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  • September 9, 2015

Dear readers , Please mail me and Chennai aunties /daughter in law/girls , get in touch at It all started with the Coming Home of Mr. Ravi Bahadur, a 22 year old Engineer with his wife Sujatha, charming young bride of 20 years to the ancestral home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rai Bahadur. Rai Bahadur a towering figure at 44 years was a Land Lord in a small town named Kaiga. His wife, Rohini, a real beauty was in her late thirties.

They were a hard working couple, loved, feared and respected by one and all in the town. Being on the move every minute of the day, they had maintained an excellent physique and not even an iota of fat was in their bodies. They wore a look of a young couple. By nature, Rai Bahadur was up early every day. After having a massage done by his servant, was out on his farm for a stroll. He used to cover up to 10 K.M everyday by foot before coming back to his huge mansion for breakfast.

His wife Rohini, meanwhile would finish all her morning chores like giving instructions to a stream of workers, who worked at the farm and as well as the mansion, going to the nearby temple to offer her morning prayers and also look after the house hold work. Both Mr. and Mrs. Rai Bahadur were a couple on the move. They looked after their huge farm very meticulously. They had earned name, fame and were blessed with one and only son Ravi

Bahadur. Unlike his parents, Ravi had to spend most of time in the city. His schooling, his college studies were all done over there. It was while studying for Final Year Engineering; he met beautiful lass by name of Sujatha, whom he married without the consent of his parents. On marrying her he was scared whether his parents would be against this marriage as Sujatha came from a very poor family. His joy knew no bounds when he was asked to bring home his bride.

While Ravi was overjoyed, his wife Sujatha, shivered at the very thought of meeting her in-laws. She had heard a lot about them from her husband and now meeting them in person was worrying her a lot. The day at last arrived and passed off peacefully when young Ravi Bahadur brought his dazzling young wife to meet his parents. He was happy to note that they were welcomed by his parents without much ado. Sujatha felt very uneasy living in that huge mansion. All the things present in the mansion were something which she had not seen and beyond her imagination.

The luxury furnishings and settings were amazing. It took her a couple of days to be acquainted with the vastness of the mansion and another couple of days to study the daily chores of her in-laws. Whenever she came across her father-in-law she would buckle under her knees with fear. Mr. Rai Bahadur had such authority over everyone in his mansion. This fear of him was the cause of things to happen. Ravi left home to go back to the city for his studies and as a custom he had to leave behind his wife with his parents.

Sujatha felt very lonely in the absence of Ravi until one small incidence which shook the whole mansion and changed everyone’s life in it. Sujatha, slowly but steadily was made known of her duties in the house. She started to get accustomed to her new home. One day while she was having her bath, a maid came to her with a message that her father-in-law wanted a glass of milk.

Getting this call straight from her in-law for the first time, she came out of the bath hurriedly and putting on whatever garments she could lay her hands on, she ran to fetch the milk from the kitchen and in one go went straight into the room of her father-in-law. At that very moment Rai Bahadur after having finished the massage done by the masseur was about to get up from the table to put on a robe; which a maid was holding for him. In a flash, before

Sujatha could realize the mistake and turn around, Mr. Rai Bahadur saw his daughter-in-law, dressed in a thin veil of a sari, which was totally wet and glued to her body as a second skin. It was the sexiest pose he had ever seen of any woman. She in turn, saw her father-in-law in the briefest of brief underwear’s, his whole body shining from the oil applied on it. Both Ram the masseur and his wife Shanti the maid who were present there, were silent spectators of the incident.

For one moment Mr. Rai Bahadur could not believe his own eyes when he saw Sujatha at that moment. For a split second he forgot he was seeing his own daughter-in-law, and in her place what he saw was an exquisite figure of a fascinating woman, from whose face tiny pearls of water droplets where sliding down her throat to the v line of her bosom. He could also see her exposed navel and the wet light blue sari could not hide her slim legs, the beautifully carved thighs and the sexiest part was her bare footedness. All these were the cause for his member to be aroused.

Even after the departure of Sujatha from the room, he still continued to sport an erection which was noticed both by Ram, the masseur and his wife Shanti, the maid who were present there. Rai Bahadur smiled at Shanti, the maid servant, to hide his clumsiness. Sujatha had committed two mistakes that day. First she had not knocked on the door and in her eagerness to attend to the call of her father-in-law she had not cared to look as to how she was dressed.

She was innocent on both counts and eventually this is what that changed the atmosphere in Mr. Rai Bahadur’s mansion. On Rai Bahadur’s exit, Ram and Shanti were in a big dilemma. They both had witnessed a scene which they were scared to talk about even between themselves. Shanti was relieved to some extent as she had seen Rai Bahadur passing her a smile and this was the first time that he had smiled at her. Ram was more worried and feared a lot. Rai Bahadur was restless the whole of night. The vision of

Sujatha was foremost in his mind, which kept him aroused most of the time. On waking up too he continued having a huge erection and this made him uneasy as he had to face the masseur and his wife soon. He somehow managed to enter the room unobserved by the couple who were busy keeping things ready for the massage. Ram was the masseur and Shanti helped him in providing warm oil, towels and other linen whenever necessary.

On entering Mr. Rai Bahadur disrobed and wearing only the customary small underwear laid face down on the table. It was very hard for him to bring down his erection which was causing him uneasiness. As Ram started the massage using the warm oil presented by Shanti, Rai Bahadur relaxed a little under his care and when he turned his face the other side he saw Shanti poised near the gas stove. Though he had seen Shanti innumerous times, today it was different. His eyes took to her and started absorbing her curves and figure.

The more he looked at her the more he imagined her in a different positions. All these days he had never seen her as a woman, and today what his eyes saw was the body of a young ripe woman. His gaze was glued to her body and when she turned towards him; his eyes were in line with her waist and below. Shanti saw him staring at her, but did not think much about it. She continued what she was doing and when Ram called her for some oil she came closer and stood near the table.

As Shanti was standing very close to him, he got excited again and by the time he lifted his arm to touch her, she had turned and moved away from him. On having missed this opportunity his desire to feel her body increased tremendously. He wanted to get up and drag her to him. He was getting aroused and wanted to use her. He possessed so much power upon them that he could have done it without any hindrance right there in front of her husband and as they were his bonded laborers they had no power on earth to stop him, but Rai Bahadur was not a person who took undue advantage of his workers.

He wanted to make use of her but he wanted it to happen his own way.
Rai Bahadur waited till Shanti was called again by Ram and this time he was ready in advance. He had placed his hand on the very edge on the table and when Shanti came near him he lifted his fingers to touch her and as his fingers touched her thighs, Shanti had to move away again from him. Shanti had felt the slight touch and she thought it to have happened accidentally.

