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Saleema Aunty Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Hi readers this is Shah Jee again. thank u for your response and comments some girls asked me how it was possible ?So dear readers i lived in a populated mohallah and we are very closed to each other so thats why we have many chances of fucking girls/aunties etc. As i narrated in my pervious story that this time i will tell you how i fuck my aunty saleema. Now i start my TRUE story. one day my mom asked me to get ready hurriedly so that i would be going to Lahore with saleema aunty coz her father was admitted in hospital and he had a serious operation and as no body in her house was free to go there with her and as i was free in those days so i had to go..

After some hasitation i replied in positive. we went lahore by rail and all the way she told me about her father and her family and how kind her father was to her and things like that.. we reached lahore in the night..All the journey was like an aunt and a nephew,there was no discussion of sex or girls or like that all .She was a sober and reserved lady.let me describe her. Her age was unknown to me but she looks like a young and elegant lady with big breast and very attractive gand. As we reached her house at that time there were three family members.. her brother bhabi & sister.

Her father was ill and admitted in hospital for operation .i stayed in the 2nd story of her house in thier guest room with attached bath. i was so tired i took a bath and went sleeping. In the morning i wake up after listening aunty”s voice,”shahg get up and have a breakfast.i get up immediately as u people know that in the early morning every cock is always in standing position.At that time i was wearing a pajama and soon as i stood up she entered in the room and suddenly she saw my cock which was swinging in my pajama and was clearly visible. I still remembered how she looked at my jurking cock ,her mouth at that time, was opened and lips were openend like”OOOOOOOOOOOOOO”..she stared at my cock for few second and also licked her lips i saw her face became lightly red then all of a sudden she said that “zara jaldee say teyaar ho kar neechay a jaoo humain hospital bhee jana hay.”

I said “ok aunt..” and run to the bathroom for a quick and first ‘muth’ on aunty.I became relieved as u ppl know that a muth makes u relieve like a fresh born baby…After 5/7 mint i was ready for a breakfast and we were going to the hospital.Her fathers’ operation was successfuly completed and she was very happy to hear that. To hear this happy news she huged me and said “Mubarak ho “, i said,”aunty aap ko bhee mubarak ho” and after listening my words she again huged and kissed at my forehead. when she huged and kissed i became very emotional as her body was too soft and attractive and i was ready for a second muth on her.I lost my control and touched my tool to her soft thigh and my eyes beheld her response and that was kool.after that hug i touched auty’s soft body accidently but there was no reponse. In the late evening when we were returing home she asked me to hire a taxi..i hired a taxi and tried to sit on the front side of the taxi but she asked me “shahg sit with me in rear side and i sat after few seconds..i slowely put my hand on her hand and gently rubbed.

She did not respond and looked out side of the taxi then after a mint i put hand on her thigh and slowely began to rub again and no response… now after that my hand was going to her upper side of body but when i reached at her big breasts suddenly she hold my hand and put it away from her body, instead of becoming angry she said to me “look how beautiful weather is “. I said yes aunty what a pleasant weather saying this i put again my hand on her hand but this time she hold my hand tightly all the way.All the way her hand was in my hand. when we reached at her home i go to my bed upstair and planned how to fuck that beautiful lady thinking ,thinking and planning i didn’t remember when i slept.After a few hrs i listened her voice and wake up.I was lying on the bed and my dick was in standing position but i posed that i was sleeping.She entered my room and saw my dick in standing position.She sat on the bed and said.”I know u r waking..Ab drama naa karo.”.Hearing that i became normal and sat on the bed.She laughed at me and said.”Mujhe pata hay kay tum jawan ho gayay ho.”Then she pointed at my dick saying,”Yeh kia halat bana rakhi hay..”I immidiately covered my dick with my hand after listening that and she said,”Rehnay do..rehnay do……main nay dakh liya hay ..Aur haan.what u were doing in taxi?”.She smiled mysteriously at me and then i thought that .”Now or never.yehi time hay..”.Then i held her head in my hand and stared at her.She also looked into my eyes.I felt that we both were trembling in passion.After few minutes she whispered..”Shah jee kissing nahin ho gee.”I suddenly put my lips and tried to suck her sexy lips…after sucking her soft lips i inserted my tongue gently in her hot mouth i touched her tongue to my tongue.holding firmly her soft tongue to my tongue…twisted..moving each others tongue.sucking her saliva slowly like a hot drink..ummmmmmm what a taste…

