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Sanjiv From Hyderabad

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hi I am Sanjiv living in Hyderabad. I am 34 has a good height 6.0. I am a regular reader of The story I am going to tell you is true story of mine. I am happily married and have two kids. My wife Dimple is also a sex bomb whom I have loved to fuck always. She is 25 with milky white complexion her height is 5.5 and she has perfect pair of melons i.e 37. Nobody can imagine that she is a mother of two kids. We both have been happily fucking since we got married and were dedicated to each other. We had a normal life and no complaints regarding sex to each other. It is not only that we love each other but also that we have responsibility of two kids that is why we don’t want to fall into any problem. The story is like this that I have a very close friend Amit. We are friends since childhood.

Three years back he got married to Mamta. Suddenly after marriage Amit”s Business got down. He made heavy losses which his wife mamta tried to compensate by selling jewellery. Still the amount was large , Amit came to me asking for Loan. Since he was brother like friend to me I gave him money without giving a second thought. Amit promised me that he will return the money soon and requested me not to tell to anybody. I promised him that I will not tell anybody. After that about a month passed Amit and Mamta did not meet us. One day my wife Dimple asked me “what is the matter? Why Amit and Mamta are not meeting us these days? Is everything all right “ I said nothing to her and avoided the further discussion cause I myself was afraid that may be Amit don’t want to return my money and that is why he is avoiding me.

I decided myself to go and see them. In the evening Dimple said her mother is not well so she want to go and stay the night over there with kids. She told me to come along. I said that I will not stay over there but I will drom her with kids to her parents home. After leaving Dimple I thought of giving a surprise visit to Amit. So with this thought I went to Amit”s home and knocked at his door. Mamta opened the door. She welcomed me inside. I went in and sat on the sofa in the drawingroom. Standing at the door before closing Mamta asked me “ Where is Dimple?” I said that I have come alone. She closed the door, came and sat in front of me. I asked Mamta” where is Amit”. She said that he has gone out of station and will come after a week. I got up and said “ O.k. I will come again when Amit is there” She said “ok.” When I was about to leave Mamta asked me that if I could leave her on the way at some friend”s house. I said “fine” She requested me to wait for ten minutes so that she could get ready. She quickly switched on the T.V and went to her room to get ready. It was quite hot day and lot of power cuts and the light went off. I was sitting in the dark.No light no fan.I was feeling too hot and was sweating. So I took off my shirt . Soon I heard Mamta calling me from the bathroom (which is inside the bedroom) and asking me if I could go to the kitchen and get a candle lying on the slab.

I went to kitchen and got the candle.I knocked at the bedroom door and said” Mamta. Take the candle” She said “I am in the bathroom.You come inside the bedroom and keep it there” I said “ Ok I will Keep it there and wait in the drawing room. You get ready and come” I was avoiding myself to go to bedroom cause I did not want to give any wrong impression of mine to my friend”s wife. She said “There is only one candle. How can you sit in the dark. You come inside and sit in the bedroom” I opened the bedroom door and went inside. I had never entered Amit”s bedroom earlier. I went in and carefully looked where I could sit. It was a nice room and very neat and clean.A nice bed two cosy chairs a sofa and a minibar on which was tv and vcd.. I placed myself in cosy chair and kept candle in the candlestand. A beautiful white silk bedsheet was spread on the bed. In the candlelight i saw something red and shining on the bed. I got up and out of curiosity I went near the bed. What I saw was Mamta”s Bra and Panty of bright red coloured lying on the bed . I picked it up with my shivering hand and starting watching it. It was a strapless bra and very sexy panty of foreign make. I couldnot believe that Mamta had such a beautiful choice. Suddenly I felt stiffness in my pant. I felt my rod gets hard and knocking my zip of pant as if somebody knocking at the front gate. I kept the bra and panty on the bed and sat on the sofa. In the meantime Mamta came out of the bathroom. I was a surprised to see Mamta was in her blood red colour dressing gown which was short enough so that I could see her milky legs upto thighs. Her wet golden hairs were falling on her back upto her waist and water in the hair was falling on the gown which was sticking to her body exposing her beautiful back.