The next time when she felt him feel her thighs, she was sure that it was not an accident. Rai Bahadur too realized that his touch was felt and she had become aware of it. When his eyes contacted hers, he signaled her to get the towel. Shanti came forward with the towel and in the pretext of taking the towel from her hand; Rai Bahadur brushed his hand on her thighs for a moment. Shanti feeling his hand on her thighs candidly, had the shock of her life and stood paralyzed.

Shanti’s husband Ram saw it too but at first did not believe it and when Rai Bahadur stood up to cover himself with the towel, his state of erection made his suspicion come true. For some time all three of them were silent and when Rai Bahadur ordered Shanti to ask Sujatha to bring him milk, the silence was broken. Sujatha’s entry at that moment brought some change in the atmosphere. She was very attractive and very radiant to look at, even though she was tucked in a thick sari which was covering her whole body.

Rai Bahadur gave her a big smile and accepted the glass of milk from her. When Sujatha turned to leave the room, Rai Bahadur asked her very politely to bring milk daily. Sujatha bowed her head in acceptance and left the room. When Sujatha turned and walked up to the door, Rai Bahadur exclaimed! Is she not very pretty? Both Ram and Shanti were stunned to hear those words. Rai Bahadur was in a trance. He saw a shade of Sujatha in every woman he came across.

His attitude towards other women changed drastically. He had developed a vision which used to wander over and caress every physical part of a woman. This sudden change in him was noticed by many other women working for him. They felt elevated whenever Rai Bahadur passed a fleeting glance upon them. They considered themselves to be very lucky. The same thoughts prevailed in the minds of Ram and his wife Shanti. At one hand they were glad to be in the position they were and on the other hand they were scared as to where all this was leading too.

As the next day was a very auspicious one, Shanti was clad in a sari, little different from her usual daily wear. It was rich in colors and suited her complexion very well. Rai Bahadur, on entering the room for his routine massage was quick enough to notice the change in Shanti’s attire. Seeing her dressed vibrantly, he was about to whistle, but somehow managed to control himself and facing her he removed his robe taking his own time showing himself off to her before moving across to the table and lay down.

Rai Bahadur let go of numerous occasions of feeling Shanti up when she was closer to him. Today he was more interested in watching her closely than feeling her up. He was looking for her response and he kept staring at her bosom and sometimes at her exposed navel. On being continuously stared at, he could see Shanti move nervously. He could see her chest heaving up and down with her breathing and after a long silence; he turned towards Ram and said. ‘You have a very beautiful wife’.

Poor Ram had no words to reply but just bowed down his head while Shanti blushed and her face turned crimson. Seeing this Rai Bahadur replied; Look, how happy she is! Look at the color of her sari! You are a lucky guy to have such a charming wife, saying this he beckoned Shanti to come near him and extended his arm. Shanti did not know how to react. The first thing she thought was to respect his orders and she very humbly came near the table in front of his extended arm.

Rai Bahadur was pleased to see Shanti obeying his orders and when she came close enough, he caught hold of her loose sari and feeling its soft texture said! ‘It is so smooth and so nice’, where did you get this from Ram’ he questioned?From the market sahib, replied Ram. Is today Shanti’s birthday, Ram? No sahib today is a day of festival. Ha! So nice he exclaimed and when he was about to ask another question, there was a knock at the door.

Rai Bahadur suddenly let go of Sujatha’s sari and taking a towel from her, he draped himself before asking Shanti to open the door. Sujatha came inside the room wearing a rich sari and she was looking like a goddess. When Sujatha extended the glass of milk to him, he could not resist touching her fingers while collecting it and when she turned to leave the room, Rai Bahadur asked her to stay back. Sujatha was pleased to hear him call her and when she came, Rai Bahadur very graciously asked her to give Shanti one of her sari as today was an auspicious day.

Sujatha was thrilled to hear this and within a moment was out of the room to fetch the sari. Both Ram and Shanti could not believe what they had heard. They kept looking at each other perplexed for a few moments and finally when Ram signaled her that it was okay, she was pleased by it. Rai Bahadur saw them exchange glances and as he saw them accepting it, he felt himself getting aroused. He smiled at himself and making sure that it was okay, he again took

Shanti’s loose sari in his hand and by way of feeling its texture; he slid a few fingers inside her sari and gradually brought them in contact with her lower body. He let his fingers touch her thighs and feel them. Shanti shivered when Rai Bahadur took hold of her sari and when she felt his fingers on her thighs she started to writhe with pleasure. She could not control herself loving his touch. When Rai Bahadur placed his hand on her thighs and started caressing it slowly,

Shanti started to breathe faster and when his hand came in full contact of her thigh her body started convulsing. Having placed his hand firmly on her thigh, Rai Bahadur felt the heat of her body and as he was on the verge of getting more bold and move his hand further up, Sujatha came bursting into the room and the first thing she saw was where Rai Bahadur’s hand was placed, as she had a clear view of it from her angle of entry. The moment Sujatha entered the room Rai Bahadur knew his actions were spotted.

At first he tried to remove his hand, but on second thought, he let it slide slowly down from her thighs to the table as if nothing had happened. On receiving the sari from Sujatha, he gave it to Shanti and asked her to wear it. When Shanti left to wear the sari, Rai Bahadur smiled at Sujatha and told her that he would buy her a new sari today. Sujatha smiled and acknowledged with respect her father-in-law’s views. By the way which color do you like, he inquired. Blue! She shot back instantly.

Yes Blue! Yes. It looks good on you. The other day too you were wearing a light blue sari and you wear looking very charming in it, he said. Sujatha instinctively blushed realizing which sari he was talking about. Seeing her blush, Rai Bahadur went near her and placing a hand over her shoulder said you are very sweet. Sujatha blushed more and smiled to herself. You have a very beautiful smile too, said Rai Bahadur.

Hearing these words, Sujatha was in a very embarrassing position. She could feel her father-in-laws hand pulling her and she let herself be pulled a little. After having a firm grip on her, Rai Bahadur started caressing her arms slightly all the time looking down at her. As Rai Bahadur was busy feeling Sujatha’s arms, Shanti came out of the bath room dressed in the new sari. Seeing her appealing figure dressed in the silk sari Rai Bahadur instantly got excited and on impulse pulling Sujatha closer to him, remarked you look very beautiful dear.

Sujatha was stunned to have heard Rai Bahadur calling Shanti ‘dear’ and also in his excitement he had pulled her close to his body. Sujatha on being held firmly close to his hot body started getting excited and to come out of this, she tried to free herself from his grip. Seeing her writhe, Rai Bahadur let her free as today he had had enough. Today he had made his intentions clear to Shanti and in-between he had also tried to accommodate Sujatha in it. He felt proud to have succeeded in baiting two birds at a time.

