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Saima & Sadia Wife & Sali

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Okay this actually is a true story. I pride myself on it, I have nothing to be ashamed of and life is too short to worry about morals. Most of you would want to do what I did if you got the chance, to fuck your own saali and have sexual adventures with your own wife fucking other guys. Well I did, and I wonder how many of you after reading this story will not only enjoy the story but perhaps even want to try the things described. (Feedback please aali_2008 at Saima & Sadia are my wife and Saali respectively hope you enjoy reading this story

When I got married, I was 27, my wife was an 18 year virgin, who was really scared of everything sexual. I on the other hand having grown up in the UK was anything but a virgin. I agreed to an arranged marriage to my distant cousin from Lahore. I never even saw my wife until the day of our marriage. Still when I did see her, I liked her a lot. She was pretty, she was fit, and when I did get naked with her, which took nearly 6 weeks, she was fine to look at. Nice big boobs and a nice big ass too. Anyway when we did start fucking, my wife was a good fuck. She knew little about sex and it was fun teaching her.

Within three years we had had two children and my wife’s figure changed. She had turned into a real MILF. She was 21, with two children. I knew from the looks that men gave her, including my own brothers that she surely was a MILF. At this stage I did start to wonder what it would be like to have a wife who fucked other guys. No in truth I had always liked badmaash girls and women. It was a natural progression for me to wonder what it would be like for my wife to fuck other guys, for me to watch her fuck other guys and finally for me to fuck her with other guys. Again as unusual as it sounds, I am by no means the only desi husband to have such thoughts. I began to share these thoughts with my wife, and in the beginning she thought I was insane. I began to argue with her that it was proof of how much I loved her, that I wanted her to enjoy sex for what it was, that I wanted her to experience other men’s cocks and that I wanted to enjoy the experiences with her and even watch her.

It was at this time that I began to realize that after the birth of our two kids, my wife really did have a big pussy, which once fully lubricated would be able to take cocks much bigger than mine. This just intrigued me more and combined with the fact that she could only cum whilst being licked just made me more and more determined that one day she would fuck someone else. I wanted her to do it with my knowledge, and consent and if possible in front of me. Each day I fucked my wife I would think about these things and sooner rather than later they became an obsession. Anyway nothing much happened except I tried sex toys, porn, and sex stories to try and entice her into some sexual adventures.

At age 23, my wife returned to her parents for an extended holiday, obviously taking the children with her. By this time she had got her figure back mostly, but her boobs were and ass, were now def bigger and going to stay that way. She was in the full bloom of her beauty and looked the sexiest she ever could. There was something about the way my wife’s ass wiggled as she walked that made men really notice her. After she was gone few weeks my obsession with watching her fuck drove me to start making plans for her return from her parents. She stayed there nearly six months before I went to get her. The idea was for me to spend two weeks there and return, with my family to the UK.

Now is where the story begins. When I got to my in laws house there were a number of surprises in store for me. To begin with for the first time I noticed just how much my saali had grown up. We had been married over five years and at the time of marriage my saali was jus 13, now she was 18 and boy what a saali. She was a little shorter than my wife, same skin complexion, and a body the same shape, but smaller in all proportions. That evening as we all sat at the dining table, I began to notice my saali, as, what she was, a beautiful young woman. I also noticed that she would regularly look at me and it became obvious to me that she looked at me in a definite and sexual way. This was a pleasant surprise and one that made my cock stir quite a bit.

This was the first time I was going to fuck my wife in over three months, and I could not wait for the night to arrive when I would finally have her to myself. That night after the children had gone to bed and finally we were alone, I again noticed a difference in my wife, not only in the way she was with me, but in the way she reacted when we finally fucked. I had never felt my wife’s cunt so wet, her moans were nothing I had heard before. My wife was lying naked on the bed, upside down with my cock buried as deep inside her as I could. I was enjoying myself when she started to talk to me. At first I didn’t even realize what she was saying. When I finally realized what was being said it really began to dawn on me that my wife was indeed a different woman. As I lay there exhausted having fucked her as best I could, she was telling me that she was already fucking someone else, her cousin in fact, that his cock was definitely bigger than mine and that he really did fuck her good. She also told me that she had been fucking him daily for the last three weeks and that I had been right when I had tried to persuade her to fuck other guys.

That night I fucked my wife again, and all our issues resolved, I asked her tell me about her cousin and how it had all come about. Her cousin was only 19 at that time, 4 years younger than my wife, and a year older than my saali. His name is Imran and frankly the boy is hung like a horse. As they had all grown up together in Lahore very close to each other, they had been as fee as cousins are. As it turned out, my wife had gone to their house to collect something for her mother, from her aunt’s (i.e Imran’s parents), but had found him home alone, in a pair of shorts. He had not been expecting her and the sight of him had turned my wife on. He had asked her into the house and my wife had set about seducing him, there and then. Never one to be shy, Imran had risen to the challenge and ridden my wife the best he could.

