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Sales Girl In Action

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi Guys my name is Cool Dude(naturally not a real name). I am in SYJC and very new to sex and all that things as Ive learnd and saw a first Blue movie in FYJC Summer vacations and through my friends I came to know about desipapa and I found it stories very interesting. So this is my first story.

So I live in Mumbai between Malad To Charne Road (purposely not given the exact Location). I am 5.10 feet in height and not very muscular man but a average build guy. I m 17 yrs old and here i start my story..

One I was seating at my hoe and noone was at home as my Dad had gone to work and mom had gone out for 2-3 days. So I have bought a blue movie from my friend and started the movie on my PC. Usally my Pc is placed in Bedroom but due to pest control my pc was shited to Hall (Living room). So I was enjoying the movie and started Masterbuting as i was fully filled with sex. My door bell rang and paused the movie and opened the door. A salesgirl of age 22 was sta! nding in front of me and woow what figure almost 33-24-35 wearing saree and I m diehard fan of woman wearing Saree. She told that she had a project from the college and has sell some items and told her that my mom was not at home and i was interested in buying all those stupid things she said ok and asked for a glass of cold water.

I opened the door and went to the kitchen to bring her the glass of water and i forgot that i ve left the movie paused when back to her she was standing back towards me and on my pc watching those clips of Hot Action and was observing her she was enjoying the movie then she turned back and saw me and hurriedly closed the movie and i was really afraid what she would tell me she asked that really no one was not at home and afraidly said “NO” as i thought she had to complain about that to my parents .

Then she said that she wants she that movie and if i allowed then she would sit I was not sure what to say just noddded yes. Then i started the! movie and i just didnt saw at her as i dont know i was really afraid then after 20 mins i saw her she pressing her boobs gentally and groaning something like this ‘Hammmm, oooo” then she too saw me stoped her action and few mins see asked me did i have girlfriend i said no and i too asked do u have any boyfriend she laughingly said yes. then she asked did u anytime haved sex isaid no and asked did she ever had she didnt said anything just smiled a wicked smile as too “Yes many times”. I just collected my strength and isaid would u like to have sex with me and she replied yes. Oh my gosh i couldnt beleived my ears i took her to bed room when we reaches bedroom i grabbed her behind and started kissing her madlly we were just touching our tounge to tounge after that i removed her Blouse and woow she was in her black bra and her boobs were looking really smooth as a Vannila ice cream .

I took her bra off and started licking her neck and then slowwly came down to her boobs and and! bited her nipple and she shouted “ahh ahhh” and she removed her bottom (as i dont know whats bottom of the saree is called) an her panty was removed by her instantly she had very less hair as she haved a shave 2-3 weeks a go i licked he pussy and inserted ny 2 finger s in that gentle hole, Oh boy it was really hot and the she said come on fuck me and inserted my pennis into her pussy and stared fcking her i like msd dog as i ve seen in the movies and she was too enjoyying it said comeoon Bustard more harder and i obeyed her took my whole strength on her and she shouted “aaahhhh oooohhhhhh eeeeeeee aaaaaaaa aahhhhhhhhhhh” and then fucking was over she took my gentle pennis in her mouth and stared licking her like lollypop and again my pennis were harder as before and continued fucking till 40 -50 mins.

This is not a my real experience but a fantasy of mine and i m still a virgin and any girl wanna have this virgin boy then contact me at i m allways there to have a first go on them.

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