While Rai Bahadur was thinking about the future, Sujatha was re-collecting the day’s proceedings. She could understand her father-in-laws desire to play with Shanti, but what was troubling her were the words he used upon her. He had told her that she had looked charming in the light blue color sari. He had said that she was sweet. He had complimented her about her beautiful smile. He had made her give Shanti a sari. He had addressed Shanti as dear. He had let her see him caress Shanti.

Where all this was leading too, was something which poor Sujatha could not understand at that moment. At luncheon Mr. Rai Bahadur informed his wife Rohini and daughter-in-law Sujatha to be ready as he going to take them to the market in the evening. Both were pleased about it, and Sujatha could not wait till evening as she was eager to go to the market. As Rai Bahadur drove the car up to the entrance to fetch them, he beckoned Sujatha to get inside and sit beside him and Rohini was left to sit at the other end.

Though the drive to the market was a long one Rai Bahadur was not in a hurry to reach it. He was enjoying the closeness of Sujatha and whenever he got the opportunity he let his thighs feel her up and also the fragrance coming out from her body was making the drive an enjoyable one. At the market, he let both Rohini and Sujatha to buy whatever they fancied. Sujatha made good use of it and later on when they visited a sari shop,

Rai Bahadur himself picked up some fancy saris for her and his wife. When his wife was out of his sight, he picked up a sari which was very rich and very translucent and asked it to be packed separately. On their return trip as it was dark, Rai Bahadur made use of the circumstances to his advantage. On every curve and bend, he tried to push himself up against Sujatha. His thighs contacted hers on many occasions and he loved every such contact with her body.

Though Sujatha felt his nearness, she did not move to accommodate his desires. Rai Bahadur changed his tactics a little and under pretext of talking to his wife, he tried to press himself to her. On being squeezed between the two of them she inclined more towards her mother-in-law and as a result felt her soft body. This bodily contact with her mother-in-law on and on was stirring her a little. She was feeling warm and wanted to hold her.

Rohini too felt some strange warmth building in her due to the frequent contact of Sujatha’s body on her and she was too happy to accommodate her. By the time they reached the mansion all the three passengers had something to ponder about what lay ahead for them. In their suite, both Rai Bahadur and wife Rohini talked about Sujatha and both praised her. Rai Bahadur even went to the extent of saying that he was very proud to have her as his daughter-in-law, who only a few days ago, was mad at her.

This way Sujatha had entered into the hearts of all Rai Bahadur’s family members. Not only all Rai Bahadur family members, Sujatha had also entered into the life of another couple and they were Ram and Shanti. Shanti could not hide her pleasure when Ram was excited to see her accept and wear the silk sari. Ram knew that it was very expensive and beyond his imagination to buy her one. He knew that she was going to get more presents from Rai Bahadur and he only wished Shanti would play her part as she was playing now.

They did not discuss this matter between themselves, but both were of the same point of view. They were thinking on the same lines and were dreaming about the future. They both liked Sujatha a lot and both knew that Rai Bahadur was trying to bait her too. The next day a bright Rai Bahadur entered the massage room. On his entrance Shanti went ahead and bolted the door. When Rai Bahadur was near the massage table, he loosened the sash of his robe, turned and signaled Shanti to remove the robe from his body.

Shanti came at the back of him and putting her hands on his shoulders, tried to pull the robe from his body, which did not budge an inch. Rai Bahadur smiled and asked Shanti to put her hands in front of him and remove it. Shanti tried to put her hands in front of him, but still could not manage to get hold of the flaps. She had to press herself to him to reach it and when she did it, Rai Bahadur could feel her breasts pressing into his back. When he leaned back to have more contact with her body, she had moved back after removing the robe from his body. Seeing this entire game, Ram was also getting keyed up.

He knew Rai Bahadur was teasing his wife and watching his wife being played with was giving Ram some pleasure. When Rai Bahadur faced Ram, he saw his eyes shining and a naughty smile appear on his lips which was the signal Rai Bahadur was waiting for. Rai Bahadur laid down on the table and when Ram was about to put oil on his back, he stopped him and instead asked Shanti to do so. Shanti, getting a little bolder came near him and taking some oil in her hands; she spread it across his shoulders and his back.

Rai Bahadur sighed as he felt Shanti’s soft hands on him. Whenever Shanti tried to reach his back, her body came into contact with his, as he had laid down on the edge of the table. He was enjoying every moment of this. When Shanti had finished applying oil on his back and when she went to collect more oil, Ram took over the massage from her. Shanti took some time before she returned to the table and when she neared the table Rai Bahadur brought his hand down and hiding it from Ram placed it on the back of her thigh and dragged her closer to him.

Shanti was getting excited by being so close to him and when she felt his hand on her thigh drawing her, she let herself be pulled closer to his body without any hesitation. Shanti’s thighs were now glued to his shoulders and they were only a few inches away from his face. On being drawn so close to him, Shanti was getting aroused more and more and she craved to have more bodily contact with him.

When Rai Bahadur started caressing her thighs from behind, she bowed downed a little so that her thighs would have a firm contact with his hand and in doing so she also brought her upper body closer to his back. Rai Bahadur sensing her trembling with excitement and to flare her up, he lifted his hand up her thighs, feeling the heat in-between her thighs and when he moved his hand still further up he had reached the maximum and his hand came in contact with the rock bottom of her buttocks.

On having his hand right up to the base of her buttocks, Shanti started moaning openly. Hearing the sounds Ram could not understand what was happening to her. He could not see Rai Bahadur’s hand playing with her as it was hidden from his view. He was getting desperate to find out and when he saw Shanti leaning her body on Rai Bahadur’s back and when she started to fondle him, he moved to the other side and when he saw Rai Bahadur’s hand right up on her buttocks, he got aroused. Having Rai Bahadur’s hand right in-between her buttocks,

Shanti felt her juices stirring up inside her and she was feeling difficult to control herself. She brought both her hands on Rai Bahadur’s back and taking hold of him, she started to fondle him and when he lifted his hand and brought it in-between the crevice of her buttocks, Shanti brought her face down on his back and started kissing him on his back, and when she felt the pressure of his fingers grooving her fissure, she jammed her upper body on his and embrace him tightly. Rai Bahadur was also getting hotter and hotter and when Shanti started kissing him on his back, his member rose to the maximum and when

Shanti let her upper body caress his back, he was on the verge of explosion. Ram who was witnessing all this could not keep himself idle and he came behind Shanti and started to caress her neck & back and when Shanti felt his hands on her, she hugged Rai Bahadur more tightly, plastering her breasts on his back. As Rai Bahadur trust his hand deep inside of her thighs and felt her hot moist cunt, Shanti shuddered and gripping Rai Bahadur strongly and pressing her breasts on his body she came in streams. Rai