She took my dick in her hand and started pressing it gently.I took her boobs and started playing with them..After a few minutes i took off my clothes and locked the door.She smiled ,saying that there was no body in the house so there is no need to lock the door. i said sub kahaan gaye? she replied,” In hospital..” aap naheen gaeen? she smiled and told shah g aap ke jo aag boojhanee thee.. As she said this she take off her cloth she was fully nude with her big breasts I saw a marvelous woman in this position she was looking at my hard lund she called me to came closer and said.”you have a nice hard cock” and held it in her hand. and said wah kia fresh lund hay” kitnaa sakhat hay ” .. then i asked her aunty please thoraa sa suck karain na.. she replied no i naver sucked any cock. kuch naheen ho ga please for me thoraa sa choose lain sorry shahg main naheen choosoon ge she said ok aunty please eik kiss he kar dain maray lund pe haan ye kar saktee hoon then she kiss at my cock please thoraa sa choose lain i requested again ooh u silly boy sorry then an idea came in my mind and i took her “dupataa” from floor and wrapped that on my cock after wrapping her ‘dupatta” i again requested aunty ab tu lund pe dupata a giya hay. please ab tu thora sa munh main lay lain .. ab theek hay saying that she entered my lund in her hot mouth and begon to suck from top to bottom after some time i slowely slowely unwrapped her duppataa from my cock and she sucked hungrily now the cock was bared she said nothing and sucked but after few seconed she asked shah please don’t cum in my mouth ok aunty i replied.after few seconds she asked “bus” come on fuck me now as i was very hot and want to eat her pussy i said aunty may i lick u pussy no noooo “gandaa kam” shah g fuck me not lick but i want to taste her beautiful puss i again requested plzzzzzzz aunty ooook baba a jaoo saying that she lay on the bed and said a jaoo ganday bachay when i put my tongue at her clitoris she enjoyed my tongue and said aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh shah g muza a giaaaaa she was dripping i tasted her cum ummmmmmm please aur tazee say chatoooooooooo ahhhhhh ufffffffff few mint latter she told me that tumharee zuban itnay muzay ke hay tu lund tu zabardast ho ga please fuck me now ok aunty and i put my hard cock in her wet hot puss and pushed after few stroked pussy she was moarning like a whore girl ohhhh come on put it hard into my pussy i asked do you like my lund she said nothing and cried with joy aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh zore sayyyyyyyy munay aur zore sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dhakaa marooo na pleaseeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmm shahg zoreee say maroo na maree choooooooooooooooot aaaaaaaah i think she was unsatisfied from my shots thinking that i fucked with full force shahbashhhhhhhh ab kuch muzaa aya but after few forceful strokes she asked me to stop fucking tum theek say shots naheen mar rahay ho ab main tumharay opper atee hoon i wanna top i stopped fucking her and laid on the bed then she sat right on my dick but before sitting she pasted her saliva on my hard dick and said ” ab tumharaa cock puraa maray undar jay ga also she said that please during my shots i suck her one breast and other breast rubb her nipples with my thumb n fingers ,saying that she jumped at my cock i sucked her as she demanded its realy enjoy full for me and she also was screaming with joy aaah shah g daikhaa is tarah puraa lund maree choot main ja rahaa hay ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffff asliiiiiii muzaa tu ab ayaa hayyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaahh after few second aunty jumped from my cock quickly and screamed with joy uuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffff ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ab ayaa na muzaa tum anaree thay na mujay theek say chood naheen sakayyyyyyyyyy said that i felt she increased her jumping speed also my dick was coming in and out from her pussy at a very rapid speed. then she loudly cried aaaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhh ooooooooh i also felt that a pressure was goining on my dick i pressed her boob very hardly n bit her nipple we both were near to cum then we brusted out…. she layed at me and breathed heavely also she kissed me passionately and said uuuuuuuuuufffffff baray dinoo baad muza ayaaaa hay fuck ka” and then she sat on bed i saw my cock it was greasy with cum aunty also saw that and told me aoo tumharaa cock bath main clean kar doon we go to washroom here she cleaned my dick with hot water during that my dick was again hard and i requested aunty to give me her ass but she refused i requested again but she was not agried so i fucked her in a doggy stlye. If any female of rawalpindi/islamabad wanna me to share sex desires with me, contact me at I promise that everything will be kept secret. especially i welcome older women as i love older babes too much

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