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Sajid And I Fuck My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

This is an absolutely true story that took place five years back when I was 15 years old. I was a normal teen like every Pakistani who had craze of cricket although I knew about sex because I had some friends who had experience. I use to heard them talking about my other friends aunties.

My aunty who was just four years older than me on that time I mean she was only 19 and one of the most sexiest lady’s that I had ever seen in my life. One day she was leaving from our house and I went to close door when I looked outside I saw Sajid at the corner of the street I went to talk to him and said hello but he didn’t answer because he was following my aunt’s ass when he saw me he start talking about match but I asked him what were you looking he hesitated and told me that I really want to fuck Rabia my aunt I was shocked to hear that then he told all my friends want to fuck my aunt and they talk about that on my back I get so angry at me but he said sorry and we went to park.

While I was sitting in park Sajid start talk about sex than I asked why do u want to fuck my aunt he said because she has a great body nice boobs and specially her ass. He made me so horny about my aunt that I got boner then he told me why don’t u try I asked how he said try touch her body and made her horny because girls get horny very quick. I went strait to my aunt house who just live three blocks away from my house. All my uncles were outside and her other sister was watching TV and she was coking I went in kitchen and try to touch her body I didn’t knew that I’m going to get chance that early she was about to slip but I hold her in my arms and placed my hand on her ass. At the same second I got a boner that was touching her thighs and I could see that she was enjoying but suddenly my other came and I couldn’t do anything.

Next morning I went to my aunt house I went upstairs where she was doing laundry I went close to her and put my hand on her boobs from back and put my dick on her ass then she start moaning ahhhhhhhhhh

I heard that someone was coming so I went in the room.

I told her that I want to fuck you and she agreed I told her not to go for shopping with everybody and come to my house after they left and she said ok. Next day when everybody left at noon my aunt came to my house. I turn the AC on because it was too hot we started watching TV I put my hand on her body and start moving then I took my clothes off really quick and lay her down on the bed and took her shalwar off then her kamiz we start kissing and goes for about 10 minutes than I start sucking her boobs for five minutes she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then she sucked my dick and loaded on her face I cleaned it. Suddenly I remembered about sajid who gave me that wonderful idea so I asked my aunt are u gona enjoy if two people fuck u at same time she said oh yah I said ok and told her I’ll be back in five minutes I wore my clothes and went to sajid house I told him everything and asked him if you want to fuck my aunt he said lets go.

I went in the room alone first my aunt asked me we’re did you left I told her to get a 2nd guy who will fuck you she said who than I called sajid. Sajid already had his clothes off when he came inside and when I see his dick it was about 8 to 9 inch my aunt got so excited and start to suck his dick I start to fuck her ass hole she didn’t find that painful

Because my dick was only 5 and half inch on that time after few minutes sajid asked me to change position and he asked for some coconut oil I gave it to him then he put some oil on his dick and put some in my aunt ass hole I start to watch him he put his dick slowly in her ass hole and my aunt start to screaming ahhhhhhhhhh take it off you bastard and start swearing but sajid didn’t stop and put all his dick in her ass hole I put the music on so no one can hear her screaming after few minutes my aunt start to moaning ahhhhhhhhhh

Chooooooooooooooooood aur zoooooooooooooooooorse faster faster and sajid was going like rocket he fuck my aunt like that for an hour and I was just watching to get my aunt fuck by my friend my aunt was really enjoying because she was keep on saying that fuck me harder, harder, harder, harder, come on sajid fuck my like your bitch yes yes do it harder she was keep on saying like that sajid took his dick out and loaded on her body. Sajid left the house after few minute

My aunt left after one hour but she wasn’t walking properly because she had fucked a lot. I hope you people enjoy that true incident although I had one more incident with my aunt but it was a threesome I tell u that in my next story.

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