Bahadur too could not control himself any longer and as his hand felt her moist cunt over the sari and also as he felt the heat generated from inside it, his cock exploded and he ejected a load of cum into his shorts. Both Rai Bahadur and Shanti came in their respective underwear’s and their garments were soaked with cum. Ram was thrilled to see the wet patch on front of Shanti’s sari and when Rai Bahadur got up from the table, some of his cum which had spilled from his brief was on the table.This was the state of affairs when they heard the ring at the door and when Ram opened the door for

Sujatha, she saw Rai Bahadur putting his robe on and Shanti arranging her sari, and on coming near the table, Sujatha felt uneasy when she saw the wet part of Shanti’s sari and the patch of cum on the massage table. Rai Bahadur on seeing Sujatha being uneasy; he quickly went to her and putting a hand over her shoulder steadied her a little and took the glass of milk from her hand. Sujatha could not digest what she had seen and when she was pacified by him, she placed her head on his shoulders and stood still. Rai

Bahadur was relieved to have Sujatha composed and after having the milk, he took Sujatha near the wardrobe and opening it, he gave her the sari which he had bought the other day. Sujatha was pleased to receive the sari from him and when Rai Bahadur asked her to wear the sari; she walked down to the bathroom to change. Sujatha on opening the sari in the bathroom and seeing its richness and its texture was thrilled. This was the first time; she had even held such a rich sari in her hand.

Without waiting any longer, she quickly draped the new sari on her and seeing herself in the mirror was pleased as the sari complimented her figure to the maximum. Wearing the sari, she even felt some warmth growing in her body. On entering the room, Sujatha was delighted to see the face of Rai Bahadur which was glowing with admiration. Shanti and Ram’s eyes were also filled with appreciation and pleasure. Rai Bahadur approached her and placing both his hands on her shoulders, took his own time looking down at her. He could see each and every curve of Sujatha’s body.

The sari was so thin, that he could even see her inner garments which incidentally where of the same color. He ran his gaze upon her body from top to bottom and when he was not content with it, he made her turn the other way around. Rai Bahadur had an instant erection seeing the contours of Sujatha’s body from behind. It was classically cut to perfection. He called Shanti and Ram near him and pointing out at Sujatha’s curves said, is she not the most beautiful woman? Look! How exquisite her figure looks in this sari?

When both Shanti and Ram echoed their views simultaneously, Rai Bahadur did not stop there, he gestured Shanti to pull aside Sujatha’s long hair, so that he had a clear view of her back. Having Rai Bahadur breathing down her neck and also having Shanti’s hand on her hair, Sujatha was getting warmer and warmer inside. When Rai Bahadur turned her to face him, she could see his eyes glowing with vigor and passion. Rai Bahadur could not stop himself from openly gazing at her body and as he started caressing her arms Sujatha dipped her face down as she was unable to face him while she too was getting sexually aroused.

When Rai Bahadur’s hand came in contact with her bare arms, he addressed Shanti, saying it was so nice to feel her soft arms and when Shanti came forward to feel them, he turned towards Ram and smiling at him said: would it not be a joy to give her a massage? Yes sir, it would be a pleasure to have her on a massage table. Yes, we should think about it said Rai Bahadur. What do you say? Do you want to have a massage, asked Rai Bahadur? Sujatha was so shy that she could not reply. Look at her, she loves to have a massage, said Rai Bahadur looking at Shanti.

Sujatha lifted her eyes to look at Shanti, whose face was radiant. In fact today she gave me a massage, said Rai Bahadur. Hearing this Shanti could feel the heat generating in her body again. She wanted to reply back to him but as she could not endure so much guts she stepped closer in front of them. When Rai Bahadur saw her come closer, he came in-between them and taking hold of each one of them, he moved his hands over their waists and having a nice grip, he heaved them closer.

Sujatha was little reluctant to give way but Shanti did not hesitate to snuggle closer to him. Feeling Shanti’s hot body against his, Rai Bahadur turned a little towards her so that his thigh came in direct contact with hers. Shanti also maneuvered herself so that she had optimum contact with his thighs and playfully she even let her hand drift down to brush his thighs. Rai Bahadur on feeling her hand touch his thighs suddenly flared up and taking advantage of it he brought his hand down and feeling the contours of her buttocks squeezed them gently and as Shanti’s hand was close by,

Rai Bahadur moved a little so that he could brush his member against her hand. Shanti on having some contact with his member for the first time was ecstatic. She was craving to feel it and as the heat generated from it was so immense that she wanted to grasp it with both her hands and also wondered how hot it would be without the clothes. Shanti did not grasp his member but let her hand be in constant touch with it. As Sujatha was watching all these acts, she did not take any bold steps and when she felt Rai Bahadur’s member growing in size, she shifted her actions and moving the other hand she placed it on Sujatha’s waist.

When Sujatha did not object to her actions, Shanti caressed her waist and as Sujatha kept silent she brought her hand in front of her and while easing it over her navel she caressed it. When playfully she tried to move it inside her petticoat, Sujatha suddenly started to squirm with pleasure. Sujatha’s body was on fire on having Shanti’s hand on her bare waist and as Shanti attempted to put her hand inside her petticoat, her whole body trembled with desire.

She knew that if she continued it for a few more seconds, then it would be impossible to come out of it and thinking so she released herself from his grip and silently moved a little away from them. As Rai Bahadur felt this was going too fast for her, disengaging himself from Shanti walked away saying that they will meet again tomorrow. Hearing this, all of them went to their respective works. When Sujatha left the room and as she was going towards her own, she came across her mother-in-law who had just come from the temple.

Rohini was shocked to see Sujatha dressed in that semi-transparent sari coming from the massage room and she wanted to question her. She called Sujatha and when she came to her room and seeing her dazzling figure close by she did not question her about the sari, but she asked her to sit by her side and trying to comfort her she asked whether she had received any calls from her husband. When Sujatha replied in negative, she asked her whether she was feeling lonely without her husband and when she asked how her health was,

Sujatha replied by saying that some times her back ached a lot and she turned herself to show her where it hurts. Rohini taking advantage of the situation and trying to soothe Sujatha she placed her hand on her back. Sujatha was delighted to have a feminine hand on her back and before she could move herself, Rohini had started caressing her. Sujatha loving the feel and touch of her hand started wriggling and wanting more of it said, ‘yes, my back ache’s a lot. Rohini was too pleased to see

Sujatha loving her caresses and when she asked her whether she would like her to apply some ointment on her back, Sujatha did not hesitate to say yes. Rohini on getting the desired confirmation got up and bolting the front door, she took the ointment from the drawer and coming near the cot asked Sujatha to lie down and be comfortable. When Sujatha obliged and laid herself freely on the cot, it was a sight to behold. Having her exquisite body placed right in front of her was making Rohini eyes go dizzy.

