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  • September 19, 2015

She was really awesome. I am wondering from where I start it. She is really the most beautiful woman of our surrounding. She is wife of my cousin. She is 43 years but more of young girls in our family can not compare themselves with her. She is utmost educated in our family. Lets me describe her and her beauty, she is wife my cousin, her name is Sameera she is tall about 5’’ 8’’ with a voluptuous figures, like big firm tits with a heavy hips. Her complexion is extant whitish, wide face, wine cup lips, she had long brownish hairs and big wide eyes. She has extra ordinary white and delicate hands and legs. Her hand are so soft, firm plumpish. Her body is little fleshy that gives her extra glamorous and when she walked her breasts bounced and hips shook. She has a buxom body

she was very frank with me and she always used to talk with me on every topic. Once when we both were attending one of some ceremony in our relative she asked me to come with her that she has some urgent talk with me and we both went aside from the other members of the family but in front of all them. She talked with me, while she was stood so close to me that her some part of body was touching with my body that excited me very much. And when she finished I didn’t under stood how that was urgent massage.

When I left the party I was too confused and thinking weather she wants some special relation with me? Was she giving me some other massage? Anyhow I forgot it soon. But after that whenever we meet she looked me that she wants to say me some thing but couldn’t and I always felt thrust in her eyes when she looked me as I also an experienced man of 39 and have my own maitiral life. Mmm always used to exposed to her cleavage generously and also the upper curve of her breast. She was wearing always shalwar, Kameez and dupata.

She intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her duppata fall down from her shoulder that gave me the glimpse of her exposed breast .she did all these when no one with us and that was very rarely. I ways wished her to come frequently to our home and remain there as long as possible. Once when she was in our home and my wife was busy to prepare some tea and snake for her she asked me to visit her home if you get the chance but ,,,,,, but what? I asked her. Her voice was very low and sexy at that time. She sad me but at the morning and that was a clear signal for me from her side. I will come at any cost when you invite me. But don’t mention in to your wife she smiled with a naughty smile. Just she finished my wife came in with a try she put the try on the table and gave both of us cups if tea, she herself took one cup and we were talking while taking tea. After that my wife rises and said her sorry that she has a bit of work in kitchen and will be back with in five minutes, she asked me to give company to Sameera instead of me. I said in my heart that I am ready to give her company till to death. When my wife went to the kitchen I asked her yo didn’t tell me which time and day I come to visit her. She said that is your own home when you want come here. But I want to meet alone. Why? I have some important issue to discuss you. She smiled and asked to give my mobile phone number to her and when she get a chance she will call me. After that my wife joined us and I took permission from them to leave now. I left them and I went to my room, where I was thinking about Sameera all the time.

Soon after two days I got a phone call. I attended that. It was Sameera and talked in husky voice and asked whether I may came to her home next day at 10-o clock. I replied yes, why not I would come there on my head not on foot. She laughed and hung up the phone. I didn’t explain how the night I spent as I was thinking all the night about Sameera and was making plan how I will fuck her. Next morning when I started to go to the office I phone to office that I would come late to the office due to meet some emergency meeting on my way to office. I went to her house and rang the bell. She opened the door and received me very warmly. We stood for a moment smiling at each other. Theen she asked me to come in and We went in. she wore with dark color cotton shilwar qameez and matching dupatta with head full of sexy fragrance and seducing body spray. There was no one in the house. I didn’t have any problem as it was not for the first time I was coming to her place all-alone. We both went to his house. He opened the door with his key and we went in. There was no one around. I didn’t have any problem as it was not for the first time I was coming to her place all alone. We sat in the lounge room where she sat with me on one sofa. Then after some time she asked if I would have a cup of tea? I was feeling bit for tea at that time. She went to kitchen for making tea. I was too nervous at that time. She came back with tea very soon. Just when we were having tea I had a phone call. She pick up her cup and went close to window and was staring the outside from the window while I was on the phone. I was staring her wide ass that made me really mad. When I hung up the phone she came and sat with me. When she sat with me, my heart beat raised and I was blinking how to start. In this way 10 minutes passed.

