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Sali Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

I am posting my first experience with my Sali Sangita. Hope you all encourage me with your comments Any hyd auntie’s/girls want me can mail me to with your details 100%secrecy was assured.We currently live in Allahabad and this happened when my wife sister(Sali), Sangita, came to stay with us.

She is around 24, unmarried, Whitish complexion, nice figure, good solid boobs and a perfect ass. (It sill amazes me how some authors get the size of boobs just by Looking! I never bought a bra myself so have no idea what 36 A B C D are). Since the day she arrived, I used to feel extremely attracted towards her and really wanted to get close to her, feel her and ultimately fuck her. But I was very careful so that my wife must not get any idea about my intentions. I used to talk to Sangita casually and never gave her any impression of what I have in mind. When no one is around and she is looking elsewhere, I used to ogle her boobs and ass and used to wish how I can hug her and press her boobs and kiss her full lips. I also started masturbating thinking about her lovely body hugging me and her rosy lips around my dick giving me a blowjob. I have this extremely erotic fantasy of naked women hugging me from behind, their hands roaming all over my chest, pinching my nipples and playing with my dick.I was cursing my luck that I couldn’t do anything. But luck was in my favor and my patience paid off.

My wife, thinking I am a gentleman, asked me to teach her riding with our scooter and I was sure that this will definitely lead to some fun. It was decided that I would teach her driving for few days early in the morning to avoid traffic. On the first day, Just the thought of me sitting behind her and holding her hand while teaching her was giving me a hard on. Spurthi was waiting for me in a loose casual T-Shirt/skirt at the gate and I offered her my scooter to drive. She was very nervous and I was also taking things slowly. I wanted to gauge first if she is als she asked me to sit in lounge and as usual got some tea for me. I was in no mood of leaving this opportunity and told her to sit next to me. We were watching some songs on the TV and casually I rested my right hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. When she didn’t say anything, I angled my hand in such a way that while rubbing her thighs, side of my hand was also rubbing his left breast. Oh what a pleasure. My bare arm was touching her big boobs and nipples over the thin fabric of her T-Shirt. Her boobs were really big and soft, I can feel nipples becoming tight and pointing out from her T-shirt. Not seeing any resistance, and my eyes still on TV, I lifted my hand and kept it around her neck with my palm gently cupping her right breast. She was sitting as nothing is happening and I was sure she was enjoying it.

Slowly and steadily I stared rubbing her right breast with my hand. We both were watching TV all the time without looking at each other.After couple of minutes, I shifted my hand from right to left breast and started pressing it. She was enjoying like hell and has thrown back her head that made her boobs prominently pushed out. I was kneading her breasts one by one and after five minute, I slowly inserted my hand from the loose neck of her T-shirt and held her smooth, soft, bare breasts under my palm. Her nipples were extremely tight and with my each touch she was responding with a thrust. Now I was totally out of control and pulled her close. Slowly I put my lips on her lips. Her eyes were close, as if, she doesn’t want to see what is happening. I lifted her T-shirt and started playing her boobs from front. What a sight. Hard taught breast with dark nipples. I was playing with her nipples by pinching with my thumb and index finger.

Sometime I used to lightly scratch her nipples by my nails and she used to give a seductive moan. I moved my lips form her lips to her neck and slowly took her left nipple in my mouth. I could make out from her face that she was in seventh heaven. I was taking each nipple in my mouth turn by turn and licking all her chest with my tongue. My left hand was now slowly rubbing her bare stomach and straying often to her pussy and thighs from above her skirt. During the course, my left hand has pulled her skirt up and now lightly massaging her smooth thighs and brushing her hot cunt. My dick was at its full length and was trying to come out from my pants. I grabbed her right hand and kept it on top of my dick. She didn’t move the hand away and after couple of minutes started rubbing it from above my trousers. By this time all the inhibitions were gone. I slowly removed my T-shirt and pants. I also removed her T-shirt and unbuckled her Skirt.

She helped me to push her under her feel. We both were just in our under pants and when she hugged me, it was like fire. Her big boobs pressing my bare chest. My hands were at her back rubbing it all the way from neck to her hips. My lips were all over her and continuously moving from her lips to neck to her nipples and then back to lips. Occasionally slipping towards her underarms and she use to life her hands up to allow me to sniff. I moved my hands slowly to her pussy above her panty and she was all wet. In response, she also moved her hands and held my long throbbing dick. She started moving her hands along the length. It was getting too much for me to control. Without wasting any time, I removed my pants and her panties. The scene was unbelievable, her breasts on my chest, my dick poking her wet cunt, my lips on her lips and our hands messaging each others back. Slowly she started to move her face down kissing my neck then my nipples, my belly and vow vow..her lips on my dick…felt like all the pleasures of all the worlds have condensed on me. She was kissing, fondling, and rubbing my dick with her lips, cheeks and time to time with her boobs.

Time has come to fulfill my fantasy and I asked her to hug me from my behind and run her soft hand over my whole body. She played with my nipples and slowly moved her hands down to play with my dick. All the while her big boobs were pressing my back and giving me immense pleasure. After some time, I reversed the role and now I was standing behind her with my dick playing with her ass hole and my hands playing with boobs and wandering all over her body. My lips were kissing her neck, shoulder and back.After some time of foreplay, I lifted her in my arms, and took her to bedroom. She was lying on her back like an angle. I slowly spread her legs and started kissing her belly button and moving down slowly to nibble her pussy with my nose and lips. Teasingly I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and she shuddered. She was giving upwards jerks and I knew the time has come for main action. I took my dick in my hands and slowly guided it to her hole. With all that action preceding, she was dripping wet and with one thrust, my dick was inside. The moment, my dick touched inner walls of her vagina, she bent herself like a bow. With my hands on her boobs, I slowly started the rhythmic motion of making love. Her hands were traversing all over my back and she was helping me with her own pelvic thrusts. After what felt like an eternity, we were both ready to cum and I waited for her yes before releasing all my load in her hot hole.

Then came the nirvana stage and we realized what we have done. We decided to keep it secret and we still make love time to time. I suck her lips and boobs, fuck her pussy almost twice in a week.I am waiting for the milk from her boobs to be drinked… Let’s see how much time this take place and when I get that opportunity to drink her milk from both the boobs.

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