While lying on the cot, Sujatha had spread her legs a little and as her sari was semi-transparent, Rohini could see her whole body as if she was naked. She could see her beautiful long legs, the formation of her lovely buttocks, her slim waist and her soft delicate back and lovely smooth shoulders. She at once had the desire to touch and feel them. It was after a very long time she had felt such desires arouse in her.

Hesitating a little, she bowed in front of Sujatha and setting aside the loose part of her sari from her body and also pushing her dark black silky hair from her back, she took some ointment on her feeble fingers and applied it on her back. She took her own sweet time in applying the ointment on her back all the time loving the feel of her soft skin and looking down on her exquisite figure she rubbed it lightly over her back, shoulders and arms, covering every part of her exposed body.

As Rohini’s hand was caressing her bare back Sujatha was getting excited little by little and she placed herself more seductively on the cot. This action of Sujatha made Rohini a little bold and acting on cue, she started caressing Sujatha’s making use of both hands. When Sujatha felt Rohini’s hands reaching all parts of her back, she started to feel the heat building inside her and she moved her body to match the movement of Rohini’s hand. Rohini was also getting excited by playing with her and her hand started to roam more freely caressing every exposed part of her back.

Sometimes it would go over her blouse and sometimes she would slide her fingers inside it. Sujatha started loving every action of hers and as Rohini brought her hands over the curve of her buttocks and touched them, Sujatha was almost on the verge of coming. Her juices were about to erupt and as Sujatha did not want her mother-in-law to know about it, she bit her lip tightly and with great difficulty managed to get up and sit straight on the bed. When Rohini was surprised to see the sudden change,

Sujatha smiled at her and thanked her profusely. Rohini then realizing the real meaning of the sudden change was happy to have her at her mercy and smiling at her she said you are always welcome dear. When Sujatha left the room, Rohini eased her body on the bed and hugging a pillow to her chest, dreamt of what was in store for her in the coming days. As she felt warmer and warmer inside her, she thanked Sujatha for it. Sujatha could not believe the outcome of the day. On one side Rai Bahadur, her father-in-law was interested in her and on the other Rohini, her mother-in-law. So to say she was sandwiched between them.

Though it disturbed her mind a little, she felt relieved as she had nothing to loose on both grounds. She was glad that her in-laws had accepted her and this was foremost in her mind. Being accepted by both of them had relieved her anxiety. Later in the evening when they met each other in the kitchen, Rohini gave her a big smile and enquired about her back ache. Its better replied Sujatha and thanked her for it. When both of them were busy preparing the supper, Rohini suddenly questioned her as to where she had bought the new sari. Sujatha without any hesitation on her part replied that

Rai Bahadur had presented it to her this morning. This came as a rude shock to Rohini and it also answered all the questions she wanted to know from her. It made everything clear to her and it also made her walk tall. Now she knew what her husband was up to and knowing this secret of his, she was even with him. She could leave him free to do whatever he wanted and in turn she would do whatever she wanted. It was a very fortunate incidence. Next morning Rai Bahadur entered the massage room before others had arrived and he hurriedly went to the attached bathroom and looked inside.

When his eyes came across the sari Sujatha had worn a day earlier, it gave him a mild shock and also made him realize the mistake he had committed. Now he was certain that Rohini had seen Sujatha in the semi-transparent sari and this was the reason for the sudden change in her. He knew that Rohini had figured out everything that had taken place in that room. He was happy that Rohini had not created a scene over it and that meant she had succumbed and let him free.

Well, this was a pleasant change he thought. Later when Ram and Shanti entered the room, they were surprised to see Rai Bahadur already seated on the table inside the room. This time Rai Bahadur was not wearing the usual robe but was dressed in a night suit and was holding a sari in his hands. When Ram turned to bolt the door, Rai Bahadur beckoned Shanti and handed her the sari. Shanti did not understand what to do with it and when she lifted her eye brows to inquire,

Rai Bahadur signaled her to wear it. Shanti was confused and when her eyes contacted Ram, he nodded his head to go ahead. As she turned to leave the room to change the sari, Rai Bahadur caught her hand and when Shanti turned back, he moved his head sideways. Shanti was mildly surprised with Rai Bahadur’s action and taking the sari in her hand when she turned towards Ram, he moved away from her vision. He knew that Shanti was uncomfortable in front of him and as he wanted to give her some privacy he went the other way.

This was not what Rai Bahadur wanted, he wanted Ram to be present and watch all the proceedings. Shanti facing Rai Bahadur, first caught hold of her loose sari and sliding it over her chest exposed her bosom which was hidden in the thin blouse and then putting her hand inside her petticoat she released the sari which was tucked in. Rai Bahadur watching the sari slide from her bosom was able to see the outline of her breasts hidden under a thin sheen of cloth and when Shanti put her hand inside per petticoat and removed the tucked sari which exposed her bare navel to his eyes, he got totally aroused by the sight of it.

When the sari was free from her petticoat, with one hand Shanti loosened it around her and let it fall to the ground. Seeing Shanti clad only in a blouse and a petticoat, Rai Bahadur eyes burned with desire. Shanti gave him some time to feast his eyes upon her and then she took the other sari and draped it on her. Finally when she was dressed up, she went near Rai Bahadur and without him asking for it, she started to unbutton his shirt. While she was unbuttoning the last two buttons, Shanti fingers felt his erect member.

Finally when the shirt was removed Rai Bahadur’s thin night pants and his brief underwear could not hide the tent formed by his erect member. Shanti had to struggle to unhook and pull down the zipper of his pants due to the erectness of his member. She had to push his member to one side to bring down the zipper and remove his pants. Finally when Rai Bahadur was only in his briefs, he laid on the table face down. Ram then brought the warm oil and handed it over to Shanti. While Shanti was applying the oil, Rai Bahadur lifted his hand and placed it on Shanti’s waist.

With his hand on her waist, he caressed her uncovered back and when Shanti started liking it, he drew her closer to him. Feeling his hand on her back caressing her waist, Shanti was getting heated up and as Rai Bahadur’s hand pulled her, she let herself be dragged closer to him. Shanti was placed so near to him that her body was practically touching his and Rai Bahadur finding her so close moved his arm to encircle her waist and held her firmly in his grip.

He then dragged her in such a way that her thighs almost touched his face. She had come so close to his face that he could smell her body odor. When Rai Bahadur had her positioned where he wanted her to be, he started slowly to bring his hand down and feeling her full rich buttocks placed his hand just below them. He then let his inner arm glide over her buttocks up and down. Shanti was enjoying all this and in trying to snuggle closer to him she moved her thighs still further up his face.