We didn’t speak even a single word. She was sitting just to me. To break the silence she smiled and said, did you have anything special you wanted to say to me. Now I slowly put my hand on her back and touched her body, but no response from her side was made nor she try to stop stop me. The smell of her body excited me more as I was also excited to fell her presence, She asked me that what am I doing? You have some talking with me not that. I need you badly my dear. I replied to her. Then I put my lips on her lips and by this time I found her eyes become reds and she was a little out of control. She said me please go now someone would come here and see us. I understood that she is agreed but she says right that some one can see us. No one come here as your children are in school and your husband in office. Then without any wait I hugged her from the back. I kissed her lips gently and my one hand moved to her chest and touched her one breast. Which was my dream to touch. It was stiff in the two covers she had. Her bra and qamezz. I slowly squeezed that and kissed her lips with little force. It was only after our lips met that I realized just how nervous she was, that her body was trembling as she held me. “You’re beautiful,” I whispered in her ear. I want you, and know you want me too. Do you want me?” I could feel her body trembling. She took a deep breath. Yes I want you she whispered harshly and grabbed my arm but I am scared. I felt her arms wrapping themselves tightly around my waist. We were no properly kissing and soon after she cautiously introduced her warm tongue into my mouth, I sensed she’d regained some of her composure. she was too hungry. She was getting enough aroused. She was loosing her control and I started rubbing her tits slowly her breasts were like pyramids and I slide her qameez up with excitement. That gave freedom to her breast . The only next gate of prison is bra and I unhooked that too. now her tits came out with a jump. I put my mouth on her tits and started to kiss and sucked her nipples.

She was moaning and asking me to stop it as that is not right. But I know that she wants and she need it. I asked her to touch my cock. She slowly moved her right hand to my cock. Her hand was shaking with nervous anxiety, and her breathing was deep and rapid. She then took a deep breath and grasped my cock in her hand through my shilwar. She was gently rubbing it and that gave it more strength. she began a slow, sensual stroking action. She moved my cock up and down. You are too sweet. She looked into my eyes smiled and said . she stood up and told me to follow her as she need it in bed. Following her was a pleasant treat. The dampness of her skin had made the robe stay snugly in the crack of her wide soft ass. We went to her bed room where she sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to sit . I sat there and she once again she took my hardening cock in hand and began the stroking process all over again. she untied my shilwar string and took my cook out. I also pulled her cloths out with her help and now she was totally nude before me. I was wonder that I am seeing the most beautiful woman of the family. Her tits were very plump, standing firmly outward, with very little sag. I pull her closer, bringing my lips to hers. She eagerly opened, pushing her tongue into my mouth. We shared a deep passionate kiss, swapping tongue saliva. I caressed the soft skin on her shoulder and toyed with her ear. She moaned out with lust as I slid my hand to her breasts. I lightly pinched her nipples and massaged her soft, pointed tits. She pulled her mouth away from me, looking into my eyes. “This will be our secret, and I will not bother you for more sex, later”, I said. “I also want you to know that I am truly, truly grateful for your kindness.

I have not been able to keep my mind off you since long”, I confessed. She smiled, telling me she knew. She was held my cock and was looking it very yearning, and asked me that may she kiss my cock as this is her fantasy and her husband never do it with her. I said her that will be my luck if my cock goes so beautiful mouth like you. She smiled and then took my hard cock into her mouth. She licked all around the head, pulling off occasionally, stoking me. Sameera hung her head over my cock allowing a string of spit to fall onto the darkened head. Using her hand she spread it up and down my dick, making it slick. I was getting turned on more by the minute. I ran my fingers through her hair as she once again took my cock into her mouth. She worked magic on me, bringing me to new sensations. I had never had an experience like this. My wife used to give me head, but never what I was now feeling. As she worked her velvet mouth up and down my cock, I felt the head of my dick bumping against the back of her mouth. I felt a strange sensation as she worked her throat muscles, still pushing her head onto my long, rigid cock. Suddenly, I felt my cock push past the back of her mouth and my cock was entering into her throat. She now worked a good pace, sucking my cock and stroking me with her hand. I was rock hard and feeling the churning in my nuts. I warned Jenny that I was about to cum and that she should pull her head away before she got a mouthful of my sperm. She can’t say I didn’t warn her, and I knew she was about to get my load.I tensed with aching passion, my nuts tight with the onset of my orgasm. I shot a load of cum into her mouth. Several jets of my hot cum hit the back of her mouth. I felt her busy tongue and cheek muscles trying to accept my load. There was cum, running out of her mouth and onto her lips and hand. She pumped continually, swallowing most of what I had to offer. She was looking very nice to me and I was thinking that this is a woman of the dream of hundreds peoples from her mouths my cum is running. I felt my self very proud. That was incredible”, I said. “That felt so good, I can’t believe you did it”. She smiled with a proud look on her face. My cock was rapidly losing its solid state.

