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Sanjana In Pune

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Dear all, this is again KK. Hope everyone remembers me for my previous two stories of the sex with Anamika. Today I would like to narrate another incident when I was working in pune. This was my first exprienc with a girl when I was working in Pune. Her name was sanjana. I was working in my work place and sanjana joined there as a college trainee. Let me describe her.

She was fair, very beautiful, sharp feautures, but I was not aware of the structure at that time, but when recollecting now, I can guess should be 32 28 30. She became good frind of mine as she was in my own department. The reason is I was only one who was youngest of all the other staf, and pretty descent, I was 22 then. My tools size was 7 inches easily and best part is my cock head is thick.

Ok getting back to the lane of my experience and we became close and used to hang out in small joints and parks and gardens. I did not have any intention on having anything with her. One evening, we were in a joint at Koregoan park, chatting about everyhting, but not sex, sanjana gave an idea of she visiting my flat where I used to stay. I was on my break shift.

I called my immediate senior and informed him that I would be late by one hour, and took her to my flat. It was a sharing accomodation with the senior. I was in on room and him in another. She came to my room and had a look, whcih was pretty neat, being a batchelors room and she was surprised. She came inside my roomand I saw my bed which used to be on the floor as I was not having the cot.

She was sitting there and I was sitting next to her. We were discussing about many things. I was just luing down, on the pillow, keeping my hands joined bhind my back and speaking to her. She suddenly removed her dupatta and threw it on the side, wow! On her pink coloured salwar without the dupatta she was looking lik an angel. She just bent down on me pressing her small breast on my chest and was talking as though she was very casual.

Even I felt the same thing, but there was some current inside my body, which made me to just want to kiss her beautiful thin rosy lips, which was very close but I was very cautious, and controlled myself. Then I got up and she lied down on my pillow and continued our discussion. Suddenly, she pulled me in such a way that my chest was pressing her right breast and very closely. Our face was very close and hot air was from her nose and even mine was very intoxication.

Slowly she planted a kiss on my lips, what a feeling! Wonderful I just removed and was shocked, again she pulled me and kissed deeply, first time I learnt what French kiss is. She was well versed as she already has got a boy friend. She kissed me and put inserted her tongue and slowly I too learnt and even I too started kissing her and put my tongue inside her mouth our saliva mixed together.

She was very sweet slowly she parted me and I was kissing her neck, and literally licking. She lifted my face and told me how you feel and told “I Love you” even I told her the same and again started french kissing her. My hand was still on her stomach. She took my right hand and kept on her left brast and told, “Please feel this, I have got something there

I started to touch her soft small breast over her salwar, First time I was touching a girl’s breast. I started to press her very saoftly and she started to moan aahhhh! KK! Love you sweet heart. Feel it, I am for you, now my left hand was busy fondling on her right brast abd my toungue was inside her mouth to control her moans and her moans was really exciting.

I was still fondling her brast and was anting to lick her nipples, which I was able to feel it erect under her salwar. She was wearing a slip, not a bra, but inspite of that her breast was stiff, untouched. I was in heaven and slowly she pushed me down towards her navel, I kept my hands under her stomach and raised her and kissed her stomach on her salwar.

Slowly lifted her salwar, I can see her light rose coloured slip tugged inside her pants. I pushed her salwar some more on top and can see her cleavage and her breast under that thin slip. I raised her salwar completely and removed as she herslf lifted her hand for me to remove the salwar. Now she was with just slip and the pant tugged. I caught hold of her under the shoulder and started kissing her neck, shoulders.

She was very sweet. I lifted her hands up and can see her cleanly shaven arm pits. I started to kiss her arm pits and also started licking it which she was still enjoying closing her eyes. I did not leave her armpits and continues licking pressing her breast now on her slip, whcih was very exciting for her and was enjoying. Then slowly my right hand went down to her slip and lifted from her pants by loosening her knot and

I slowly made my way inside to her bare breast and touched her breast and slowly started to massage it but still continuing licking the arm pits. She was not able to control, and even me to come from her arm pits as I liked her smell and taste of her sweat with the perfume. Then slowly came down and removed the whole tugged slip and now my right hand was on top of her pant on the vagina.

I rubbed my right hand and my left hand was on her right breast and massaging, and my lips were on her lips with my tongue inside her mouth. She did not open her eyes but only enjoying my act. Now already loosen pant and I put my hand inside the pant and my way on the panty. I started to enter her pussy lips from the sides and touched her vagina.

An electric current was passing inside my body. In my left hand I lifted her slip to have a look at her beautiful breats and the pink nipples. I started to lick it with my tip of the tongue and slowly started to suck it, literally like a kid. My fingers were now inside her panties from the sides. Slowly I took my right hand and removed her pant and also her panties, I did not see her panty colour as well.

I was licking and sucking her both the breast and my right hand was doing its magic on her pussy, I tugged my middle finger inside her pussy, and then the other finger, she tightend my fingers and was pressing my head on her breast I slowly went doen to her navel and started licking her navel hole, but the fingering did not stop. I was licking and I can hear moaning sound only aahhhhh. KK you are wonderful.

I now removed my finger and smelled it was great and slowly sucked, which was great and intoxitaing. Slowly I went down to her pussy and found few hairs. I started to kiss her on the hairs and smelled her wet hair and slowly went down to her pussy. I digged my head inside her pussy in between her thighs, I did not stop licking and she clutched my hair tight and pushed it inside her pussy and I can hear her moans.

I started biting her vagina, and licking her so strong by pulling her vaginal lips. I did a french kiss there as well. She was pushing her butts on top. Then I lifted her legs and started to lick again. This time I even licked her ass hole. First little and then I started to lick it as though it was the best tasty sweet in the world. She was not able to control “KK, even mukesh has not done this to me please take me you will kill me.

I turned her on her stomach and started to kiss her ass cheeks, and started to lick her ass cheeks. This time I pulled her ass cheeks apart, and literally burried my fac and was licking her ass hole. It was very small, but was keep on licking it was very tasty. Almost for 15 minutes, then I turned her again on her back and put my swollen dick at the entrance of her pussy and with one push my big head went inside

She started to cry in pain as I have got the thick shaft, I french kissed her and at the same time, was massaging her breast. Slowly I made her both the legs together still ramming which was giving an excellent feel. I was licking her nipples and she like this postion as my entire disk was inside and her thighs together and her vagina around my cock tight. This was wonderful.

Please complete me KK please I was only her oiuce heared. She was not able to tolerate her continous orgasm, which she experienced almost 15 to 20 times within this 1 hour. Then with a tight jerk I exploded my cum insid her pussy and I knew it was almost a heavy load. She was very satisfied as I again started to lick her armpits and with my dick inside. Then I put my head down on her breast and my dick still inside her and slept for atleast 15 mnts.

Then got dressed up and I dropped back in her home at 9 pm and then went to my duty. As soon as I rached the work place, I received a text from her stating that “My memorable one and would like to be always with you thanks ope every one would have enjoyed my experience with Sanjana and will wite my other experience as well later on other sessions. Please post your comments on

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