Seeing Shanti maneuver her body closer to his face, Rai Bahadur pulled her up in such a way that her midriff was pasted on to his face. So to say his face was just inches above her hot spot. Rai Bahadur started to brush his lips on her midriff, kissing and licking all the exposed portions of her navel. He even tried to dig his face in the small opening of her petticoat and tried to lavish that part. He dug his face so close to Shanti’s womanhood that his lips left the soft curly hair grown over there.

While Shanti was desperately trying to bring his face in contact with her hot spot, Rai Bahadur was trying to tease her more and heighten her passion and as he felt her pushing her mound close to his lips, he pulled it a shade away from her and kissed her belly button. Shanti on having her navel licked and kissed was trembling with desire and as she wanted more of him, she started wriggling. After planting one soft kiss on her belly button, Rai

Bahadur again brought his face down and when Shanti steadied herself thinking this time he was going to kiss her on the hot spot, instead he caught hold of the tucked sari in his teeth and tried to pull it out. As he was trying to remove her sari without the help of his hand, he was struggling in removing it. Ram who was watching this entire episode take place in front of him could no longer sustain himself. Every action of Rai Bahadur made him go crazy and he desperately wanted to join the show.

While Rai Bahadur was trying to pull the sari out of her by his teeth, Ram came and stood beside her. Shanti was happy when she felt Ram come close to her and while she was on height of passion, she felt Ram’s hand slipping her sari. Rai Bahadur too was aroused to the hilt to see Ram help him and when the sari was loosened from the top, it was then easy for Rai Bahadur to pull the remaining sari from her body. When the sari was completely removed from her body,

Ram came behind Shanti and positioning his hands below her chest he pushed his body to hers. Seeing this action from Ram, Rai Bahadur let himself cool down a little to watch the show. Ram snuggled closer to Shanti and putting his face on her shoulders he started to bite her. Being treated like this by two men Shanti was getting thrilled and was trying hard to control her juices from coming. When Shanti shifted her head a little to accommodate Ram,

She felt his lips brush her face and when they were over her lips, he suddenly glued his mouth on hers and sucked her lips right into his mouth all the time pushing his hot prick deep into the crevice of her buttocks. Shanti had never before felt such brute ness in making love with him and as she was being handled like this in front of Rai Bahadur, this was too much for her. When Ram lifted his hands on to her breasts and squeezed them, Shanti could not sustain this any longer and she exploded like hell bursting out.

Ram who had held Shanti firmly from behind and having his hot member wedged between her buttocks digging deeper and deeper into her crevice was also on the verge of coming. He pulled Shanti away from the table and putting her down on the floor he climbed on top of her and before he could remove her petticoat and undress her he fell upon her and came in his pants. Ram on having been drained out fully was unable to lift himself from above

Shanti and holding her strongly in his grip lay upon her. They both were exhausted and it took them some time to come back to normal. As they were struggling to get up they heard the sharp ring of the bell and Rai Bahadur without caring to see whether they had dislodged from each other opened the door for Sujatha. Sujatha after entering inside the room and looking around felt a sudden rush of hot blood inside her body. More than seeing Ram and

Shanti in that erotic position and Rai Bahadur dressed only in the brief underwear, she was excited because she saw her sari which was lying on the ground and it confirmed that Rai Bahadur was kinky and used her garments in these hot games. Now being exposed to all these games, it made her bold and feeling hot inside her and also as she desired to take a part in the act, she felt like teasing Rai Bahadur a little. By the time Rai

Bahadur put on his night suit, Sujatha took the sari which was lying on the ground and started toying with it and also she dangled the glass of milk she was holding in front of him. Sometimes she would raise the glass of milk to him and sometimes played with the sari. She was getting excited by this and as Rai Bahadur saw this from the corner of his eye, he smiled at her. Rai Bahadur on seeing all her actions moved across the room and coming near Sujatha caught her in his arms.

Sujatha when she felt his hands encircling her, moved a little away from him and teasing him all the way, she brought the glass of milk which was in her hand closer to his lips. Rai Bahadur holding Sujatha in his arms bowed down and adjusting himself brought his mouth to the glass of milk. When Sujatha lifted the glass of milk for him to drink; some milk trickled from his mouth to his chest. Sujatha using her sari cleaned his face with it and putting her hand inside his shirt, she also cleaned the milk from his chest.

This daring act of Sujatha made Rai Bahadur go horny. Tightening his grip on her he drew her closer to his body. Sujatha feeling him haul her brought her hands which were holding the sari between herself and his body and poor Rai Bahadur could only feel her hands on his chest. He knew that she was teasing him and to give her encouragement he loosened his grip over her a bit and when Sujatha left his grip being loosened and had some room in-between their bodies, she pulled the sari which she had it in her hand up and let it caress his face all the way.

Rai Bahadur loved every moment of this and was getting excited more and more. Sujatha now being free draped the sari over his face and blinding him with it, she started to caress his face with her hand holding the sari. Sujatha thought as Rai Bahadur was blinded he would not be able to move and forgot that she was in his arms. As this was going beyond Rai Bahadur’s imagination and as he was getting aroused to the hilt, he started tightening his hold on her. Sujatha at first did not realize this and as her body felt his hot body, she suddenly tried to jerk herself away only to be imbalanced and fall upon him. Having her imbalanced,

Rai Bahadur in a reflex action tightened his hold on her, embracing her whole body upon his. When Sujatha was pulled, she could feel her breasts being crushed on to his chest and she also felt his hard member come in contact with her exposed waist. As she had not expected this to happen, Sujatha shuddered when she was totally plastered to his body and as she felt his hot member on her body, her arms, her feet and every part of her body went limp.

Rai Bahadur utilizing this opportunity to the maximum brought his hands into play and caressed and squeezed every part of her body and as she had become a doll in his hands Rai Bahadur lifted her a little up and down so that his rock like member could brush her body. On being glided up and down over her soft delicate navel, his member started pulsating and when it came in direct contact with her hot moist womanhood he gave a strong trust forward and burying his hot member deep inside her sari, he did not let her go till he ejaculated completely.

Rai Bahadur did not put Sujatha down even after he had drained himself and Sujatha also could not budge herself from his grip. Her body was glued to him and she felt the hard rock going soft on her. Seeing her like this, Shanti came forward and releasing her from Rai Bahadur’s arms, took her to the bathroom and tidied her up. By the time they came out of the bathroom, both the men had left the room. Sujatha while teasing Rai Bahadur had not anticipated that it would go so far.

