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Sana Khan Ke Sath Sex Kiya

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hi guys and gals. I am sana ali . I am 19 years old with figure of 34-24-32. I am fair in color. This is a true story that happened to me 6 months ago. I have a friend her name is Ruchi(not real name) . One day one of my friend gave me a book. I was reading a story in an adult magazine about this girl that was eaten out and fucked by a dog.

This story really makes me crazy. Anyway, one day I was talking to my friend Ruchi and the subject came up. She had never read such a story before. Since we were at my house, I got the magazine out and let her read it. She did not get as turned on as I did, but said that she could watch someone do that and get horney. She also said that she doubted that she would get horney enough to do it with the animal. I told her that it made me very horney and that I didn’t think I could do it, but I did want to read about other people doing it with animals. Well, that subject was dropped, we continued to talk about other things. In between I was changing my cloths. Well, I have had sex with women before, but never with Ruchi. I didn’t know how she felt, and never asked. Well I noticed her staring at my 34-24-32 body. I said, “What do you think”? She said that I had a great body and a nice pair of tits.

With that, I jumped into the bed and grabbed her head and shoved it between my tits and said, well if you like them so much why don’t you suck them. She said okay, and suck my tits so gently. She said to me, I have wanted you for the longest time. We went into my bedroom and made love for three hours. When she left to go home, she invited me over the next day to “Play around some more”. Saturday afternoon I went over to Ruchi’s house. She invited me in. She was wearing a black gown. She was hot. I was also wearing shirt and jeans. She drops her gown. What I saw was a beautiful, clean shaven cunt. I reached up to touch her but she stopped me. She said that I would first have to touch my own shaved cunt. She said she would shave me like she did herself this morning. We went to the bathroom and she undressed me. What I great sensation it was to have her shave. When she was done she cleaned me off, grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room. She told me to lay on the bed and play with my clean shave cunt. As I laid there, I began to rub my cunt, what a feeling. I went wild. It felt so good. No pubic hair, just skin, sensitive skin. She watched me as she got undressed. She got into the bed with me and moved her cunt to where I could eat her.

She was, and still is, so sweet tasting. As I ate her she played with my cunt, sticking in a finger then rubbing my clit. She would stop as I got to excited. I ate her and she came twice, yet she w ouldn’t let me cum. She then got up and left the room. She came back with some nylon straps and said that if I wanted to cum I would have to let her tie me to the bed. She said she would not hurt me. I agreed. She tied my wrists and ankles to the bed so that I was spread eagle. She then got out a vibrator and began to work on my sensitive clit. The vibrator made me so horney, but she would not leave it on my clit long enough to make me cum. I tried to thrust my hips to meet the dong, but to no avail. She would then stick the dildo in and slowly pull it out, then repeat the treatment on my clit. I was begging to cum. She bent between my legs and tasted my juice hole and said that I was wet enough to get my SURPRISE. Again she left the room. When she returned she was followed by my SURPRISE. It was her dog, Puppy.

She asked how horney was I and I knew what she meant. I shook my head yes. She patted the bed and Puppy jumped up. She then took the dogs nose and stuck it between my legs. I must have been twice as wet by now. The dog knew exactly what to do. He began to lick my hole. I couldn’t stand it and I cam twice, right away. This made him lick even faster. I could not believe the feeling. There was no strong probing like a humans tongue, just enough pressure and entry to do the job. As the dog continued to eat me out Ruchi unfastened me from the bed. Then felt the dog’s cock. She said that it was hard. She grabbed a couple of small pillows and placed them under my ass. Then guided the Puppy on top of me. His face was next to mine, I could feel his hot breath on my face. His hairy body resting on my stomach. Ruchi put her hand on his cock and gently guided it toward my fuck hole. As soon as the dog felt my wetness, nature took over. He fuck fast and was fairly deep. I came again, and again. Then I felt him squirt inside me.

He slipped out and shot some cum on my stomach. Then hopped off and left the room. As I laid there, I thanked Ruchi for what she did and told her that it was great. Since then I have fucked her dog twice. He is not always in the mood. I have fucked Ruchi so many times I can not count them. Ruchi now says that she thinks she will try Puppy the next time he is ready. Few days later I went over to my girl friends house. Ruchi, now my good friend, is the owner of Puppy. Well anyways, Ruchi and I were sitting in the living room of her house sipping coffee and talking. I told her how exciting was the experience with her Puppy and that I was glad I did it. She was sitting on the couch and I could see she was rubbing her cunt inside her dressing gown. I got up and offered her assistance, she quickly responded by opening her gown. I got on my knees and began to eat her. I looked up at her and saw that she had her eyes closed, head tilted back and was moaning. I slowly brought her to a climax and got up to sit next to her. She pulled my head to hers and we French kissed. Then she got up and led me to her room. We laid on the bed and I started to play with Ruchi’s tits.

I sucked them and bit the nipples. She was getting horny, as well as myself. Puppy walked in the room and jumped right up onto the bed. I took him by the collar and moved his head between Ruchi’s legs. She had never let Puppy eat her before now. She breathed heavy and I told her to relax. About the third stroke of Puppy’s long tongue she was moaning and thrusting her hips to meet each stroke. I knew she was loving it, I on the other hand, on my own, was checking out this dog’s dong. I reached down under Puppy and felt for his cock. It was long and hard. About 6 inches and not very thick. I rubbed the cock a little and Puppy responded by licking faster and humping my hand. I was actually beating this dog off and he liked it. I teased Puppy’s cock like I would a guy’s cock. I didn’t want to cum too soon. The dog kept eating Ruchi and she must have cum four times. Well, the time came for Ruchi to get fucked. I positioned a pillow under her ass and moved Puppy over her. I took his hard cock in My hand and helped him find her love hole. He started humping her. He was fast, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I was so horny watching this I start fingering myself, Ruchi was rubbing her tits and Puppy was fucking the shit out of her. Finally, after two more orgasms from Ruchi, Puppy shot his load. He didn’t miss, ever drop was shot into Ruchi’s cunt. Puppy got up and found my finger’s in my cunt and started licking me, I just laid back and enjoyed it. Ruchi, after a rest looked over and said Puppy still going at it.

She came over and reached for his cock. She said that it was hard again. I told her that I rubbed it and he liked that. So she started rubbing his hard cock, and he responded by licking me faster. Well I soon came twice and was about to again. I told Ruchi that she should do to Puppy like she would a guy after playing with his rod. She looked at me funny, I said suck him off. I didn’t think she’d do it, but I was wrong. She must have really been worked up because she didn’t hesitate. She climbed under Puppy and I saw her take him in her mouth. Puppy started humping her mouth and kept up with my cunt.Ruchi had one hand on his balls and the other on her clit. She was humping up on her hand and Puppy was fucking her mouth. I had to watch. I got up so Puppy could concentrate on fucking.

His cock was moving in and out of Ruchi’s mouth like crazy. He came, and she took in ever drop. Puppy left the room, now relieved, and Ruchi kissed me, I could taste Puppy’s cum on her lips. She took me to eat her cunt, & suck out the dog cum. I went down on her and the mixture of her juices and Puppy’s was wonderful. I still can’t get over the sight of Puppy in Ruchi’s mouth. I get horny just thinking about it. And while writing this story I fingered myself three times and am about to start again. to contact

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