He was no virgin and when free pussy comes your way in the shape of my wife, well you do not turn it down, so he didn’t. He took full advantage and fucked my wife daily until I arrived, to take up where he left off. My wife was actually enjoying sex the way it should be for the first time in her life. On the day I had arrived in Pakistan, my wife had fucked her cousin in the morning and at night it was my turn, after which she told me. The next three days I fucked my wife every chance I got and I heard more and more about her exploits with her cousin, she had fucked in his house, in his car, at his friend’s place, and at the Holiday Inn for one whole afternoon. It turned out that one of Imran’s friends worked at the Holiday Inn, so getting a room had been easy. The real problem was he did not want to be seen going into a hotel with his own cousin, so had had to arrange to go on his friends day off. After that they had both decided that it would be too dangerous for them to do it again.

By the forth day of my stay, I was obsessed with wanting my wife to fuck her cousin, and I had come up with a plan to do exactly that, what’s more, I was going to watch it. I knew when I asked her she would not say no. My wife was now a changed woman and she was beginning to enjoy the fact that she could fuck someone else, someone she liked without it affecting the relationship she had with me. In fact realizing that it game me pleasure, she agreed that if I could make it possible, she would let me watch her fuck her cousin. So my plan was simple, I told my wife’s family that that evening I had to take her to a friend’s house for a birthday party in a small town 30 miles outside Lahore. For safety reasons, I told them that we would stay the night there and would be back early the following morning.

My wife phoned her cousin and told him to meet her at the Holiday Inn, and that we were staying there. I knew my wife’s cousin well, as Imran’s mother is also my distant cousin, and so technically I was his mamu. I also liked Imran who had always struck me as a bright young man who would be going places. Imran was now a well built muscular toned, budding young athlete, apparently with a cock bigger than mine. Well I was going to find out, and I was going to watch him fuck my wife. From what I knew of Imran, I also knew him to be brave and cavalier, so with my wife’s agreement I set him a test. As to what that was, well you will read in due course. We left the kids with my in-laws and made our way to the Holiday Inn, where I checked us in and insisted on a room on the top floor. When we arrived in the room I knew it was perfect for my plan. My wife and I had some of the whiskey I had taken back from Heathrow to relax, and by the time Imran was due to arrive, we were both mellowed out.

Saima was wearing a nice tight Salwar Kameez, after she had arrived, and nothing else, nothing underneath, with the result that her tits were clearly visible through the material. It was time for me to disappear and hide in the cupboard so that I could watch. I was in my pajamas, but my cock was already semi hard thinking about what was about to happen. Before disappearing to asked Saima to take her salwar down, and with a felt tip pen I wrote something on her ass. When Imran read it, if he read it he would face his test, because it read, “Imran for your pleasure, have my wife as a gift from Mamu to nephew, Enjoy” Saima wasn’t at all sure about this but I had to do it. I disappeared into the cupboard, left it open a little and settled down to watch. There was soon a knock on the door, and even though she couldn’t see me, she knew I could see her, my wife looked straight at me, winked and walked to the door. Before opening it she turned the lights down low, but there was still enough light for me to be able to see what was going on.

Saima opened the door and I could clearly see Imran standing in the door. She asked him in and began to explain that I was in a meeting with some friends and that I would be back in about two hours. In the meantime she made it obvious what she wanted to do. She brought him to the side of the bed closest to me and standing there in full view, bean to kiss Imran. Imran needed no second invitation, and in no time both his hands were on Saima’s ass they kissed. He was bending down because of his height, his hands began to wander and I watched as he started lifting her kameez, over her head. Her ample boos, popped free and stood out from his chest. She was by now undoing the last of his shirt buttons, as I watched, my eyes wandered downwards, and I could see Imran’s cock getting harder by the minute.

Saima was now kissing his neck and was working her way his chest. At this point she pulled herself away from him and simply told him to take off his trousers. As he began to do so, Saima turned her back towards him and I knew she was looking straight at me. She undid her Salwar and let it drop to the floor, she then bent down so that Imran had to see her ass. The anticipation was making me breathe so fast and my cock as so hard as I watched Imran get naked, and almost at the same time notice his name written on my wife’s ass. For a second or two there was confusion then shock, then a realization and finally a smile. He said to his cousin, “so your husband knows” Saima replied, “of course, we do not keep anything from each other” at which Imran said little and moved towards my wife. He picked her up and threw her n the bed.

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