She just wanted to taunt him a little, but circumstances had made it go far than she expected it to. Though she too had been aroused, what had happened was not what she had in mind. As it had gone beyond her control and now feeling a little bit scared she wanted someone to console her. When her mind started to torment her, she suddenly thought of her mother-in-law and in a reflex action went running across to her room. Rohini who had just come from the temple saw Sujatha come to her room and before she could say anything,

Sujatha ran across to the bed and laid upon it face down. Rohini instantly knew that something was wrong and without questioning her, she let her relax for some time and when she saw that Sujatha had calmed down a bit, she after bolting the front door came on the bed and taking hold of Sujatha, let her rest her head upon her thighs. Rohini gave Sujatha some time to settle herself over her thighs and as she felt she was comfortable, she put her hands on her face and set her loose hair straight.

Sujatha on feeling her hands upon her face toying with her hair adjusted herself more comfortably on her. Rohini after having set her hair wiped her face with the loose end of her sari and then started to stroke her forehead. She continued for five minutes till Sujatha feeling more secured snuggled her face deeper into her thighs. Rohini on seeing Sujatha relaxed lifted her hand from her forehead and placing it on her shoulders started to squeeze them slowly.

She then let her hand glide smoothly from her shoulders to her arm and back. She kept repeating this for another few minutes and when she saw that Sujatha was totally calm; she asked her politely whether she would like to have her shoulders kneaded. Hearing this Sujatha nestled her body still closer to her and taking advantage of it, Rohini set aside Sujatha’s sari a little and exposing her shoulders, started to knead her shoulders and arms.

She continued manipulating her arms and shoulders and when Sujatha was completely still, she set aside a part of her sari from her back, so that her slender waist and back were exposed to her gaze. Her eyes started to wander from her beautiful back, to the narrow waist and from the mound of her buttocks to the sleek long legs. Rohini was elevated to have her in this position over her thighs and without disturbing Sujatha,

She took some cream from the table and squeezing a little on her fingers, she applied it on her exposed back. Having Rohini’s delicate fingers on her back, Sujatha started to feel warm inside her and as Rohini started spreading the cold cream over her exposed back she started to moan. Rohini kept circling her bare back for some time and when she saw Sujatha liking it, she tried to move her fingers inside her blouse. As the blouse was tight, Rohini failed to slide her fingers inside it and when she tried and failed again, she silently whispered in Sujatha’s ears to unbutton her blouse.

Sujatha who by this time was getting excited was glad to hear Rohini whisper and obliging her, she lifted herself a little and bringing a hand to the front of her blouse started opening the hooks one by one. This action of hers slowly loosened the blouse a little and Rohini taking benefit of it moved her fingers inside her blouse and feeling her delicate back started applying the cream.

When she had finished applying it and as she wanted to rub it with her hands when she tried to put her hands inside the blouse she failed to move them in. As it was not possible to move her hands inside Sujatha’s blouse, Rohini bowing down, whispered again in her ears and asked her to remove the blouse. Hearing these words, Sujatha’s body was set on fire and she shied away without complying. Rohini understanding her feelings was delighted to do it herself. Sliding one hand over Sujatha’s arm she brought it underneath her chest and touching her breast lightly,

She took hold of a flap of her blouse and slowly slid it out of her arm. When Rohini was sliding the blouse from Sujatha’s arm, she had a glimpse of her breast ensconced in her black brasserie and it was a feast for her eyes that brought sudden heat to her body. After releasing the blouse from one hand it was easy for her to remove it from the rest of the body and when Sujatha’s back was totally exposed to her, Rohini eyes were glued at the heavenly sight which was in front of her.

The black silky loose hair and the black thin silky belts of her brasserie on her fair body had a vision which could have tormented anyone and as Rohini was no saint; her body started to shudder in anticipating of the pleasure to come. Rohini on having Sujatha under her control and with her back completely exposed, she took more cream in her hand and applying the same on her back and waist, she started massaging it with both her hands. She kept on caressing her back and in the middle of the massage moved her hands down below touching her buttocks.

This smooth caress of her back was tormenting Sujatha’s body and whenever Rohini’s hands wandered below her back; her body scorched with heat and desire. Unable to control herself, Sujatha taking hold of her mother-in-laws thighs and lifting herself placed her soft breasts on her thighs and put her chin in between her thighs. Rohini having Sujatha’s warm soft breasts on her thighs made her blood boil and reaching down her back she placed her hand over Sujatha’s buttocks and started to caress them.

When Sujatha felt Rohini’s hands kneading her buttocks, she got excited and turning her face she glued her lips on Rohini’s inner thighs. Rohini now being aroused to the hilt, wanted to feel more of Sujatha’s body and she without asking for permission, unhooked her bra and pulling the brassiere out, brought her hands down and caught her delicate warm soft petite breasts. As

Rohini started feeling Sujatha’s bare breasts, Sujatha unable to stay put, opened her mouth wide and biting Rohini’s inner thighs moved her face nearer to her hot cunt. This move of hers made Rohini go wild and she caught Sujatha’s both breasts in her hands and fondled them hard. As Rohini was getting hotter and hotter, she wanted to posses more of Sujatha’s body and as she pushed her hand deep in between her buttocks up to her crevice,

Sujatha had maneuvered her face in such a way that it had brushed her moist cunt and was now right at the top of her moist cunt. Having her face so close by, Rohini brought the other hand and holding Sujatha by her head pushed her head down on to her wet hot cunt. Sujatha, who was anticipating such an action to happen, opened her mouth wide and taking as much of the sari and her petticoat into her mouth pressed her lips on her moist hot cunt and started rubbing her face upon it.

She then pushed aside her clothes a little and took as much of her cunt lips in her mouth and sucked and rubbed every part of her cunt until Rohini was unable to control anymore and emptied her juices out from her vagina till they swept Sujatha’s face from over her clothes. She came with such force that to steady herself, she caught hold of Sujatha’s buttocks and did not let go until she subsided after some minutes.

The contact of their lips sent shivers into both their respective bodies and Rohini being the dominant one caught hold of Sujatha’s face and moving her lips on hers kissed her hard. Sujatha opened her mouth wide to accommodate Rohini’s kiss and when Rohini trust her tongue inside her mouth she started sucking on it. When Rohini saw that Sujatha was getting excited, she placed her hand on her waist and as she could not find an opening into her petticoat pushed her hand over her petticoat and grabbed her buttocks.

After having a firm hold on her buttocks, she pushed her fingers deep in the cleft of her buttocks and moving on to her inner thighs she felt the heat of her moist womanhood. Sujatha on feeling Rohini’s hand over her private parts and having her lips glued to hers moved her upper body and anchoring it over Rohini’s chest pressed her breasts hard on hers, and when Rohini’s hand came down and touched her moist cunt over the petticoat, it made her body to vibrate with desire and as Rohini started pushing her fingers deep into her, she came in streams. Rohini did not let go of Sujatha immediately; she kept caressing her delicate features and when she saw

Sujatha convulsions has subsided, she let Sujatha lie down on the bed. By the time she went to the bath room to tidy herself and return, Sujatha had left the room. Having spent some intimate moments both with Mr. and Mrs. Rai Bahadur, Sujatha did not venture out of her room. She rested the whole day in her room visualizing the events which had taken place that morning. It had started with her teasing of Rai Bahadur which had gone out of her hands and had ended up being consoled in the arms of Rohini.