You done the best my heart, I have never imagined like this. Then what you were imaging about me? She asked smilingly with a proud look on her face.. You are too nice. I replied. She was patient, not asking for anything, and knowing I would need to get hard again before I could fuck her. I knew it would be a while before I would get another hard-on. So I asked her you done the best now this is my turn and asked her to lie. She lay on her back on the bed and I went to sit between in her thighs, ohh she has very plump and wide thighs, they were so nice, soft like silk as I touched them and reddish where her pussy was hide due her plumpness. She spread her thighs wide to give me look of her pussy. And there was her swollen pinkish and pulpy pussy. Oh its too nice this is million’s pussy you have. May I kiss this lovely palace? She smiled and said me yes you can allow do with it what you want. I spread her legs wide, taking in the view. I gently held her labia lips apart, with my fingers, and placed my mouth full on her exposed clit. I sucked it gently, flicking my tongue over it with quick, light flutters. She went wild, groaning from deep in her throat. With every lick and kiss, she let out sensuous moans. Her juices were flowing heavily, her tummy quivering, as I continued my oral stimulation on her very sexy cunt. Her musty feminine odor was making its way to my senses, and I was feeling my own arousal. My cock was rising to the occasion, anticipating further action. She started to buck underneath me as I ate her cunt. Clamping her legs tight against my head, she reached orgasm.

My face was completely wet with her juices and I kept flicking her clit, through most of her climax, until she could take no more. Oohh, soo, I can’t believe how good I am coming’’. Sameera was wild with passion, that felt wonderful”, she said, still clenching her legs tight. I moved up to her face, kissing her. She held me tight, sharing a deep kiss. I squeezed her tits as I kissed her again. Planting a few lingering kisses on her ear, I asked her if she was ok for me to fuck her, yet? She gasped and sighed, pushing me into position. I moved between her legs, kneeling there, looking at the target that I would be enjoying. Taking my cock in her hand, she eagerly guided me to her wet opening. I slowly slid my cock into her warm cunt, one inch at a time. Sameera dug her fingers into my back, pulling me in further. I slid my cock in and out of her tight pussy, feeling every inch of her insides. Sameera pulled her knees up and out, giving me even more depth. We fucked in a steady rhythm for several minutes, as she moaned loudly with each thrust. She was pretty and she was beautiful beneath me, as I stared at her glazed eyes. Sameera’s neck muscles seemed to tense up and her breasts had goose bumps. She was very excited and was pushing her hip upwards to accommodate my cock more in her cunt. she had nailed in my hip while I continued my pumping motion and squeezed her tits with one hand. Since I had already cum a few times, I lasted longer than any lucky guy could expect. I pumped Jenny through two good orgasms, making her moan with gratitude. She was moaning deeply saying I am cominggggg, it feel so good so nice, so deep so long oh I am comminggg. She went he orgasm and She was breathing loudly and in uneven gasps. My own orgasm was coming quick and I could not hold out any longer. My cock twitched and the dull ache came from deep in my lower stomach .My dick pulsed and shot jet after jet of warm fluid inside Sameerar’s flexing cunt. She was totally wet inside now, with our combined juices. I pumped as long as I could before I finally had to collapse on top of her. I kissed her and rolled off to the side.

We lay there, completely spent and used. I was looking in her eyes and I couldn’t believe what had happened. I loved it and I really needed it. She was smiling. But silent as well and I wondered what she was thinking. “Are you ok”, I asked? I’m fine. Thank you, Danash, I needed your hard cock inside me since long. My husband never satisfied me like this. I think both of us needed it.

She went to bathroom after some time and came back out after 10 minutes. She cleaned her body. And then asked me to leave now as this is time her children come from school. I wore my cloths and when I was leaving, she hugged with me and we made a deep kiss. She said that we would do it when we get chance. We made love after that many time and used all the possible position.

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