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  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hello my friends of his page. You are the great that you narrated your experiences in this page. I don’t care that these are true or fantasy. I only appreciate your courage. Thus I will try to share one of mine.

Samina is my aunt my means my stepmother sister. As my mother has died and my father has been married a woman. Samina is the younger sister of my stepmother she is just 18 years old. She often living in our home as her sister my mean my stepmother is all alone the home and no other female member is there. So Samina was living in our home more than she own was home. She was a very young and extra ordinary cute. She has a pair of small tit as her body is too slim and she is not looking 18 but she looks a small baby. Her face structure is very fantastic. She has a long face. She always uses to wear shalwar kameez she is not ashy girl and always talk with me very free. As she was nearly our family member so she doing all my work and she kept care all my small necessaries. She is very fond to Indian films. She has seen nearly every new Indian film. She is not allowed to go cinema hall. She can see these films only on my VCD, which is in my room. I bring the CD’s and see it at the night and she sees it at morning.

Once she was playing my vcd in my absence and she mars it. I repaired it with the cast of 1000 rupees. So I asked her not to use my vcd. She became sad. And we decided that we would watch film together after that. Thus we started to watch move together. We watched every night move.

Once we were watching the move was too romantic. She was from the start very free with me, and she always chatting with me. We were watching and also discussing the film. Hero was kissing the heroin and a said oh how you are lucky that you are kissing a beauty like this. Samina became jealous and said she not so beautiful as you exaggerated. Why not she is are you blind? I said. She said there are more beautiful girls than that if you can see around you. I am not blind like you, you are not so beautiful like her. She said then go behind her. You can not touch her shadow. She added that why you boys always behind girls to attract girls and you have no other work except following girls. I then said that you are jealous from this girl because I am praising her. She said why I would jealous from this, as I am myself beautiful. Oh really you are so beautiful but I never think about you, because no one is a heroin in his own valet. She said that she is not of that kind. And I moved my hand and caught her hand pulled her to my wards and put my lips on her and said I can not touch her but I can kiss you. She was trying to escape her from my grasp. She was now fluttering in my arms but couldn’t get released her self. I became too exited and was kissing her, she was also became hot and was cooperating me. She was looking in my eyes and saying you are too carefree you never feel me. She whispered in my ear that I love you. I love you too. I embraced her and She was now in my arms. I was kissing her cheeks lips and all over her face. My hand went on her boobs. They were small in size but were too tight and firm was rubbing her boobs gently and she was moaning and asking me not to do like this. But who was care her request. I was playing with her boobs and then I engaged in French kiss with her at least 3 minutes. My tongue was exploring her mouth. I was squeezing her boob over her Kameez and her nipple become hard. My hand moved to her tummy and was pressing her navel. Then I moved my hand to he pussy, she resist for long but my hand reached there and now she spread her legs to give way to my hand and I put my hand on her pussy. It was really too little. I was now rubbing her pussy by my one hand and my other hand was on her boob. She said me this is not right before marriage, don’t do like this. I continuously am kissing her. I put my hand under her kameez she was shivering with fear and shyness. I squeezed her boobs and then try to put off her kameez. But she was resisting too much. After the resistance of some time I put off her kameez. She has now in her black bra, which I unhooked with her help and now her little tits were in front of me. They were really very nice and virgin tits with small very small nipples. I put my mouth on her little virgin tit and kissed her passionately. I licked them and sucked them. She was now little bit relaxed and some hot too. I took now her in my leap and went to the bed. Where, I lay her on the bed. She was lay on bed on her back half-naked. Her tits were stood straight and her nipples were Stand hard. I lay with her and started her kissing and squeezing her tits. I try to opened her shilwar knot but she took my hand and said me this is enough please don’t go a head. I will be marrying once. Don’t be sally. Every one do it before marries. I forcibly opened string of her shilwar knot and put off her shilwar from her legs. Now she was totally nude and she was looking very beautiful. I rubbed her pussy and moved to her pussy. It was cute little small pussy and small thick hairs were on it. It looks very beautiful. I put my mouth on her pussy and its smell compile me to lick kissed it. I inserted my tongue in her pussy hole, which was really tight and little wet. Her pussy taste was salty. My tongue was moving in and out of her pussy. She was too hot and was moaning heavily. Now I pulled all my cloths and when she saw my full erected cock her eyes became wide with fear. I took her hand and gave my cock in it. Her hand was too hot and too soft. She was ready to take it in her hand but she did. She was rubbing it gentle. She said me that have never done this please let me go. But I told her that I have also like you and have no experience of it. But we should do it at least we will have to do it. She didn’t replied and I think her silence her approval. I moved between her thighs and sat there. I took her legs and spread them little wide, I put a pillow under her hips. Now her cunt was little up. As she has never took cock in her pussy before this. So I applied some of my salvia on my cock head and put it on her pussy hole. I pushed it very slowly in her pussy hole and with little struggle my cock went one/ forth in her hole. She was screaming and moaning with low. And I put my lips on her lips when I was pushing my cock full in her pussy hole and when I pushed it with full force in her pussy she screamed but I pressed my lips on her mouth and absorb her scream. She was now screaming and I was pushing in and out my cock in her pussy. She was really feeling pain and her head was moving here and there. She was saying its too pain. I really feel much pain. I took her tit in my mouth and started eating them and by this she also she also began enjoying that. She was now saying to me ahh now its feel good. When you put it first in my pussy it was too much pain. Now is very good ohh it is nice. Fuck me hard. Why you didn’t fuck me before? Now go fast that I have no objection. Now when you give me strong stroke I feel so good. On listening this I began fucking her faster and more hard. Now I was jerking her fast. We both were now flying in sky. She was saying by now that she loves me too very much. She was sticking me and was saying that you fucked me first and I will never let any one near to my pussy. You made me woman. She was now giving me her full cooperation and was pushing her hips up towards me on my stroke. She suddenly cried that some thing is wants coming out then me and with this all body shrived and she cum. But I was still stroking her and after a few minuets I also fell that I can not control myself more I put off my cock from her pussy and unloaded my cum on her tinny tummy on her navel. We lay together after that for a long time and then we fucked one more time on that night. She lifts me with warmth kiss.

We now play this game nearly every night. We watch xxx move together and we learn from that. Then we tried all the positions we learn from xxx move and which are possible. We are sucking each other. I fucked her once in her small little ass hole.

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