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Sameer Break My Virginity

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hello friends, I am Pooja Chaudhary from Lucknow. I am 21 years old .I have good figure 34-26-34. I Have light brown color pointed nipples. This incident is one year old. At that time I was 20 years old. I have boy friend. His name is Sameer Ahmed and he 25 years old. He is from Delhi but now working in Lucknow in a MNC as a Software Engineer. I meet him in my friend’s sister’s marriage. He is very good looking and have healthy body. I was very impressed by him. He proposed me and as I was impressed by him I accept his proposal. After some time he joins a company in Lucknow so he take a rented flat here in Lucknow.

As we love each other too much we start meeting at different places like therater, park etc. We normally do kissing and hugging only. One day we decided to go to movie ” that also to such a movie in which not too many peoples were coming”. It was a low budget “B” grade picture totally bored and by our luck no one was in box. As soon as picture started we started kissing each other, a long kiss. I was wearing a silk salwar-kurta of light brown color. He started pressing my boobs. He while kissing made way to my salwar’s rope and loosened it and slipped his hand in my unshaven pussy I was wet when he touched my pussy. I widened my legs as He was moving his fingers in my choot. And his second hand moved below my kurta and unhooked my bra and was pumping my breasts.

I was totally hot and was moaning. I found his 8inch (dick from over the pants and started stroking it. He slipped my salwar down with my panties I cooperated this, as I also wanted the same. He got up and sat down on the floor. He first smelled it and then slowly inserted one finger and started licking the lips of cunt. I started moaning, my voices were not to loud as I control myself but those are easily hearable AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………… UUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……….. ..YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………… Then he started stroking me harder. I got climaxed in 15 minutes. My all the juicy was in his hand and I cleaned it with my handkerchief. Then it was my turn to give him a blowjob. I left my seat and sat down in front of him and opened his pant and lowered it. I then lowered his underwear and took his erected Lund in my hand and started stroking it with my hands. He held my head and pressed my mouth on his Lund. I hesitated initially but I agreed finally and cleared his wet Lund with my kurta and started sucking his dick. In the starting I just took his Lund’s “supada” in my mouth but soon I was enjoying it and started taking all of it in my mouth. After 15-20 minutes he also cummed in my mouth. I dranked it all. I was in a mood to fucked by him. So we left the theater and went to his flat.

On reaching the flat I sit on the bed and looked at him and suddenly he grabbed me and hugged me as we were very hot . He hurried opening my clothes. First he took off my kurta and caressed my boobs (breast) from above the bra. My balls in the bra were eager to come out of my bra. He started hard pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples, they got erected and boobs hardened. He unhooked my bra and throw away it at one side. Now I was half-naked. He then also opened my salwar and panties. I was the first time when I was full naked in front of some guy. Sameer smiled and moved his hand confidentially to the soft skin of my breasts. Using his fingers to circle the nipple, Sameer said “How does this feel?”. His hand was slowly massaging the flesh while his thumb and forefinger pulled and tugged at the taut nipple. “Uuummmhhhh!!!”, I cried . Sameer pushed me down so I was lying on my back. Lowering his mouth onto my nipple, Sameer gently flicked it with his tongue. Circling the nipple again Sameer now brought his teeth together to nibble on me. “Oh my God, Sameer please… aaahhh… great…” I cried. With both his lips Sameer covered the nipple and started sucking and pushing his face firmly into the soft flesh of my breast. “Aaaahhhhhhh… Sameer… more… need more…”

I cried again. Sameer’s left hand now moved down my body to the point where my pubic hair rested . I raised one leg, folding it from the knee to allow better access. Sameer pushed his fingers through the light black hair down to the pussy lips. Her middle finger moved between the lips until it reached the clitoris. Using his nails, Sameer pushed the sheath back exposing the erect clit. Gently he placed his finger on it. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh!”, I gasped. Sameer let his finger move down further, down though the wet folds of my beautiful vagina. He reached the entrance to my tunnel and swirled his finger in the liquid that was glistening all over. Moving his mouth away from my nipple, Sameer tasted the finger that had just explored the juicy entrance. “You taste great Pooja darling! Your love juices are amazing! I need to eat you and lick you all over!” , he told. Now Sameer moved over onto me, his head now right over my pussy and his legs straddling my face. Lowering his face between my legs, Sameer sniffed the sweet smell of my pussy. Using his tongue he covered the entire lengths of my pussy lips. Licking in every drop of the sweet liquid. With his tongue resting on my clitoris, Sameer pushed his fingers into my pussy. “Oooohh my… that feels great!” Sameer’s tongue sucked on my clitoris while his forefinger moved into me. The sensations were driving both of us crazy. It seemed as if electric currents were connecting me from my brain to my pussy. Sameer’s finger moved deep into me and then slowly moved out easily with its wetness.

Sameer slowly started moving in and out of my pussy and moving deeper with each stroke. “Woooo that’s great… ohh Sameer… I want to taste you too… Oooohhhh!” I told. I started undressing him and in few seconds he was toatally nude. He have 8inch Lund. I sat on my knees and started sucking his Lund and he cummed in my mouth in 30 Minutes. I again dranked his cumm. Then I sat on the bed widening my legs and said ” Chaat kutte chaat”, he pushed me fully on bed and started sucking me and licking me. I again moaned harder this time and louder “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Oooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa.ccccccccccccccccIiiiiiiiisssss sssssssssssssssssss. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” and in 20 minutes I cummed in his mouth and he licked my pussy clean and we rested for 5 minutes. And after five minutes he stood and came in between my legs and tried to insert his huge Lund in my virgin choot but it was too tight . He apply some lubricant on both the Lund and the choot. And then tried to insert his Lund in my tight choot this time he succeeded a little bit he was inserted head part of his Lund and a little bit more I was feeling the pain and weeping a little bit due to pain and then he stroked once with full force and I screamed due to extreme pain. He started massaging my boobs and then I got little bit relieve. I request him leave me as I was in extreme pain and cannot bear any more. But he continued massaging and slowly started his motion in my choot.

Slowly I started enjoying it. I started rising my butts from bed. Seeing this he did final stroke and his whole Lund was inside me and I again screamed and scratched his back with my nails but slowly I enjoyed and in 10 minutes I was over and after 5 minutes he also came inside my choot. After that we took rest. You can send your experiences, stories and comments on

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