaapne bhatije ka lund lete hue,pur ro rahi thi,I told her ro mut aur apne bhatije ko maza de haramzadi.When I told her chal pet pe let ja teri gaand leni hain she was reluctant but dare not say no, I knew how tight it was so I put creme and let it go she was in tears and tried to run away but could not fight me.

At last I succeeded in going deep in her ass and I put my fingers in her mouth and rubbed her clit so hard that she cried in pain ,it was so wonderful. I slapped her ass cheeks pressed hertits like crazy and said ab maza aaya na haramzadi ,chikni chut tere momme kitne bade hain ,tu thodi jawaan hoti tere se dhanda karwata,saali raand.tere ko abhi bhi bahut grahak mil jayenge moti gaand but at the end I had to cum, I asked her to suck the condom dry which she did. I told her ab tu meri rand hai saali jab man karega tujhe chodoonga haramzadi and spat on her lovely face,she was red with anger, I told her aaj ke baad aankhen neechi rakhna We both were tired, when she went to the loo to wash her face and ass,I came from behind held her by her long hair and said mere jaan paani hum se le lo,tu to mere moot ke hi layak hai randi Kamin I made her sit and I pissed allover her and made her drink it too. Her face and body shone with my piss,she looked like a slut and she was.Next morning i got up with an erection and seeing Sapna deep in sleep had another idea, as she was sleeping with her ass up,I got a scissor and cut her pajama so much that I could see her ass.

This time I just applied some creme, and while she snoring pushed my dick in her ass she screamed and woke but now it was too late I kept her fucking her and tore open rest of her clothes she kept on pleading but how could I stop. I made it a point to cum in her mouth. I took my dick out and put it in her mouth, she almost lost breath, but I kept on pushing it and emptied my load and rubbed all of it over her face,she felt so insulted and I loved it. I told her that whole day she shall not wear any clothes and remain naked and from that day onwards she is my personal randi.

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