Mamta came to me near sofa and asked if need something to drink. I said I will have a chilled beer. She opened minifridge in the bedroom took out a chilled beer and started pouring in the mug in front of me . As she bent in front of me to pour beer her boobs which must be 36 fell loose and pushed gown hanging down. I could see deep through her low cut of the gown. Now with this I really went mad and decided to fuck Mamta. I moved forwared and held the mug and started drinking beer. Mamta moved towards her cupboard and stopped for a moment near the bed as if she had realized her mistake of leaving her bra and panty on the bed while I was in the bedroom. She bent on the bed to pick up bra and panty. Suddenly I said to myself “ITS NOW OR NEVER”. I quickly moved and grab her from the back putting my strong grip around her waist and pushed her on the bed and I also fell on the bed. As I hugged her with my naked cheast cause I had taken of my shirt due to hot weather and no light she screamed at me “what are you doing” I said “ You are very sexy and I want to fuck you” She was shocked to hear this. She said “ I am your best friend”s wife. what will Amit think about you and me if he gets to know about this”. I said “Amit will never get to know till you or I don’t tell him” She got up and ran towards bedroom door to go out. I jumped from the bed and held her arm. She tried to bite me on my hand so twisted her arm and held her hair with the other hand and pulled them. She struggled for some time.As I tightened my grip I could see her she was in pain and her tears rolled down from her eyes on the beautiful rosy cheeks. Actually with this I got more horny and her pain gave me more enjoyment. I moved my lips towards her cheeks and started sucking them. I moved to her sweet lips held them with my teeth and started a long deep kiss. i could feel her breathing very fast and her heart was beating like rock drum. I held her tightly and picked up in my arms. I threw her on the bed and jumped on her. I sat on her beautiful flat stomach held her both hand with my hands opened arms across the bed laid myself upon her.

Now she was totally burried under me touching hand with hand arm with arm face with face her breast with my cheast . I started licking her face moved towards her lips and neck. As I started licking her breast with the gown on it she tried to push me aside. I lost control on myself and I slapped her very hard on her milky cheeks twice which printed my hand print on her face and blood drops came out of her lips. She almost fainted and totally gave up struggling to save herself. Then I started the game. I got up from her and took out a chilled beer from the fridge. I opened it and started pouring on the body of Mamta. All of her gown drenched with beer and stuck with her body.I could see her nipples and breasts. They were fantastic. Mamta was still lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She was totally at my liberty. I moved her gown up her thighs till belly. Wow her clean shaven pussy was looking gorgeous. I held her legs up and parted them. This gave me full view of her two sexy vertical lips parted and her white pussy. Beer started flowing from the top of her stomach on her pussy like a waterfall. I parted both pussy lips with one hand and buried my face deep into the pussy hole. It smell and tasted good with the blend of beer. I was pushing my tongue deep into the hole and simultaneously sucking clitorious. Now I held her both breasts with my hands and start messaging them from the top of the gown. By this time her pussy was hot and wet with juices. I could hear her slowly moan ing and maybe enjoying also but I was not sure. I was fucking her vagina with my tongue very hard and she was also pushing herself to me by lifting her butts up. My face was completely drenched with pussy juices. I stopped for a moment to give rest rest to my tongue and breath but to my astonishment with lying down on the bed Mamta held my head with her hands and pushed it in her pussy and held it against it tightly.

It was a clear signal that she was to cum. As we moved faster and rythem increased her body stiffened and she wrapped her fine legs around my head and made grip tighter. I felt like chocking. She given her body two hard jerks and exploded on my face her pot of sweet nectar. Her body fell down and her grip loosened. I kept on licking the juices till I cleared the last drop out of her and made it dry. By the time she was recovered. I was also resting on her keeping my head on stomach. Suddenly she kicked me very hard with her both legs and i fell on the floor. It happened so fast I could not understand that what happened. She quickly got up and took out a knife from her cupboard pointing towards me. She said with full of anger “ You have spoilt me. I will take revenge from you. I will teach you a lesson which you will not forget throughout your life”. Mamta held me from my hair and put knife on my neck. She pulled my hair very hard and increased the pressure of knife on my neck so much that blood came out of it. She pushed me on the bed. She took out a tape toll from the side table. She told me to put my hands on the back. I did it and she joined both hands and wrapped sticking tape around it tightly so that both of my hands got locked. Then she wrapped tape around my legs and feet tightly. My hands and feet were wrapped very tightly and I could not move. She held me from my hair pulled them and made me sit on the bed. I was helpless and scared too. How she took her revenge is a different story MAMTA KA BADLA .Hope you enjoyed this story. Do write to me at my e.mail.

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