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Salmi Chachi Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This is Samrat Kapoor from Mumbai. I am 25 yrs old and stay with my parents here in Mumbai. We are a small middle class family of 4 including my parents and one uncle Ravi. My uncle Ravi is my father’s youngest brother. This story is five years ago when my uncle got married to a good looking sexy lady named Salmi. I was in my final year of graduation that time and constantly in tension of getting good marks in my last year. My uncle got married and both uncle and aunty started living with us at our house in Mumbai. I must tell you about Salmi now. She is a well-endowed lady with correct weight at the right place. She was 24yrs old, fair, 5.4 in height with black eyes and with 36-30-34 vital stats.

Now the story goes like this. My aunt Salmi was forcibly married by her parents to my uncle and I later learn that she had an affair with somebody whom they didn’t want her to marry as he didn’t had a stable job. One day I recd a letter by post from somebody claiming to be Salmi’s past boyfriend and cursing her that she will regret her this decision of not marrying him. The letter was recd by me and I purposely destroyed the same as I didn’t wanted any differences in married life of my uncle but I was always curious to know from my aunt’s mouth about this. She somehow always acted as Sati Savitri who knew just nothing.

Some months passed and then one day my uncle had to go to Delhi for some days for some work. Also my parents were already at our native place Punjab before my uncle left and they also were supposed to come after some days. Now me and my aunt were alone. One day while I was going to my tuition class I forget to take my Accountancy Book . I had already left my home and suddenly I remembered mid way and ran back to my home. I ranged the door bell and suddenly this bombshell opened the door in her full glory. She just didn’t expected me. She was watching some songs with kissing scenes and I happened to notice that. She inquired the reason of my sudden arrival and I told her that I had forgot my book. Meanwhile I just praised her looks that day for the first time. She blushed and asked me to sit for some time and then go. I told OK and then she started preparing tea for both of us. While having tea I asked her aunty what is her idea of love. We then chatted about affairs, boyfriend, girlfriends etc. I just forgot to go to my classes and it was more than 2 hrs I was just chatting with my aunt.

Suddenly I saw an amazing lust in my aunt’s eyes. She started admiring my physique, my eyes and my lips. By the way I am 5.8 with athletic body and fair and handsome face. I just jokingly told if she likes me so much than had she had married me if I came to see her. She laughed and told me that you are very naughty and rose from her chair. I just couldnt tolerate that she didnt bothered to answer my question and I caught her hand and repeated my question. She told me to leave her hand but I didn’t. She started trying to escape from my grip and in the meanwhile her Saree Pallu came down exposing her breast. She told me angrily Samrat, What are you doing? I told I want an answer. She then told me to follow her for the answer. Meanwhile my dick was getting hotter and it had already achieved its full erection of 6.5 inches. My aunt could see this and she blushed. She took me to her bedroom and I followed her holding her hand. Once we entered the bedroom, she suddenly did the impossible.

he somehow managed to escape my grip and suddenly caught hold of my bulge in pant. I cried in pain and she started laughing. She then pressed it further giving me more pain and I pleaded that I am sorry for whatever I had done. She suddenly left and without a word placed her lips on my lips. I was stunned but happy by her this act. I suddenly felt all the pleasure in the world at my feet. I responded here equally and we kissed for 10 good minutes. She then commanded me to strip and she removed her saree, blouse and petticoat and now she was only in her bra and panty. Oh the goddess of sex was naked in front of me. I wasted no time and removed everything that I had on my body. I could see that her eyes were stuck on my monster.

She simply took that in her hand and started sucking it wildly without uttering anything. This happened for few mins and then I told I will cum. She immediately took it out of her mouth and told me to hold. Then she hugged me and asked me to unhook her bra and remove her panty. I soon complied with her order and as soon I did this, she suddently jerked me and went to the bed and covered herself up with the bedsheet. This was making me wild. I just pounced on her like tiger and then started kissing her. Suddenly I found that my monster was already in her pussy. Her pussy was hairy and very tight. It was just a heavenly feeling. She started moaning and making all sorts of sounds. I started thumping on her and then I told her I am taking it out as I am cumming. She asked me to cum inside her as she wants to be mother of my child. I cummed in her entirely filling her pussy and I could see sperm dripping out of her pussy. She started licking the sperm with her finger and told me that she is mine from today. We again kissed and then slept together and had sex in evening again. Now she is mother of my son Rajesh. My uncle still thinks that he is his son. Now my uncle has taken his own house in Mumbai, but we still meet and have fun whenever we can. Now we are planning to have our second child.

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