In both these cases some passionate and intimate scenes had taken place. After thinking a lot about it she made a decision not to bother herself and to stay calm and take things as they come. When she had thought that things had finally settled for the day and when she was removing her sari to put on the night gown, she heard a voice say ‘I can’t see’ that made her stand rooted to the spot. It was her father-in-law’s voice and he had come to her room unnoticed and was standing behind her.

Sujatha, who a few moments before had made a resolution to face things boldly, turned slowly so that Rai Bahadur could see her and facing him, she let the loose sari which was in her hand drop to the floor. When Sujatha dropped her loose end of the sari down, Rai Bahadur stepping a little closer and looking up at her took a deep breath. Sujatha then bringing her hand on her waist and putting it inside her petticoat and playing with the material of her sari for sometime pulled out the tucked portion of her sari.

She then proceeded to loosen the sari from her waist and when she had gathered all of it in her hand; she stared at Rai Bahadur in the eye and let the sari fall down slowly at her feet. Rai Bahadur’s eyes widened as he kept looking at her sari being removed in front of him and seeing her clad only in her petticoat and a blouse he started to get aroused. Sujatha stood motionless for a few seconds and let him see her in that attire.

After a few moments when Sujatha thought that he had seen enough and extended her arm to take the night gown which was on the stand, she heard him say “I want to see more”. Hearing these words Sujatha’s heart started beating faster and she too felt a little aroused. She braved herself and taking her own time, she lifted her hands and placing it on her chest she started unhooking the top of her blouse.

When she had unhooked the top three hooks, the upper part of her breast came into view and seeing the magnificent breasts engulfed in a black silken bra Rai Bahadur’s member started gaining momentum. The light brown color of the breasts behind the dark texture of her bra was making his member throb and to control it, he put a hand in his robe and adjusted his growing member. When Sujatha unhooked the last two hooks and started removing the blouse from her body,

Rai Bahadur moved so closer that his body was almost touching hers. He was so near to Sujatha that she could feel his body’s heat on her. He was breathing down on her and his hot erect member inside his robe started growing up. Sujatha could see his aroused member making a dent in the robe. Sujatha wanted this whole episode to end soon as she feared that her mother-in-law may come looking for her any moment and to hurry up the things,

Sujatha put her hands on her waist and pulling the chords of her petticoat she loosened it from her waist and catching it in her hands she moved a little away from him. She then playfully let it down slowly exposing her thin black panties to his vision and still holding the petticoat in her hand when she thought as it was the last thing she had to do, she let her it fall suddenly and exposed her thighs and slim elegant legs to him. Seeing Sujatha almost nude in the black bra and black panties,

Rai Bahadur’s stood dazed while his cock started vibrating inside his robe. As he felt the sperm building up in him he knew that at any moment he may spurt. When Rai Bahadur was silent for a few seconds, Sujatha thinking that he was satisfied with her exposure, as she turned to take the night gown, Rai Bahadur suddenly caught her by the waist and pulling her to him, he opened his robe and held Sujatha inside it. Sujatha on being dragged was totally imprisoned inside his robe and for the first time, she felt his naked body on hers.

When Rai Bahadur adjusted her a little in his arms, Sujatha felt his hot solid member slide upon her navel brazing her soft delicate skin. Rai Bahadur on having her firmly in his grip, took one of his hand up to her face and bringing it to his, he started kissing it wildly while on the other hand he caressed his erect member on her body. The moment Sujatha’s felt his lips on her; her body shuddered with heat and passion and she could feel her vaginal muscles pulsate with her pre come juices.

She was trembling in his arms and as his tongue started digging inside her mouth, she could no longer control her passion. As she felt she was nearing to come, she put her hand behind her and searching for his cock, she took hold of it in her hand and squeezed it before she came in her panties. Having her hold his cock in her hand was beyond the power of Rai Bahadur. The moment her soft fingers went round his cock, his hold on her body tightened and he erupted on her navel.

Sujatha felt his cock vibrate in her hand and then shoot his hot come up her navel. It was a new sensation to feel his come shooting from her hand and after his cock had emptied it all on her navel, Sujatha tried to move away from him but Rai Bahadur not letting her go and placing his hand on her wet panties, he said, “I want them”. Sujatha stood flabbergasted on hearing it and when Rai Bahadur saw her standing motionless, he put his fingers inside her panties and crouching down on the ground;

He pulled it down slowly over her buttocks through her slim legs all the while looking at her exposed body. As soon as her panties were free from her body, Sujatha turned and ran into the bathroom and bolted the door while Rai Bahadur pocketing the wet panties went out of the room smiling all the way.
Next day morning Rai Bahadur, when he entered the massage room was totally a different person. Coming inside the room, he looked upon Shanti and giving her a big smile, he asked Ram to bolt the door.

After bolting the door when Ram turned and came around, he saw Rai Bahadur hand over a piece of black cloth to Shanti. Both he and Shanti did not know what it was and as Shanti opened it a bit, both were surprised to see the black panties. When Rai Bahadur asked Shanti to wear them and as she turned to go to the bathroom, it was Ram who stopped her from going and instead signaled her to wear it in front of him.

Shanti was delighted to have Ram’s consent and her face sparkled with pleasure. Rai Bahadur seeing their involvements could not believe his eyes and the moment Shanti holding the black panties in front of her started to lift her sari and petticoat, his body started to shudder. He impatiently waited for Shanti to proceed and as she put both her legs in the panties, lifted her sari and petticoat a little and pulled the panties up, Rai Bahadur could see most of her legs and thighs exposed to his naked eye and as

Shanti, pulled the panties right up he even saw some of the pubic hair on her inner thighs. Seeing Shanti’s naked thighs for the first time Rai Bahadur really got excited and when Shanti had finished pulling up the panties and let down her sari, Rai Bahadur gestured her to come forward and when he looked down at himself, Shanti knew that he wanted her to disrobe him. This time Shanti came in front of him and kneeling down she took hold of the chords of the robe and untied the knot.

Then very slowly she opened the robe and putting her hands inside it, she let the robe slide from his body. As she was kneeling down right in front of him, she could see the impression of his stiff cock in his brief underwear and felt cold sweat run down her back. Shanti stood up to free his robe from his body and while reaching for his shoulders to release the robe, she had to lean upon him and doing so her breasts brushed against his chest. This time Shanti did not pull herself back, but she let him feel them on his chest

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